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W.herever I may cut
O.ver this surface
U.nderneath my skin
N.othing should appear
D.own the scars already made.
([S.]o my hands will be quiet)
Some see the scar over the wound. And some, see the wound under the scar...

Photos used from own archive.
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existinguninhibited's avatar
Head over heels for this piece!!!
Zak05's avatar
*wonderful job:eyepopping:
Virus69's avatar
amazing work man, I wish face is a bit more defined and sharper, but I like it like that too.
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Yeah, you're right man... but I was in an expressive rush that year... all my stuff tended to be this way. Luckily, I evolved from that... :P
Virus69's avatar
for sure, evolution is standard path of an artist, it won't be good if it is in opposite way:)
I like how a lot of your works are in square format, not so much people make it that way, but I think square is very interesting format for composition experiments.I used to make a lot of square black and white photos some time ago, now I got lazy with photography :)
keep up with good works man
Berga65's avatar
Very good works, compliments!!!!
Adherance's avatar
You have been featured here[link]
H0llow0ne's avatar
Joder, hasta eres poeta ^^
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
En mis ratos libres... aunque realmente lo poco que escribo es para acompañar a mis imágenes :)
Esi0n's avatar
Amazing work !
Esi0n's avatar
I really love this piece !
apollyoneum's avatar
Good god nearly lost this due to computer error - anyway as I initially said - well done for doing a colourful horror image, love the stylistic elements and the subtly on the spine. bloody beautiful - literally in this case!

thanks a bundle!
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Heeeey! Thank you very very much for your comment! I remember when people used to spend some time to write a proper comment years ago, but they don't do that anymore, so I'm very happy to find such a praise, you've really made my day! Because, you know, my goal always was to challenge everything and create colourful... but dark images, avoiding the stereotype of sad people, in sad landscapes, at nights, with cold colours, dark tones, and so on... so I'm glad you noticed the intention behind this piece. :highfive:
apollyoneum's avatar
Not only for your art but also for the care take over the comment section I have to give this a standing round of applause. (/me stands and claps) bloody amazing that you have broken entirely with the traditions of dark gloomy colour pallet to create something startlingly scary. there is a nightmarish surrealism to the image where the head disappears into spirals and graphical elements, I'm particularly impressed with the subtle treatment of the spine.

Marvellous. Well done.
tex1991's avatar
Nice this one :)
that is gorgeous and great!!!
daxusflashlight's avatar
very creative. i took it to my favourites!!
Great-01-Revolver's avatar
Looks like a cover for a Neil Gaimen comic.
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