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Tutorial available here:…. List of complete resources used contained on that link.

Update! Set of HD wallpapers (regular/widescreen, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) available at my website!…

* Note on the band Secrets "Fragile Figures" album cover: No, this doesn't look like their cover. They asked me to buy Deliberation but decided to hire someone else to copy the image on the cheap way. So if you are a fan of them, I'm sorry to tell you that you are listening to the kind of artists who doesn't respect anybody else's work. Edit 2015: The label went to court, they had to get off circulation their album! Great! :aww:
:bulletred: More at my website!
:bulletblue: My fanpage!
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Hi! I was browsing Amazon and noticed your artwork sold by…
I dunno if you allowed it or anything - but it seemed sketchy to me so I thought I'd let you know. Direct link:…
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Yes, it is my main reseller, but thanks for noting it, you never know! :)

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Of course! I've seen so many art thefts lately, so definitely wanted to make sure c:
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Absolute stunning art work?. Do you sell your pieces?.😀👍
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Yes, you can purchase them in tis very website :)
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Thank you so much for your reply. How much is it for deliberation please?.
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Select "Buy this print" on this page!
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I like this...we humans are subject to a lot of emotional conflict at times, one can feel the fire which inflames the body, there are time when one feels as if you are cracking up, or your head will explode, the image you have made illustrates this very well On1.Clap 
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great artwork! Clap Clap Clap 
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hello my name is Jordan and I have been scouring the interenet for I don't even know how long for a picture that I might possibly use for a book that I am writing. I seen this and fell in love!!! the art is beyond words and I'm so attracted to this picture its amazing.... just wondering is there anyway I could possibly use this photo as the cover of my book. I will give you ALL the credit and I would even like to commission you to do future book covers!! pretty please I would be honored to feature your art on my book
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Hi Jordan. Send me a private message with more details for a quote. Cheers!
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Yeah, on this very page you have the selling options on your right :)
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 thisil is amazing !!
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I'm looking for cover art for a book I'm about to publish in Kindle.  Do you sell your work for that?  This picture is perfect. 
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Wow! (But you know that.) ;)
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Exceptional work of art.
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You don't happen to have any gimp tutorials, by any chance?
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No, sorry, never used it!
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