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Dangerous Dreams

"Be careful with your wishes... they may become real...

Info: Adobe Photoshop CS2, 5000x5000 px @ 400 dpi, 1,4GB filesize; +30 hours of work.
Resources: Own archive + few pics from

The image within the frame was originally designed for a CD Cover, but it wasn't used. I liked it a lot and decided to revisit it.

Thanks for looking!

This work is © Mario Sánchez Nevado. If you want to use it somehow, contact me at Usage without prior written consent is forbidden and will be punished.
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© 2007 - 2021 Aegis-Illustration
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awesome work my friend
PsdDude's avatar
Very beautiful composition :)
UnbearableME's avatar
this is amazing :)
bloodmaker's avatar
excuse me but what is your average completion time of your pieces?
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Oh well, it really depends on the complexity... usually from few hours to 1-2 weeks :)
bloodmaker's avatar
I see, got any advice for someone, who wants to get into digital art?
GodsOfDreams's avatar
Could we do a colaboration for a film project? :) send me an email I'd love to work with your image,


Dylan Howard
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
What exactly are you looking for? Send me an e-mail to so we can discuss that in private. Thanks! :)
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You're featured here: [link]
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the-hurukai's avatar
Man.... I hope to start doing manips like that soon as I get my new mac;) Well done!
Smerferka's avatar
Excelente trabjo ^^ de los mejores que he visto en mi vida.

Un Saludo ^^
Aphariel's avatar
To shorten my always too long posts I'd try to cross out all the technical details i really like. You'll remember that, ok?
The lower part of the image is really original and effective. The throne nicely keep the things together, but the fingers ont border dont fit my taste i think, they're unnaturally red. Or maybe its just because of background. I dont know.
Idea: I understand the idea in the desc but i cant say how is it connected with the picture. My interpretation without desc would more focus on the dreams than wishes. Seeing the alternate reality in your dream can hurt when you're awake :)
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Well, dreams are created from what it is in our subconsciousness/inconsciousness, our real desires, preocupations, etc... Maybe you can see the connection now? =P
Aphariel's avatar
Disagree. Dreams are a product of brain sorting out our memories. What you dream is not what you desire. They are just random thoughts. Thats why dreams are so unreal.
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
I don't think so ;), I'm pretty sure of what I said. I might me wrong, of course.
betweenhomenserenity's avatar
Jeje algo macabraaa la idea, pero me agrada...

Realmente los elementos como siempre logrando mezclarlas tan atinadamente, extrañamente tantos podrían dar la sensación de acumulamiento, o que están de más pero cuando cada cual tiene su función realmente no se ve ese encimamiento que quizás en cualquiera que quisiera copiar tu estilo ocurriría, pero bueno eso es una obviedad.

Los colores son geniales, los contrastes y me encanta también la sensación de simetría creo que en parte eso es lo que completa una visión clara y limpia de la idea de la pieza.

Como sienpre mejorando, me encanta la que sería coverart de un cd de algun músico (demasiado pendejo a mi gusto :P) pero pues se lo pierde, eso también lo alabo, ha completado la idea esa mano enterrada como representación gráfica y literal del deseo del hombre en el agua, es hombre? jajaja creo que veo pelos en sus brazos =s hahaha XD
Aegis-Illustration's avatar
Jiji gracias!! :hug:, si, la mano es de hombre, que es mía xD, y bueno pues sí, si no les gustó la portada qué se le va a hacer... quieren que haga algo muy cliché y pues... como que no me hace gracia pero es lo que hay :P
Y estoy jugando a reforzar contrastes, creo que es uno de los puntos débiles en mi trabajo :P
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really nice ^^
Blexter's avatar
really nice ^^
redbuffalo2001's avatar
Great work as always. :love:
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