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A take on civilization. This is what we did. No need to explain further... right?

Illustration for Hysterical Minds new release EMPATHY, based on the usage of complementary colors. This one took ages to complete!

Face and hand from depositphotos.com, landscape built from nature shots of Edimburgh, Jaén and Murcia. Rest of pics from sxc.hu. Don't miss the step by step process. Click here!
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Can extinction rebellion use this? Thank you.
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Veteve|New Deviant
Think that post-apocalypse also could be that beautiful
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Kidmolga|Student General Artist
This picture ressemble what i think of the world too! I am glad someone out there cares about earth's climate other than me
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Absolutely brilliant
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Vvlad-vVolfenEdited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm... nature lacks some significant features: such as sulfuric acid vents poring millions of tons of caustic chemicals into the water supply. Natural sub surface oil/tar pits polluting underground rivers/surface streams with pitch black crude or toxic heavy metals. Pyroclastic volcanoes venting poison gas into the atmosphere by the metric ton. Super massive coal fires ignited by magma displacement, burning entire mountains hollow. Free range forest and grass fires killing and burning virtually everything in its path, for hundreds of square miles. And of course the oceans themselves, warming and cooling, releasing 99% of the carbon present in our atmosphere...

Nature is highly destructive, and fully capable of falling well out of balance all on its own, and without warning, as its totally unmoderated. Hence the past 5 mass extinction periods. Note: Where there is five, there surly will be a sixth...
Thus our only chance in hell, is to advance enough to either prevent it, or survive it...

So really... maybe nature should be holding the gun. :shrug:

(PS: responsible technology is our friend.)
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Aegis-Illustration|Professional Digital Artist
I am facepalming right now. Cheers dude. 
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Vvlad-vVolfen|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Open minds solve problems... :beer::D

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tickss|Hobbyist General Artist
sadly very true :c
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BlueBTR|Student Artist
The sad thing is that this is 100% accurate.
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crainium3de|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a perfect reflection of the Trump administrations EPA.

Your work is not only beautiful, but thought provoking, and incredibly inspirational.

every time I open one of your images, I wish I had made it.
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plese send the links of all the picture 
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MajesticChaos|Student Traditional Artist
The double exposure in this piece is stunning and the message behind it is powerful :D AMAZINGLove 
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Sir, May I use this for entertainment?
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 :| (Blank Stare) powerful 
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Very thought provoking!
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CoolTies|Professional Artist

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enkrat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
SUPER!!!! SO POWERFUL!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:
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Dystopia-Maxima|Hobbyist Photographer
Who will win?
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sliceofpetal|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Very deep. :clap:
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so true though.
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Von-B|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SaltIsHere|Student Artist
How the world will end
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love it! the meaning and the visuals are outstanding
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