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Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Mario Sánchez Nevado is a Spain based freelance illustrator and art director who currently runs his own studio, Aégis. The studio is focused on bringing digital art to the covers and packaging of music bands and publishing houses all over the world, and his work has been used by clients of the size of Adobe, Goodby Silverstein, Harlequin, Hachette Education, The MDU, Envato or bands like Unexpect, Empathic, Ashent and many more.

After ten years solo work, Aégis is nowadays a consistent digital art studio with constant commercial projects that are published in between of the personal work of Sánchez Nevado. Nevado is also one of the managers of the international artistic collective Hysterical Minds. He has written several on-line workshops for PSD Tuts about digital imaging production and has been a speaker in some major events about digital art in London, Madrid , the Creative Pro Show in Rome and the Behance Portfolio Review in the Create Now gig held by Adobe. His opus has travelled worldwide, from Spain to the U.S. or La Habana (Cuba) in exhibitions like Creatives Rising, that itinerated among others, from the MoMA and Guggenheim museums in New York. His artistic labor has been recognized by the Master Award on the digital art annual Exposé by two consecutive years, and recently, he was featured in Adobe Photoshop's 25th Anniversary TV spot that was premiered on the 2015 Oscar Academy Awards and gathered a Pencil D&AD Award, Three Cannes Festival Lions and an Emmy nomination.

With a solid style, his conceptual art works on bringing an emotional impact to the viewer, creating tales about universal ideas and feelings easy to relate to. His usage of colors is the key of creating atmospheres that are catchy but ambiguous at the same time, meanwhile a critique to society and politics is usually found between the lines, as well as the roles we develop as emotional human beings in an historical era dominated by superficiality. His striking collection is deeply woven with bold narratives that allow the viewer to create their own vision of what they are seeing. Part magical storyteller, and part sober messenger of society's ills, Mario's works begs for a deeper consideration of the world around us.

Manip Academy #10: Blending Fire

Mon Apr 25, 2016, 8:29 AM

There is an easy, fast way to blend fire into any scene. This won't work in some cases but on average is a nice method to make a basic and realistic blending. Here, we will create a body out of fire. This is our base composition:

Suspense1 by Aegis-Illustration

What you need to do is to place your favorite fire photos (preferably on dark/black backgrounds) on Screen blending mode. At first sight there's something missing, and that is the dark areas of the fire, which are muted due to our blending mode.

Suspense2 by Aegis-Illustration

Create a new layer between the fire layers and your subject and use the Brush tool with medium Opacity and Flow and black color (a dark brown/orange might work as well, depending on your background and color settings) to bring back the dark parts of the fire. Use the Eraser to get rid of any strokes that go beyond the fire itself. A pen tablet is highly recommended to make this process more accurate.

Suspense3 by Aegis-Illustration

Create another layer, pick an orange tone of your choice, similar to the midtones of the fire, and create a radial foreground to transparent gradient, parting from the center of the fire to the opposite corner, and then use again Soft Light to tint your new lighting.

Suspense4 by Aegis-Illustration

Don’t forget to paint the light reflections on the model as well as adding sparks, particles, and other cool stuff that will bring our fire to life. Again, it will be easier if you have them photographed on dark background to use the Screen blending mode. This could be our final result:

Suspense by Aegis-Illustration

Obviously, you can go further with this process, which may vary depending on your image settings! Have fun experimenting!


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Muchas gracias! Eres muy amable :bounce:
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EING??? Y esto?? Vaya por dios voy a visitar a Isa y me encuentro k te tiene como link, pero esto k es?? una conspiracin?? Y no me digas k estoy perdida, no tengo culpa d no tener conexion, menos mal k estoy de practicas y puedo pasar por aki d vez en cuando. Vaya no estan mal tus dibujos, y pensar k por ser tan vaga no dibujo.....

Aegis-Illustration Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Anda, mira por donde aparece doa ausencias...XD

Pos nada hija, cuando te salga de la jeta te pones lnea en tu casa XD, y ya me cuentas como te va =)

Y bueno, dibujos no tengo muchos, son ms bien otra clase de rayadas XD, aver si veo algo tuyo, que la ltima vez que me enseaste algo dejaba un poco bastante que desear :P, aver si has mejorao, que espero que si ;)
Venga, un abrazo!
Aegis-Illustration Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Venga, gracias por el linkete :D
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Ostia puta!! xDDDD

Me encuentro aqu con todo el mundo! :D

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Conoc esta web creo que por un link que vi en otra pgina, a Nekoi hace meeeses que no hablo con ella :(, aver si se conecta la joda, dale recuerdos de mi parte :)
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Cuando pueda se lo dir a Nekoi...
X Cierto q si q Tengo ganas de bajar nuevos dibujos pq he mejorado un pokillo y si siguiera coloreando con rotuladores y acuarelas podria bajar material + a menudo, pero estoy aprendiendo a usar photoshop^-^asi q tardo mas pero ya tengo 3 dibujos q van en camino ,quizas dentro de unos dias(q yo estoy de exams y no dedico todo mi tiempo a dibujar :( [por desgracia...]
Asias x el watch^_^yo te pongo un link a tu web en la mia^_^ y tb te visitare!!!

See you!!!!!!!!!

isa-kwakwa Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2005
O_________________o Memorias de Midgar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T eres el Aeguis de Nekoiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seguro q si, seguro q si!!!!!!!!
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Has conocido Deviantart gracias a Nekoi???
Ya has mandado 29 dibujos?!?!

Sigue asi, te visitar otras veces :P

Ah se me olvidaba, yo soy Eos, otra amiga de Nekoi ^-^
Aegis-Illustration Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Not at all Knockoff =), the piece is quite awesome! ;)

@ Noiry: Pos ya ves XDD, todos los caminos llevan a Roma o eso dicen XD Enga, aver si nos vemos ms por aqu =)
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Thank you soo much for the +fav. I really appreciate it. :nod:

:salute: Have a good day.
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