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In Bed With Kyla

By aegipan
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I've spent this day with Kyla ... taking pictures, drinking and eating ... too. Yes we are very busy people. :o)

There were 2 ( very ) different themes.

And the 1st one is ... "In bed with ..." ( of course, the first thing you do in the morning is ... leaving your bed ... )

More seriously, with this theme I wanted to show you Kyla the more naturally possible. And she is not only a young and beautiful woman ... she's very an interesting person too.

I hope you will enjoy the picture as much as we've enjoyed "taking" it.

As usual comments are welcome.

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W-Joseph-Oxer-FRSA's avatar
Wonderful work. Might it be possible to paint this and a few others?
GEWelch's avatar
Very beautiful. 
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Incredible capture, so intense, so clean, glorious shot !!!
mj30's avatar
amazing eyes
InfiniteDAVE's avatar
amazing shot. A Mix of grace and common girl. "Natural" take achieved. Hands down to you.
farenellphoto's avatar
Her eyes are invitingly hypnotic.
KicowatyZajac's avatar
Hmmm... Really nice :3
dude-3-12's avatar
Ecoprint's avatar
Lovely model and a good shot.
AcoresLisboa's avatar
Great shot. Her eyes are mazing. You can feel the emotion in them.
Tilde85's avatar
Nice work...
It is simple and the background and the model (kyla ) are in a perfect composition
Love this photo, just beautiful.:-) I've spent alot of time with Kyla over the years as a friend & you capture her wonderfully, great work.
Steadholder's avatar
She is stunning... very gorgeous woman...
smygba's avatar
she's got interesting eyebrows
bellator's avatar
Wow, that's an amazing shot! :)
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I love this picture, it has a softness to it that I really like. Good job!
Supernovastudios's avatar
gr8 shot , very lovely model
alain1234's avatar
tres beau modele
signman7194's avatar
Very nice. Love the pose and character in this pic.
KillingFrost's avatar
You are without a doubt the luckiest man alive. Great photography too :)
Clayton-Henry's avatar
Spent a day with Kyla Cole?!? :jealous:
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