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Epiktistes The Ktistec Machine

Thus we confute R.A.Lafferty! Does Anyone Else Have Something Further To Add?

Remember, "Whom the Gods would drive mad they first would have read Fourth Mansions." (Blurb on the fantasy quadruple conspiracy theory novel by R.A.Lafferty)

If you want to meet Epiktistes, the Ktistec Machine, you have only to read 'Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne!" by R.A Lafferty: [link]
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very bewitching and it is devilishly penetrating...
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I like the colors and how they play off of either other to pop-out of the screen.
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This was heavily saturated tarnished silver plate, kaleidoscoped in PS and then sampled and reflected again!
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loved the forms and colors... but as a print i'd go with a less saturated pallete :D
congrats anyway!
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I've a tendency to drive the saturation up as far as I can bear to for the coloured abstracts. I want to distance them from their origins in whatever humble stock I took to start with. Many stock textures were taken in poor light and have only muted colours. This is particularly true of the Sainbury's Car Park Wall Stock which I saturated dramatically even before transforming it and then saturated even further before re-hueing it.!