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A Desert Sky Stock Abstract Unpainting

An unpainting is a photo of something that had been nicely painted once but has aged a bit in the outdoors since then. Unpainting consists of rubbing, scratching, scraping or flaking paint off to reveal the raw horror beneath. This is a relatively unworked on 'found' abstract being presented to the dA community as a stock texture.
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Image size
4000x6016px 9.5 MB
Shutter Speed
1/40 second
Focal Length
32 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 1, 2013, 4:09:40 PM
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Looks interesting, the texture makes an image look like it was made on wood. c:
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I think it is wood, or plywood and have decided that this hadn't been solarised after all. This  New LP Cover Art For Tales From Topographic Oceans by aegiandyad  is what I did with it. It has been solarised, inverted, duplicated and then selectively cylindrically distorted. Free viewing is a Zen like technique in which the viewer crosses the eyes until three images are visible whereon, if the eyes are kept crossed until they regain focus, the central image will appear three dimensional. In this case light or brown parts tend to be peaks and blue or purple parts are hollows. This works on the thumbnail if you cross your eyes just a little.
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Nice, I may very well try that out in a piece...
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I don't think this was solarised after all, so I've revisited the stock, solarised and inverted and duplicated it and used he resulting pair as a basis for one of my fictional 3-D  'relief maps'. I just wish I could submit it... any idea what happened there?
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At the time I had been looking for nice "rustic' paint and rusted metal images for texture maps. I was uncertain about the solarised effect you referred to in the title, but sometimes the effects artists use are subtle enough as to be nearly invisible or overlooked. I have this in my maps folder though, and try it out on images I'm working on from time to time. I know eventually I'll find the right piece to make good use of it. And I don't understand your question, why couldn't you submit it in it's new form?
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Are you able to use the submission page? It remains blank for me and has done ever since it crashed over the weekend. I still can't submit anything, although I think I can upload images to
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Ahh... Yes, my submission page is working. I haven't heard of others having any problem. Perhaps try a different browser to see if it's a browser update problem.
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You are correct. It is a Firefox related problem. Explorer, which I usually don't use, can get it as I shall now attempt to demonstrate. Thanks for the tip.
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Occasionally I find that I have to reset Firefox to default settings. I don't know why things sometimes quit working, but I have found this helps... sometimes. :) The main reason I know is because CNN videos quit playing for me several different times, and doing a reset seems to cure that. Not saying this will help your Firefox, but it may... And of course keeping it updated is always helpful as well. If you type in about:support in the address bar in fire fox, a page loads and at the top right is a dialog box with a reset button if you're interested. At least that's where it is in my current version: 32.0.1
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Now you can flex your strabismus on this New LP Cover Art For Tales From Topographic Oceans by aegiandyad , which is what I did after I HAD solarised and inverted the stock! It's a 3-D 'relief map' stereo.
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Thank you. That was the answer. I'm uploading via Firefox right now.
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