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The House of Eorl - Deor

Déor (2644 – 2718). In this time the Dunlendings raided often over the Isen. In 2710 they occupied the deserted ring of Isengard, and could not be dislodged.
Déor was born during the rule of his great-great-grandfather, Aldor the Old. He himself became king at age 55, following the death of his father. During Déor's kingship the peace of Rohan (which had begun during Aldor's reign) came to an end - the Dunlendings took to raiding the herds and studs of the Rohirrim over the River Isen.
When it became clear that the raiders were coming from near Isengard, in T.A. 2710 King Déor led an expedition to the north. He found and defeated a host of Dunlendings, but discovered that Isengard was held by hostile forces. Secure in the fortress they could not be dislodged and Egalmoth could not send help. Instead Déor kept a strong force of riders in the north of the Westfold.
Déor's reign lasted nineteen years. He was succeeded as King by his son, Gram.

J. R. R. Tolkien, Lord of the Rings - Appendices
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