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Daily Deviation
January 1, 2009
The Coveting II by *Aegean-Prince is a wonderfully imaginative stock photograph sure to inspire many artists.
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The Coveting II


stock keywords: white costume man male feet hands stock blanc light moon lunar sun solar star catcher net porcelain flight fly flying wing wings sprocket toggle gear gears blue sphere glass magic ball Labyrinth labyrinthos Jareth goblin king crackle crackled texture mask masquerade bicorn hat Napoleon Bonaparte Parkes soldier french venetian Venice Italy italian gargoyle perched on building architecture roof coat shirt corduroy pants fashion juggle juggler jester circus street performer fleur di lis harlequin toy toys playroom play ornate shield heart crown crest heraldry black gold floral leaves leaf rose roses flower flowers violin bow musician music musical instrument cirque du soleil mirror mirrormask library book Anne Rice Michael "The Blood Canticle" read reading paper page pages splicer bioshock artist block
sit sitting seat seated royal regal prince aristocrat broken down marionette mannequin pose fable fairy tale fairytale
ventriloquist portrait full body sail sailboat boat ship canoe row rowing ore water thief sandman Christmas winter Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
steal dark fantasy dream dreams nightmare nightmares bed bedtime cane staff umbrella rickety
Ole Lukoie Olaf Shuteye
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