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Bipedal and Quadruped Khajiit Form Interpretations
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Published: July 14, 2015
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UPDATE: I've added the four non-raht versions of the quadruped forms. :) I really like the Pahmar. (Not sure if the dagi can be considered bipedal or quadruped really, I imagine they walk on all fours or just two feet depending on the situation)

Using various Skyrim mods, I've mixed some together to create what my interpretation of what most of the Khajiit forms look like. It's good to have a reference when writing a story featuring them, for both me and whom reads it. 

Some notes because some things may be a bit difficult to tell:

The Suthay, Suthay-raht, Tojay, and Tojay-raht have digitigrade legs and feet, the rest of the bipedals having plantigrade. (The feet for the tojay/tojay-raht look kinda bad since that body model didn't support the digi-feet mod)

The Cathay, Cathay-raht, Tojay, and Tojay-raht have a more physique frame, wider build - well, supposed to anyway, I couldn't really show that as much with the tojays as the mod to make them more 'buff' didn't support the body frame for them.

The Ohmes has no tail.

The Tojay has no fur.

The Dagi and Senche are the only pictures I could find of them that match close to what I imagine them to look like, and well, the picture of the Dagi happened to be wearing iron armour and a two-handed sword, it makes him look cute, but rather strange. XD Also the Senche is actually a Senche-raht but I scaled the picture down a bit to be a Senche, as I think the Senche-raht look a bit more gorilla like.

The raht's generally have a tad bit longer fur, thicker build, and taller height than the non-rahts, and also have curved ears while the non-rahts have pointed (this is an idea I added to the mix, it's not actually represented in the picture at all, but I think it'd help identify forms easier and explain a few extra things)

If you're curious of what brought me to imagining this interpretation, I wrote a journal called "The Many Forms of Khajiit" which explains most of it in detail. I intend to rewrite it eventually to encompass what I've changed and added since then.

The mods used for these pictures are as follows:

-For the Digitigrade Feet
'Digitigrade Beast Races Full DLC Edition' by Teh Husky
-For the Digitigrade Legs
'True Digitigrade Beast Races WIP' by Lightningo
-For the more physique Cathay and Cathay-raht
'A Better body scale for Khajiit and Argonian Male' by TS
-For the body model for the Ohmes, Ohmes-raht, Tojay and Tojay-raht
'Dagi-raht Race Reborn' by Nuska, Lylium and TheUnexpected
-For the clothes used by the Cathayraht, Ohmes, Ohmes-raht, Tojay, and Tojay-raht
'Cultural Armors - The Khajiit' by Kidhedera, using assets from 'Regal Huntsman' and 'Regal Assassin' by Dreamburrow, 'Crimson Ranger' by Patobek, and 'Cloaks of Skyrim' by Nikinoodles
-For the hair used by the Suthay
'ApachiiSkyhair' by Apachii
-For the hair used by the Ohmes
'Skyrim Hair Physics Project' by Xp32
-Lastly, for the chin facepaint for the Suthay and Cathay (in that it covers the whole chin rather than just part of it)
'More accurate Khajiit Chin and Lips paint' by Rainkitty
-For the Pahmar
'3 Pahmar Khajiit Followers' by Aziara
-For the Alfiq
'Cats Kingdom' by gg77
-For the Dagi
'Vicn Creature Pack' by Vicn
-For the Senche
No individual mod as far as I know, but does appear in various ones, but the actual creator seems to be GendrunDrup
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So I randomly stumbled across this looking up Khajiit stuff on google. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the Pahmar and the Pahmar-raht are actually bipedal, not quadrupedal.
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Interesting, do you have a different source for that? Or is that your interpretation of the 'Interview with Three Booksellers' (the official Bethesda source we have about Pahmar being quadruped)

Sources are pretty low on Khajiit forms, but of what we do, the Pahmar are one form we have at least a little information about, but I'd be interested in knowing if there's a new source I don't know about that claims differently than this one below.

Here's a link to the source for most of the Khajiit forms we know about (and also where all of the information about what moon phase all Khajiit are born under):…

(Quoted from that)
"When Masser and Secunda are full, the Senche is born. The Senche is very large, but similar to the Pahmar-raht. They stand as tall as an Altmer, and can weigh as much as twenty Altmer. Other Khajiit ride them.

When Masser is full and Secunda is waxing, the Senche-raht is born. The Senche-raht is much larger and slower than the Senche. Their legs are straighter and their body is not as long. They stand as tall as two Altmer and can weigh more than fifty Altmer. These are also ridden, especially in battle. Imperials call them "Battlecats," but again, Jobasha does not suggest calling a Senche-raht a "Battlecat."

When Masser is full and Secunda is new, the Pahmar is born. They are like what you would call a "tiger."

When Masser is full and Secunda is waning, the Pahmar-raht is born. They are like the Pahmar, but larger and more dangerous."

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Why is this not a published Mod?
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TheOneYouFear|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ohmes Raht Assassin for the win!

Small and Fluffy, yet I stand Colossal among those who fall!
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OniVrask|Hobbyist Writer
One more Senche-Raht are basically gigantic tigers used as war horses by Khajiit forces Imperials called them Battlecats.
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Skyflower51|Hobbyist Writer
This update looks great, I especially love the Pahmar! The Dagi does look slightly comical, but I can use my imagination to picture what they'd look like in LUVN. And I like that you put the Cathar in there as a size reference. So is this Pahmar Jahirr?
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I almost want to say yes because I like the design so much, and since I haven't actually showed him in colour yet I could probably get away with him looking like that. :P

Though, in the story there's been a mention of him with a black coat of fur all over, like a Panther. He'd be a Pahmar-raht too, so a bit bigger, but not near as big as the Senche.

Strange to think that Ma'ketra and Ma'krin will eventually grow to that size, while right now they're about the size of Khinashi and J'shabi, whom are both a little smaller than their appearance in the picture, also due to their age.
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ShoutFinder|Student Digital Artist
I want those robe mods. The Tojay-Raht's robes are BEAUTIFUL.

Thank you for showing me these types! I feel slightly more educated on the Khajiit lore (I say slightly because it's going to take a while to memorize the names with the appropriate physique...) and am busy trying to bully my brain into accepting that Khajiit can be furless...
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Oops, I should clarify that my interpretation of the Tojay and Tojay-raht in particular are very...well, theres no canon information on what they look like at all, or what they're good at - the only thing we know is what phase of the moons they're born under.

However, even that tidbit of information alone has allowed me to piece together patterns from the moon phase chart to come up with their appearance here - except with some extras that dont have any theoretical basis (such as the lack of fur for tojays, and their cat ears instead of elf ears like ohmes). In short, if the patterns are anything to go by, Tojays and Tojay-rahts are most likely at least: Bipedal, digitigrade, similar height to cathay and cathay-raht, and with a face similar to ohmes/ohmes-raht.

But I might be completely wrong, and Tojays could look entirely different, maybe not even bipedal.

The other forms in the picture all have heavy basis drawn from though, so if they do look any different, it'd be minor things.

Yeah, I think the creators did a really great job with those robes :)
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Skyflower51|Hobbyist Writer
Wow, you're really good at working with these mods! This looks really good. :)
As for the characters, after a brief look through the story, I will guess the following: the Suthay is Khinashi, the Suthay-Raht is Dar'Zhar-do, the Cathay is Jo'ahza, the Cathay-Raht is Rajirr, the Ohmes is J'shabi, the Ohmes-Raht is Tatanja, and the Tojay is A'zari. I think. I apologise if I mixed up anyone's form! So, is the Tojay-Raht pictured here going to be part of the story too? Because he looks very interesting...
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AedricDaedra's avatar
That's 100% correct, good job :)

It's nice to hear you remember those details, with so many different forms and character descriptions to keep track of, it would have been easy to forget.

Yep, the Tojay-raht will be in the story at some point in time, perhaps sooner rather than later. :D
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Skyflower51|Hobbyist Writer
:D Yes! I'm very happy to have got them right - most I had a good idea of already, I just had to do a quick check of A'zari and Tatanja's forms, and Rajirr's name. Your main characters are so vivid that I can remember all their forms, I wouldn't worry. :)
Hmm, I can't wait for him to appear now! I'm very intrigued by him...
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Yeah, Rajirr and Dazlah's names have changed from Rahjirr, Rajhirr, Dahzlah and Dazhlah because of typo's, so I settled with Rajirr and Dazlah because of the simplicity.

By the way, I forgot to mention, but I imagine Khinashi, J'shabi, Dar'Zhar-do, A'zari and the Tojay-raht would be a bit shorter than their appearance is in this picture, for their age would mean they haven't yet reached their full height. This picture shows the average height of a fully grown variant of their forms.

And here's a bonus picture with Ra-Zara'chi after he's grown a bit of his mane back...since it felt weird to leave him without any, and there's not a mod that has a full mane appropriate for the Mane (I did see one once, though, but can't find it again)

Wouldn't want to get in a fight with him if you were an Ohmes, Suthay, or Dagi, hehe.
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