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Petal Chatoyance Fate Core

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A character sheet for my therisona, done up for the Fate Core RPG system.
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Nice character sheet Chatoyance. Sort of reminds me of how I see my character, Newmoon Winter, like how her and I are basically the same spirit.

I really love the stories you've written, especially 27 ounces and the taste of grass. i'm currently writing my own story about a world at war, two friends find each other, though they both are from completely different worlds. I linked it in my latest journal if you like to take a look.
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This is an interesting variant character sheet, apparently putting the aspects right into the background description. The skills are unusual; I'm not sure how I'd incorporate these into a standard Fate game because they're treated like other aspects.
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Nice. Reminds me of a dream I had recently!
Oh, I don't remember your TCB unicorns having prehensile classical unicorn tails; looking at some other pieces of art of unicorns from your TCB stories, is that new for this RPG version?
Suits her, though.  :)
Very beautiful character and description. Glad to see another happy citizen of Equestria! :)
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