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My Go Board

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A painting of my Go Board
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I nearly forget you. by the way. i transformed into White Heart/Blanc from Hyperdimension Neptunia. don't worry. i still remember touhou and read your stories from time to time! we should talk in messages someday by the way.
Nice painting.
Though what is that object to the right of and below the board?  I don't recognize it.
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That is a Hanafuda card. Nintendo got their start, before video games, making such cards. Hanafuda is a Japanese card set, used in various card games. The cards are the result of the Japanese getting to experience Portuguese playing cards in the 1500's. Despite playing cards immediately being outlawed, the Japanese people kept making their own form of them ever since that original encounter. The final form is what you see above: Hanafuda! I own a set, because they are beautiful, and because I really wanted to study the game and figure out what it was. The standard common game played with Hanafuda is sort of like... Bridge? Suit collecting and trick taking. That sort of thing. Only based on seasons and flowers rather than hearts and diamonds and clubs and such.
Ah, thanks!  :)