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Yandere Simulator: Stand Concept

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I'm rubbish at coming up with titles.

Anyway, this is that pic that Yanderedev posted on his blog way back when. While I personally haven't really had a chance to play any of the builds, I've heard that the stand model is in the game?
Pretty neat seeing something you designed in 3d form.
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Project-NAMKAHobbyist Digital Artist
Now she just needs a theme somg
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I'm pretty sure the Stand's official name is "Bad Romance."
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FlamingDildoHobbyist Digital Artist
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 i have been Watching too much jojo's bizarre adventure.
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Egbasefan455Student Traditional Artist
So cool!
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*Bloody Stream intensifies*
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ArkalartsStudent Digital Artist
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I love the pose 
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Really cool idea.
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TheRaiderInsideStudent Digital Artist
This is actually really dope and I want to draw this, full design creds to you, but only with your permission. :)
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that would be fine.
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Your next line is, "Nothing will get between me and my Senpai!" TOYU!
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Ayano: Nothing will get between me and my Senpai. NANI?!
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crybaby-artistHobbyist Digital Artist…
I think they traced this but idk
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chisarreychesireHobbyist Traditional Artist
when your trying to get your homework done 
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since this is a JoJo refference, i can imagine Ayano screaming SENPAISENPAISENPAISENPAISENPAISENPAISENPAISENPAI while attacking other students with this easter egg on
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looks like mettaton ex
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Yeah~ x)
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TsundereOppaiHobbyist Digital Artist
this is amazing!!!! btw idk why but she looks like she has the eighth grade syndrome
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which type?
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TsundereOppaiHobbyist Digital Artist
idk XD
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here are your available options:
  • DQN (DQN系, dokyun-kei) - Pretends to be anti-social or acts like a delinquent when in fact he or she is not or cannot become like either one. Tells made up stories about gang fights or crimes, or boasts and pretends to know about that subculture. "DQN" is slang for "antisocial person" or "annoying delinquent".
  • Subcultural/Hipster (サブカル系, sabukaru-kei) - Often avoids everything mainstream and has a heavy preference to "things that few people like" and establishes themselves as being special. People of this type do not really love the subculture itself but rather strive to obtain the "cool" factor by not having the same interests as others.
  • Evil Eye (邪気眼系, jakigan-kei) - Admires mystical powers and thinks that he or she has a hidden power within them as well. It is this trait that they create an alias specifically for said power. This is also known as the delusional type.
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TsundereOppaiHobbyist Digital Artist
I guess the evil eye Rikka Surprised Icon 
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