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Standalone design for my M-A-G-E OC, Tian in his forbidden form~ :iconrlyplz:

Link to full character sheet 
MAGE: Tian by ae-rie
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Wow! He looks amazing
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That must be Nero's devil arm.
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I love this character and your painting style. I like colours  and this pose. Great! :)
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I have seen the name "Tian Long" on a lot of characters over the years...I'm just curious if there is a historical or mythological link to the name? I even once rp'd on a board with a guy who played a young bald monk named Tian Long! 
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Oh, scales?  Is he shifting or mutating in his forbidden form?
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I'm liking this, the design looks quite simple, but really good.. : O
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ae-rie can I use his gesture reference for a character of mine? I like how his hands stick out >_< btw luv you artstyle xD
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It would be cool if there was a second transformation, cool design, love it.
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What the... I drew something similar to this design 2 days ago. >_>

More specifically the hair and dragon arm design.
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soooooo hot! cool! *_*
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This is so cool O.O
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awesome work, i hope you don't get upset, (they say that all comparisons are odious), but, somehow he reminds me of the main character in shin megami tensei nocturne, but once again just awesome work ^_^
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None taken! I did also realize his resemblance to SMT Nocturne's Demifiend after adding the blue streaks across his body ^^ ; 

I suppose I didn't mind it being so because it could possibly serve as a homage to great characters! :iconjunesplz:
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Awesome work! :headbang:
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He's so cool! He makes my heart go doki-doki :heart:
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Super pose and character!
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