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League of Legends: Shyvana

A face doodle of Ironscale Shyvana because I've been itching to draw some League characters :iconwind-plz:

Someone said if I added a scar on her left eye and changed the colour of her eyes to green she would become Katarina OTL ;ld';a;lsa'a

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Where my fellow Shyvana mains at? xD
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Beautiful artwork! I used this for fun editing practice and I wanted to share it with you! May I submit this to my page? (I won't be sad if you say no) I won't post this anywhere without permission, and I'll credit you of course! Ae-rie Idriosedit02 by Idrios  
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OMG Shyv is so beautiful angry xD 
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the expression is beautiful :)
she look like katarina
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Wooo! Really amazing! Love it!!!
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Nice work on this very good, decided to do a pencil version of my own, if anyones interested can check it out ! Shyvana Re-worked (League of Legends) by TrueArtStyles
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Hey dude I did a pencil sketch of this, I was wondering if it was okay to submit it? ill give you credit for reference.
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I'm writing a song for Shyvana. Would you mind if I use this as artwork? All credits will go to you of course! :)
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Luvvvvvvvvvvv This Sooooooo Much
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Very good! It capture's her rage and beauty very well. 
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Very nice expression. Heart 
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I really looooove this portrait ! *-*
No one believed him, everyone thought he was crazy...
but it was at this point Jarvan IV realized that casting Shyvana to qualify for the Miss Valoran contest...

was the best god-damned idea he'd ever had ;)
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Nice and fierce..just like it should be
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Best Shyvana DV
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Probably my favorite character...
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Absolutely stunning, gorgeous.
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This is one of the best pieces of art I've seen on here. Fantastic, just fantastic. The expression is everything here, and honestly, I can't imagine it being any better than this.
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It's beautiful
I love her expression
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