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League of Legends: Clashing Winds

By ae-rie
EDIT: 1920x1080 Wallpaper version finally up, after so many demands * A *

I've wanted to do another League art for a while now and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so~! Many people have requested specific champions for me to draw but since I really like the lore surrounding Riven and Yasuo I figured I'll give them a shot! I find it really intriguing that Riot is making new champions that have links to existing ones~ psst I ship them so hard :iconrlyplz:

About the illustration itself, I referenced the poses off a screencap from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Cloud vs Sephiroth parallel!) -- though I really wanted to do something similar to what Yasuo's promotional images have been like so yeah, I hope I've succeeded somewhat~!

Yasuo, Riven (c) Riot Games

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© 2014 - 2021 ae-rie
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Not sure if this is a spoiler so please take that into account reading this.

I love these two together, especially as romantic partners because Riot, intentionally or not, took THE biggest cliche in martial arts storytelling "you killed my master" and made it fresh by making said killer the romantic partner unbeknownst to the hero.

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This is sooooooooo epic :love::love::love:
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Did you use cloud and sephrioth as insp
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this is trippy because of the recent event that ended a while ago, with yasuo as a kayos fighter and Riven as the other side. Light v Dark.
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All aboard the ship!!! Yasuo and Riven are so well protrayed here, the conflict and the energy is overwhelming! I love it! <3 Marevlous =D
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Hi ae-rie!! It's marvelous... and it's something that I was looking for. Can I use it for my internet page? I'm doing a tournament, and i think it should be great if I can use it for the background. Thx!!
May I use some of your fan art for a video? I would of course link to your page!
ae-rie, I didn't ask you permission, but I made a colored version of this. If anyone is seeking that, feel free to check it out on my page. (Hope you're OK with that ae-rie)
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Oh hey, I finally found the person who drew this! XD Someone showed it to me after I wrote this:…

I like to think it's the story behind your picture :)
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Epic fight ! and epic fan art too, you did a great job !
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When I play Riven, I always beat Yasuo!
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nightblue3 REPRESENT
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:wow: Incredible picture :)
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Really bad ass Def an instant fav.
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What is the name of this style of art?
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I'm not really sure what you mean. I think you could call it an illustration, but that's not what you wanna know right?
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I think he means genre, or something along those lines.
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My new wallpaper right here, if you dont mind. Amazing work
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