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Human Sans
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Published: March 26, 2016
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I will be getting back to the main little short story soon
But for now... HUMAN SANS

So you know how Undertale Sans is deceptively strong 
What if Human sans was the same way? As in... he wears baggy clothes and plays off as someone who might be easy to pick on
But he could secretly kick your fucking ass to the sun and back

Human Gaster was just a small add-in because why not
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This version of Sans is unique cuz he has blonde hair and he works out them muscles of his, I've seen other versions of Sans having white hair mostly but looks good :)

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alicemorganytHobbyist Digital Artist
Its just sans with MILK
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Interesting to see Sans working out, given his lazy personality.
Looks good tho.
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ThatauburnGirl2007Student Filmographer
…..yes this is too perfect
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MayceeGarcia0628Student Digital Artist
Yup he is not fat boiii
MIssEdwardElric1's avatar
Personally, I see all Sanses as being THICC AF
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I was alone in the world now I'm not.(blushes intensely) 0////////////0
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PixelPonieStudent Digital Artist
Oh shit trying not to fangirl but I already have a boyfriend irl
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CourierLegatusHobbyist General Artist
The fu
Who what
Why does he look exactly like me!?!
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Well you look cool because you look like sans👍
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NoiooStudent Digital Artist
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VneekHobbyist Digital Artist
sans wouldn't be white
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SenaGosacStudent Artist
He is what the individual sees him as. There are many different versions depending on who the fan is. 
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VneekHobbyist Digital Artist
well, its very weird that they are white.
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FictionalStateHobbyist Digital Artist
I mean, how so? He's a skeleton, we wouldn't know if he's black, white, or anything else? I mean, a lot of artist visualize him as very pale white because they're trying to keep with the colors he has in the game.
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VneekHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah but uh, hes black?
MIssEdwardElric1's avatar
Literally nobody said that. It's fine if that's your interpretation, but he's a skeleton monster.....he's not human and never was human, there is no canon human version of him.
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FictionalStateHobbyist Digital Artist
When did the game ever mention he’s black??
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NoiooStudent Digital Artist
Undertale sans - white
underfell sans - black
underswap sans - pale white
swapfell sans - dark black 
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Thaaaaats opinion. Also all sanses are literally still sans, they are the same person, the same character, just in different universes, in different situations, why make each au version of him multiple different races? I just don't really get that, plus why would that au specifically change his race? Skin color doesn't exactly change a person's character....
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NoiooStudent Digital Artist
When I think about the comment I wrote then it was kinda sexist

butt you are right
but it's better in way of IDK maybe in way of drawing them together.
Like some people like to draw underfell sans and underswap and others together right, but if both of them would be same ( in a look way ) it would be kinda misserable and people would mistake them.

They don't need to change skin colour but people try different things and I don't really mind that, it's just open creativity and welp it's not HUGE problem to think about.

It's same in real life

You are a good person and want cute things and blablah (no it's not stereotype just saying random example) and then people change you and broke you and you became bad person --> same like sans would became bad but in other world and because his opinions on people changed, maybe his clothing style and character changes too so.. why not to wear bad character kinda edgy and innocent character kinda cute


I hope you get it somehow... I wrote it kinda... hardly to get ( Even I would get lost lol xD )
MIssEdwardElric1's avatar is it sexist?
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VneekHobbyist Digital Artist
ohhh so evil sans versions are black ehh?

(silly you, all sans are poc not pasty)
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