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Heroes of the Storm - Tyrande vs Diablo

I reeeeeallly wanted to get closer to Blizzard's house style as well as the game's feel without sacrificing my own too much, which was fun.  Still, I think I have a certain niche I fall into when I imitate graphics, probably most noticeable in pieces like my Final Fantasy X piece, which hopefully is good.

I wanted to wait to see if I wanted to make any last minute changes and upload this to the Heroes of the Storm contest, as this felt pretty condensed compared to some of the large art pieces I've seen done for the contest (seriously, tough competition), only to find I was going to be delayed and got home with like 10 minutes to enter the contest.  I had plenty of time when I went to submit it, but it seems it got delayed in the server and didn't show up til a minute after the contest ended.  Ha ha  Ah, well.  Guess it's not much of a loss.
Burning Hyjal - World of Warcraft by AdyonAloendra is Banned by Adyon
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Amazing! Color scheme and poses are awesome
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Awesome Adyon!!
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Hey, thanks!  And wow, long-time no see!  I hope you've been doing good!
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Yes it has been a long while my friend. Things are not the way I want them to be but working towards that tho. How are you?
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Well glad to see you're that you're working towards it.  That's all we can do really.  I'm good.  Planning to actually get back into doing art again soon.  I got caught up in other things for quite awhile, but now that we've moved and gotten settled and started setting things up, I can actually have the time to commit to it again.  So really moving towards things being the way want too I guess.  
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Wowamazing Adyon 
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