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Penfury Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018
HI, I think you'll find this interesting.  The Plan, in Short  and  The Bottom Line  
salshep Featured By Owner Edited Nov 16, 2018
Hi, I'm sure you guys are inundated with concerns about Eclipse -- my major ones, however, are less about the new appearance of the place than whether this update will include fixes for several very long-term and outstanding problems writers face here on dA:

1. We can't post poetry in the multiline box in chat without extensive manual fiddling, because otherwise it doesn't recognise line breaks with a direct cut-and-paste from texts that have a space after the line ends. It's --maddening-- and makes discussion and critique of poetry difficult. 

2. Our prose gallery is ---inundated-- with fetish writing , a great deal of which is severely in breach of dA's posting policies regarding pornography. Fetish porn sometimes takes up 3/4 or more of the front page of 'Prose', and it's just ridiculous to try to  browse prose because of it. I would like to see 'Fetish' have it own category so it's not in "Prose" at all, and maybe the serious, commercially-minded and professional authors we used to have here could be tempted back from the hills to which they've run, screaming. 

It's an embarrassment, to put it bluntly, to direct writers here to view literature. And it's just not good enough. 

We can't even --report-- some of the worst cases, as when you try to report it, a thing pops up and says it's already been reviewed by staff -or- has the mature filter on, and the option to report it goes away. The former is just plain horrifying to contemplate, god help us if staff think these hardcore images with crappy poems stuck in the description are fine and dandy -- and the latter really solves nothing. 

3. It'd be great if we writers could sell our art too.

We pay for subs and support this site just like everyone else -- with half the support and functionality. Frankly, I am very fed up with Lit being dA's red-headed stepkid, so how about some discussion of pdf e-book sales and the like, or maybe a print book option? 

4. The removal of the 'news' pages means we can't get our news out site-wide anymore so hosting contests and doing features are much, much harder now. Groups have already splintered the Lit community into a shadow of its former self, and lack of news is another nail in that coffin. The new 'journal' category isn't as good, by a very long shot, for promoting Literature events and the like.

Can we please, please have the News pages back? 

I'd rather dA's resources were thrown at these issues than at yet --another-- cosmetic update of stuff that isn't actually broken. Just saying.
tmpst24myst Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2018  Student Writer
I guess I haven't missed as much as I thought I had. It's always been cosmetic or for nearly every other section of dA than the lit section. It's good there are still people who are voicing these concerns and advocating for the lit department!  I'm pro - everything you highlighted and suggested!  I wish it (my support, alongside the too many others from past, present and most likely future)  could make the difference we have needed and still very much need. 
If it means anything, I'm always rooting for anyone who goes down this road. It's not an easy road to navigate and often the end result is merely a shadowed detour of what's needed to appease the voices who dare make themselves heard.  

All the best, Sal. 

P.S. If I'm around for more than a few visits, I'll do my best to actively promote and petition for these changes. 
salshep Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Oh hey - long time no see, and cheers, best to you, too. And cool, we really need all the help we can get, to go by the responses I've seen so far.

Really good to see you're still around. :)
xlntwtch Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018   Writer
IMO, the "future" looks terrible with Eclipse. Please don't do it. Anyone can find reasons why all over the literature pages. Maybe art, too.
humblehills Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Hi xlntwtch

If you're interested in trying out Eclipse for yourself, please feel free to opt-in as a Beta Tester:

BETA TEST: DeviantArt Eclipse

As you may know, DeviantArt has been long working on a big update of our site and overall user experience. It’s been over a year of brainstorms, planning, research, interviews, testing, and more, and now we’re gearing up for a full Eclipse!

The time has finally come: we’re excited to announce DeviantArt Eclipse to beta testers. Take a look at the new design and some of the new features on our promo site. How To Try DeviantArt Eclipse

Now it’s time for you all to experience it! All beta testers have been enabled with DeviantArt Eclipse. To make the switch simply click on the More menu on the top navigation and select “Try DeviantArt Eclipse.”You can switch back to the old site by clicking on the avatar icon and selecting “Back to Old Version.”

Explore What’s New

We can’t wait for you to explore some of our awesome new features! We recommend starting off by selecting Header Art in order to personalize your Profile and make a “wow!” first impression.

After you’ve done that, elevate your art by choosing a deviation background (Core Members have more background options to select from as well). Expand your watch list and community outreach by browsing status updates and polls. Experiment with the new Love Meter to indicate how much a certain work of art matches your personal taste. Go on and explore, Beta Testers!

Reporting Bugs, Feature Requests, and Feedback

DeviantArt Eclipse is still in development. You will likely encounter bugs and unfinished features. We need your help to test out our new features! If you do find any issues, please let us know.

Submit a bug or feature request (submit to this form as many times as you’d like!)Please try to include as much information as possible, such as browser info, OS info, screenshots, links, reproduction steps, what you expected to see versus what you actually experienced, and anything else you think will help describe your issue.Please do not contact DeviantArt Support about Eclipse-related bugs or issues — we’d like to collect all bugs and feedback though this form.Submit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse

Known Issues & In-Development Features

Here are some of the major known issues we are aware of and actively working on:

We are still working on the favouriting and collecting experience. Please share your feedback!It’s not yet possible to include Literature and Journal thumbs in comments or galleries within Journals.Icon codes are in development.Sharing a thumbnail in a Journal or comment using a link (or :thumb: code) is not yet possible.Thumbnails of pixel art, stamps, and small images have some display issues. Literature thumbs do not include preview text.Various feedback notifications (such as certain types of replies and deviation mentions) are not yet completed and may display as an error.Feedback will sometimes get out of order after scrolling through many notifications.Minor formatting issues in new Journal text editor.Bio and personal information are not yet editable on Eclipse.Gallery Subfolders and Gallery Stats will be temporarily unavailable as we rebuild them in the future.The mobile web version is not yet available.Comment permalinks don't include links to the original content or parent comment. Submitting Journals to Groups is not yet possible. While creating or editing Commissions, the Points-currency conversion is not being calculated properly. (This is just a visual bug; the price of Points is not changing.)

Questions on certain Eclipse features? Feel free to check out our Knowledge Base for more information.

xlntwtch Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2018   Writer
Hi, and thanks. I'll ask around how to beta test in total; am worryingly computer-illiterate. Thanks again. (:
kage-niji Featured By Owner Edited Nov 19, 2018  Student General Artist
Go to your settings, you should be able to swap over to being a beta tester. From there, you should be able to access Eclipse through the 'More' tab at the top of the page, located next to the Submit button.
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LordAcies Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2018  Student Digital Artist
A secret group? Interesting...
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2018
We are not here. :iconwoooplz:
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