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Primaris Black Templar Fan Art

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The Emperor's realm must be cleansed of the taint of the xenos and the heretic. We destroy the former by the sword, we shall destroy the latter through faith and the sword.
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This is really beautifully done. :-)
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commanderjonasHobbyist Digital Artist
Daym... This is really good :nod:

How did this escape my attention?
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Awesome. Simply awesome.
For the Emperor!
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Im pretty sure the Black Templars would kill any Primairs Marines Roboute tried to send at them, I mean, the BT would find it insulting that not only did the blueberry broke de Legions but also sactioned tampering with Rogal Dorn's Geneseed. GW could've come up with something better.
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 They would have prejudice against those that did not believe that The Emperor was a god. They would force indoctrinate the new members to accept the faith!
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EthanClarkHobbyist Writer
Yeah, but since the Gathering Storm novels the BT's have been hanging with psykers and FILTHY Eldar. They're a lot more inclusive now that they got retconned a bit, so maybe?

My money's on Rowboat Girlyman trying to rest power from Teh Emprah as payback for not choosing him as Warmaster, hence the new force of Marines and declaring himself Lord High Commander (again). Here's hoping the Fist of Dorn will find its way up Big Bobby G's ass.
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Black Templar worked with Eldar far before the Gathering Storm things. Sometimes, you just don't have the choice.

As for the Primaris, it is said in the Adeptus Custodes Codex that the Custodes just say to all Chapter who wanted to refuse the Primaris that doing so would be refusing an order of the Emperor himself, which would turn them for traitor.

Even Black Templar can't really argue against that...
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Awesome work :)
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That moment when 11'th century Crusaders get an 21'st armor century upgrade.

Nice work. :)
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... 41st even
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ArmelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work!
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"Those who are pure of heart and strong of faith have nothing to fear from the Black Templars, this is true. But who then, amongst the heaving, sinful, masses of humanity, can truly count themselves safe from our wrath?"--Marshal Gideon, Mephistari Crusade.

Fantastic Work! :)
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Notice he said nothing about mutants, HERETIC CONFIRMED
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MinataurHortativeHobbyist Writer
What is this magic?
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Diamondaectann Digital Artist
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