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The advertisement industry is evolving with the help of customizable solutions in both print as well as digital media. The accessories for print media like brochure holders are coming in multiple customisable models that you can use according to the availability of space. For every place like reception desk, wall and flour, logical designs are available with robust build quality. For the ease of portability, they are manufactured with light but durable material. Some of them are fixed at one place like wall mounting model whereas others are used for displaying in remote locations. As a business owner, you will need these holders on many occasions like an exhibition, launching or in regular office use.

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Types of Brochure Holders 

Generally, the brochure holders are available in market comes in following models:-

1)    L type brochure holder

As its name is illustrating, this type brochure holder is designed in English alphabet L. It is made up of acrylic plastic which is transparent like glass but more durable. This holder is suitable to place on table because of small size. The pockets holding space is clear enough to display all the content from distance. It is an ideal accessory for holding pages of A4 and A5 size. 

2)    Step brochure holders

The practical design of step brochure holder is capable enough to hold a large number of papers in an organised manner. Due to its step by step design, you can place different kinds of brochures and other stationery products in different pockets. It can display all-inclusive components separately for the ease of users.

3)    Floor standing brochure holder

This holder is meant for advertising the products and services in large places like exhibition halls and showrooms. These stands have more pockets as compared to any other model because of they are used in large spaces. Generally, a floor standing brochure holder is visible in exhibitions and bookstores.

4)    Wall mount brochure holder

If your workplace is facing the shortage of space, wall mounting models can be the best custom retail display solutions. It is a lightweight holder which you can opt out in single or multiple pockets. Generally, it is made up of transparent acrylic and you can see them inside ATM booths and banks.

If you want a brochure holder in Melbourne, then Advertising Industry can provide you more options as compared to other manufacturers. Also, the bulk orders will be more affordable.