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Finished commission by MeltTalada
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OC isekai light novel style covers - 14 by ArtLexxis
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mi a dat mama cu aghiazma pe laptop by martha-chan
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[OPEN] malena's smoking ych by dnovaa
Digital - 3D - 2

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Sister in Law - Revenge - Part II. (141 pics.)! by CyberCpt
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Mature Content

finished ych by chilloutEXTR
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[2021] Gift#1 by NoisyMary
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teaser2K23 - red fierce by B4arts
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Some After Training Love- Midoriya X Yang by Uranus1997
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Adoptable Auction [2/2 open] by lomomlet
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Logan AKA Wolverine X-MEN by Mpm-original
EMERGENCY PAYPAL COMMISSIONS INFO Commissions infoHello! I will draw your humanoid character in my style. I like to draw dark illustrations and I hope that you are interested in my style and you want me to embody your characters in it!Portrait full color - 35 USDBust full color - 40 USDHalf-body full color - 45 USDFull-body full color - 55 USDExtra character + 35 USDSimple background like gradient - freeMore elaborate background - 5-? USDI draw:Humanoid OC/Fanart (depends on character)Mild gore/horror/dark picturesNudity but I don't draw genitals I don't draw:Nsfw/fetishistic contentProblematic/hate themesToo muscular/old/young charactersMecha/armour/overly detailed outfitsComplex backgrounds with well-detailed architectureWe can discuss all detailsYou need to provide references of your character/outfit etc.Payment via PayPalI'll start drawing after paymentNo refundsDeadline 1 week - monthI reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reasonFor work, I definitely need: Reference of your characterDescription of your ideaReference for a pose, clothes etc.Your wishes and expectations from the workI will send you sketch and some stages on approvalYou can provide edits on the sketch stage.So I hope that you will not have any complaints about the finished work.I hope that everything is clear and you will be satisfied with the result!In any case, we can discuss the details of the work.If you're interested in commissions send me a note, we can communicate here or via email.Some examples of my work:Portrait full color - 35 USD,Bust full color - 40 USD,Half-body full color - 45 USD,Full-body full color - 55 USD,My album with open YCH auctions: My ych.commishes account:
Journals 2
Valentines YCH 2023 [OPEN] by GreySketches
Ash's Unova Journey My version Chapter 75Chapter 75: Showdown in the Battle Dome pt 1Flashback to two months before Ash left for Unova: "We've had a lot of rough battles in this tournament, ladies and gentlemen. But now, the tournament here in the Battle Dome has reached its finals. These two trainers are what is left?" The image of Ash and Damien was shown on the screen of the battle domes TV. "The match will start in one hour, enough time for both trainers to get their teams ready." Ash was getting his team healed as Lance wanted to talk with Ash in private Lance explained what was really going on in the tournament, much to Ash's dismay. "Hold on, Lance, I agreed to be a part of this tournament because Tucker asked me to, but I didn't agree to put my team at risk of being seriously injured or put my trainer's license at stake?" Ash complained to Lance after discovering that this tournament was to get Damien. "I'm sorry, Ash, if I have told you before or word about what this tournament was really about, Damien might have caught wind of it and turned tail and ran," Lance said to Ash. "We've had our eyes on the guy since you reported his actions with your Charizard that was once his?" Ash looked down at this as Lance continued. "Look, Ash, he's been causing trouble for many trainers and Pokemon, and cause of his history, he somehow gets wind of trainers from the league coming and trying to take his trainers license that I sent. But while you do have a history with him? Damien doesn't know your connection to the league either?" Lance explained, which got a glare from Ash. "Let me guess. My father put my name in this. You know that he's a league representative for Kanto, right?" Ash asked, which Lance sighed. "I only learned about your father's history with the league just after you returned from Sinnoh Ash. No, he didn't, but please Ash, your our last chance at getting back at Damien and our last chance of getting rid of him as well cause if he wins this tournament, he is free to do what he wants as a trainer again, and we've had multiple Pokemon either in the hospitals, at sanctions or worse," Lance said to Ash who finally calmed down. "Look, Ash, anything that happens to your's or the trainer's Pokemon at this tournament. The league will take responsibility for your trainer's license. Since you aren't officially a member of the league officials, you aren't going to put it at risk." "Okay, I'll do it because I have a score to settle with Damien for what he did to Charizard back when I first started my Journey. Who is taking part in this battle? If that's okay with you, Lance?" Ash asked Lance, who nodded. "But you owe me one for this, Lance. While I don't like how my family got involved in this, I can't just let Damien go either." Lance sighed at this. "Ash, you need to understand that there is more at stake here than you think, and there are far worse trainers out there. Suppose you go into this fight without a level head. You're going to lose your focus and lose. Remember, Damien isn't the type of trainer who falls for bluffs or anything. You'll have to fight not just for your Pokemon but everyone's and the ones he let go. You have a half hour before the match starts. See you at the Battle Dome Ash," Lance said while taking leave. Ash was shocked at the fact that he was called out like that by Lance. Of all people, yes, he has learned to understand others' battle styles after his fight with Paul and remembered what he said after his second fight with Tobias. "I still have a long way to go. I will change how I act in battle but in my style, not someone else's. I'm not going to turn into Conway or in Paul's style. They are strong, but I'm not at that comprehension, especially not Conway. And I'm not going to change my view of Pokemon. Be me but more level-headed," Ash thought, nodding as he looked at the clock, got his team ready, and headed to the Battle Dome. "It's time to settle the score, Damien," Ash said to himself as Pikachu was beside him as they arrived at the Battle Dome. "Now for the finals of the Battle Dome Tournament, these two trainers are set and are raring to go, so let's introduce them again," as both Ash and Damien walked out to the battlefield. "First in the red corner, he made his way through the battle frontier two years ago and now set his sights on winning this tournament from Pallet Town. Give it up for Ash Ketchem," the announcer said as the crowd cheered as Ash made his way to the trainer's box on the left side of the battlefield. "And in the blue corner, a man who has shown no mercy in his battles here in this Tournament and a man who wants to prove that he's not only strong but that he's the only one that matters from Vamillian City, it's Damien," the announcer said as Damien made his way to the battlefield as everyone booed at him. Ash glared at him as Lance, Scott, Tucker, and the league officials watched this from the press box in the stands. "To think that we would have to battle against each other again, let alone a shrimp like you again, Ash," Damien said to Ash, who sighed. "Don't think that you can intimidate me like that, Damien. Today, I'll defeat you and make you pay for what you did. Surprised that you haven't turned tail by now?" Ash said to Damien, who laughed. "Run from someone who hasn't won a league yet like you and someone who still thinks that boring ways of training Pokemon are the right way. Give me a break. After this, you should pack it in. You're just as pathetic as you were back then," Damien said as Ash, who usually would respond to that, didn't say anything, which Damien, who typically gets the trainers wild up, wasn't expecting. Lance, who was watching this, smiled and knew that what he had said to Ash earlier before the battle would help Ash out, but now what matters is if he could pull off the win as the ref entered the battlefield via the hover cart. "Now that the pleasantries are done, we can begin the final battle of the tournament. This will be a full 6v6 battle, with both sides allowed to make substitutions. Also, I would like to remind our blue trainer that extensive force or damage aren't allowed in this fight, or you will forfeit the match regardless," the ref announced as Damien humphs and gave a whatever gesture. "Let out your first Pokemon, and we can commence this battle." Damien pulled out his first Pokeball. "Rhyperior, come on out," Damien sent out his first Pokemon as Ash had run-ins with this Pokemon in the past and knew its ability would be a problem. Ash pulled out a Pokeball. "Okay, Squirtle, I choose you," Ash sent out his first Pokemon, who was ready to battle for Ash as Damien glared at Ash, thinking Ash was toying with him. But Damien wasn't aware that Squirtle had been training for battles and fires for a long time. "The first battle is between Rhyperior vs. Squirtle. Now let the battle begin," the ref announced as Ash and Damien were ready to start. "Squirtle, use Ice Beam now," Ash commanded his Pokemon, who fired the ice attack right at Rhyperior, who was ready to tank the attack as it hit it. Surprisingly it did some significant damage which surprised both Damien and Rhyperior. "Now, Water Gun Squirtle," Ash said. "Thunderbolt now, Rhyperior, and then use Rock Wrecker," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who fired the Electric attack at the Water Gun, causing an explosion as the rock was sent toward Squirtle. "Withdraw to Protect yourself and then use the Water gun again, Squirtle," Ash said as Squirtle barely protected itself from the attack, but just as Squirtle was about to relaunch its attack Rhyperior. "Hammer Arm now, Rhyperior," Damien slammed hit's arms right into Squirtle's shell hard, making a cry. "Humph, such a pathetic Pokemon, just like Charmander," Damien said. "Don't be so sudden. Use Hydro Pump, Squirtle," Ash said. Damien was surprised by this as Squirtle hid back in his shell and spun like a top hitting Rhperior, sending it back hard as Squirtle slammed right into it again as it was knocked out. "Rhyperior is unable to battle," The ref said as Squirtle groaned and fell to the ground. Ash was surprised by this. "Both Pokemon are unable to battle," the ref corrected himself as Damien and Ash returned their Pokemon. Damien was mad that someone like that could get the best of one of his best mons. "Sorry, Squirtle, I wasn't expecting this to happen to get a good rest," Ash said as he put Squirtle's ball back in his pocket. "Damien is more ruthless today, knowing he's up against me all these years, but I need to take things up a notch," Ash thought and looked at Damien. Lance was watching this and knew Ash was struggling to maintain his anger from what had just happened. "Ash, you know the risks of going into this battle. Please, Ash, show him that you are better than this," Lance thought as Damien pulled out his next Pokeball. "Kingdra, come on out," Damien sent out his next Pokemon, who was ready to fight, hoping not to get under Damien's wrath. On the other hand, Ash could tell that this Kingdra had something up its sleeve for it to be sent out as Ash pulled out his next Pokeball. "Snorlax, come on out," Ash sent out his next Mon, who was ready to battle on the field as Damien is very familiar with this Pokemon and how much Endurance this Pokemon has to stall out Pokemon. "Kingdra, use Hydro Pump," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who fired its attack at Snorlax. Snorlax jumped out of the way only for the Hydro Pump hit dead on with Snorlax, which Ash now realized why he used this Mon. "Seem's like you caught on Ash my Kingdra has its Sniper ability. This has helped me out with Pokemon like your Snorlax, who thinks that's just because it's big and can dodge things without hassle that it can dodge my Kingdra's attacks," Damien said. Ash didn't respond. "Now, Dragon Pulse Kingdra," Damien commanded his Pokemon. "Snorlax use Hyper Beam," Ash commanded his Mon, who fired the attack right the Dragon Pulse attack. As the two attacks clashed, Snorlax landed back on the ground. "Now use Rest to get back into the match," Ash said to Snorlax as Damien knew he could use this to his advantage. "Dragon's Dance, then use Giga Impact," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who used the two moves as it charged right at Snorlax, who just woke up quickly. Damien was surprised how quickly a Pokemon known for sleeping all the time woke up quickly as Snorlax blocked the attack holding it as Snorlax struggled to keep footing. "Dragon Pulse now," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who fired the attack at Snorlax, who was sent back to Ash. As Kingdra was tiring out, Damien groaned and returned his Pokemon to its ball. Ash knew Snorlax needed some rest and did the same before he tired out. "I can't believe this kid is getting the best of two of my Pokemon. This should've been an easy fight," Damien said, clenching his fist as Ash noticed this and knew that he was getting under Damien's skin, and just seeing that Ash wasn't getting angry or wanting to start insults was ticking off Damien more. "Argh, Fearow, come on out," Damien sent out his next Mon. Ash smiled at this and knew who to use next as he pulled out his next Pokemon to use. "Perfect, now I promised you that you would get a battle again one day, and now's your chance against a Pokemon we've faced. Come on out," Ash tossed his Pokeball in the air. As the Pokemon was let out, it was Pidgeot. Pidgeot and Fearow were staring each other down and knew that this would be a personal battle between their trainers and each other, which Ash noticed. "If I have to take a guess, this Fearow is a member of the Spearow flock back then," Ash said to Pidgeot, who nodded. "Okay, seem's like our peace with the flock during these past few months was settled, but it seems like we still have one more to deal with," Ash thought as Ash was ready to fight. "Fearow Drill Peck now," Damien commanded his Pokemon, whose beak spun and charged at Pidgeot. "Take to the Sky Pidgeot and then use Air Slash and Steel Wing," Ash commanded her, who launched its attack at Fearow after it missed Pidgeot barely. The Steel wing mixed with the Air Slash and sent right to Fearow, hitting it. "Tri Attack, now Fearow," Damien commanded, who fired the attack right at Pidgeot, hitting her and sending her back. Thankfully, it didn't have any side effects that Tri Attack is known for so far. "Now use Giga Impact," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who charged at Pidgeot. "Double team and then use Aerial Ace," Ash commanded Pidgeot, who created a clone. As the Giga Impact hit all but one, Pidgeot's Aerial Ace slammed right into Fearow, sending it to the ground as Pidgeot was waiting for what happened next. Damien was getting angrier by the second. "Mirror Move now," Damien commanded his Pokemon as it used Aerial Ace, hitting Pidgeot hard. "Now, Hyper Beam," Damien said as Fearow launched its attack at Pidgeot. "Use Aerial ace. Get out of there and end this," Ash said as Pidgeot dodged the Hyper beam and slammed right into Fearow, sending it to the ground and knocking it out. Damien was even angrier that Ash was now in the lead by one Pokemon. "Fearow is unable to battle Pidgeot wins," the ref announced as Ash was celebrating Pidgeot smirked upon this victory as Damien returned his Pokemon to its Pokeball. Damien glared at Ash, who had a stern look on his face trying not to let Damien get under his skin as Damien pulled out the next Pokeball. "Playtime is now over, Ash, your fun ends here. Dusknoir, come on out," Damien sent out his next Pokemon Ash knew that if this Mon was next, that must mean that it had either Trick Room to deal with Pidgeot's speed or had something up its move pull for her. "Pidgeot, you going to be okay with battling this mon, or do you want out for now," Ash said to Pidgeot, who agreed to return to her ball for now, which Ash was about to return to her ball. "Mean look now," Damien commanded his Pokemon, instantly hitting Pidgeot before Ash returned her to the Pokeball. Ash saw this coming. Damien means business. "Just like myself, I'm not letting my victory against you out of my sight Ash. This Pokemon is one of my best Pokemon and is one of the Pokemon who will always be loyal to me," Damien said to Ash, who groaned. "Now Trick Room and then Thunder Punch," Damien commanded his Pokemon, who disappeared and was behind Pidgeot and launched the punch at Pidgeot. "Aerial Ace Pidgeot," Ash commanded her, who slammed right into its fists only for Dusknoir to overpower her and slam her into the stands, hard knocking her out. Luckily it was empty. Ash was stunned by this. "Pidgeot is unable to battle Dusknoir wins," the ref announced as Ash returned Pidgeot to her ball. Now feeling bad that he didn't return her quicker before a Mean look could happen as Damien laughed. "Pidgeot was a new mon to me. I'll give you that, Ash, but I've seen almost all of your battles in the past when your league battles were on TV, Ash," Damien said to Ash, who turned to him. "You're not going to throw me off guard with your Pokemon or skills. You are the type to bluff and make rash decisions and battles. The biggest mistake was taking part in this tournament and facing me in this battle," Damien said. Ash closed his eyes, clenching his fists but let it go. He's been through a lot of trainers, and this was worse than what he went through with Paul, but unlike Paul, Damien wasn't going to get to him as Damien was still laughing and boasting. "Are you done making yourself a bigger fool than you are making me out to be?" Ash said to Damien, who stopped. "What was that? What did you say?" Damien said. "You just like every other trainer I've faced in the past who thinks that making their Pokemon stronger and that abusing them would make them better," Ash said scoffed. "Please, my last rival was better trash-talking and training his mons better than you, Damien," Ash said as he pulled out his next Pokeball. "And like him, I'm going to show you how wrong you are with the same mon you abused as well," Ash said as he tossed out his Pokeball, and Charizard let out and roared at Damien. Damien scoffed and was ticked that Ash called him out like that. He already knew that Charizard was the same Charmander he left to die. "If you think using him will change my mind, think again. Dusknoir uses Shadow Punch and Thunder Punch," Damien said as his Pokemon used its two attacks. "Charizard uses Heat Wave and then use Shadow Claw," Ash commanded him, who launched its fire attack at Dusknoir, stopping him in its tracks and then charged at Dusknoir with the ghost-type attack slashing at the ghost-type Pokemon as it used Thunder Punch, hitting Charizard in the gut as the two mons were sent back. Both Pokemon were glaring at each other and knew that this would be a battle and that neither was coming out of this without some injuries. Damien smirks at this. "I know all your Pokemon during those leagues, Ash, and while you know every Pokemon so far, I have something that won't make things easier for you," Damien said as he had a shadow of a three-headed creature behind him. "I'm going to make you pay for trying to ruin my career Ash, and you won't get away with this," Damien said. To Be Continued.
Literature 2
Starry night by HornedVeles
Manga - Anime
ANIMATED YCH - Unexpected Encounter - OPEN! by den-tyan
Manga - Anime 2
Glasses by NN-way
Manipulation Edits
Restricted Area by AndrejZT
Manipulation Effects 2
Deep Dive by AndrejZT
Photography - Animals, Plants Nature
Dirt road by dashakern
Photography - Animals, Plants, Nature 2
Monster 12 by alternative-rox
Photography - Fetish

Mature Content

My Oiled Soles by Sweatyyfeets
Photography - Fetish 2
OPEN SLOTS backwards commissions (4/4) by wispzoa
Photography - Landscapes
There is only a moment by dashakern
Photography - Landscapes 2
Wolf lands... by thewolfcreek
Photography - Miscellaneous
Stockholm by dashakern
Photography - Miscellaneous 2
Of dark days... by thewolfcreek
Photography - People - Female
Mother and Daughter - Yennefer and Ciri by Mircalla-Tepez
Photography - Female 2
Cosplay: Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, Part IX by Mircalla-Tepez
Photography - People - Male
|CLOSED| Adoptable Auction by li-ar
Photography - Male 2
The Amazing Spider-Man - New Pain III by DashingTonyDrake
Photography - Self Portraits
Zero by Fxxtaesia
Photography - Self Portraits 2
|CLOSED| Halloween Adoptable Auction by li-ar
Open~ - SB 75$ - Auction - Outfit Adoptable by Dreaming-Witch
Resources 2
[C] Antimonesia - Avice by Siantary
|open!|flirt ych couple by Archivistsoot
Tattoo's 2
Greenman by HornedVeles
Heath Ledger by veracauwenberghs
Traditional 2
Denis a Martina by PatrisB
Auction| Close by RuriChanPng
Typography 2
Words Have Hidden Meaning by alternative-rox
Daily sketch - Day 20 by cuauhtliart
Tutorials 2
NATURAL SPIRITS - 1 stage by Dyavlnchk
Minamoto no Raikou by DonutAi
Wallpapers 2
Tiger by Mpm-original
Website Backgrounds
Xiao - Aether by aemi27
So I've not checked this for a while but it seemed that most of the folders were either full or very close to full so I've added a second folder to every single category on here, so check it out guys if you've got anything to submit nows your chance.

Have a great day!
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