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Hey everyone!
It's been a very long time since I posted anything in the group and decided I'd do a little contest. In short I want more art to post on my Instagram page that's gaming related. I have a few reference images that I can link for your use. Any style, does not matter. Your art will be promoted on my page as well as on the :iconur-anime: Featured Folder. Please contact me directly or post on this entry with any questions! Also, feel free to use any other pictures of me on my Instagram for references if you want.

~ References:……
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(OPEN) $5 Icon Commissions (Paypal only)Finished the first batch of these so I thought I could take in some more orders ywyStill in need of money for school expenses so these will remain $5Examples,Rules:Things I will draw and feel confident drawing:Animals in generalAnthro/Furry charactersFantasy creatures and monsters. (As long as they remain animalistic)Light romance/ light goreThings I will draw but don't feel so confident drawing, it's up to you to decide if you like how I draw this:HumansArmored/Cyborg/Android/Robot charactersThings I won't draw:Explicit sexual contentSevere goreGross-outAny kind of hate artFan art (In other words, art about existing franchises. Fan characters are okay though!)Things to note about commissioning meI work whenever I have free time. Which is mostly eaten up by University. So I may take some time to deliver in occasions. Nevertheless, I always deliver.I will start to work on your commission once I have received payment.Please fill out the commission form with as much detail as possible. This is so I can create something to your best liking.  If you order a commission without filling the form, I will assume you did not read the rules (Or did but ignored them). I may still accept your commission, but you have no rights to complain about the finished piece if you for any reason do not like it.Please provide clear references of your character. If you don't have an official reference, provide as many drawings about them as possible. This is so I can draw your character as best I can.I will not accept any changes to commission orders once I have accepted them.Please do not request me to draw in an art style that isn't mine. (such as anime style, or a style from a certain cartoon)I reserve the right to refuse drawing a commission.If you're going to publish the commission I did for you on your own page. Credit me as the artist and post a link to my commissions in the description.Commission Form:Fill out the following form when commissioning me and put it in the  comments below or note me!Username:Character References:Commission Details (Poses, expressions, etc.):Password:If you read and accepted these terms, please write the phrase "Mintie sucks" in the password section above so I know you accepted the rules. Your commission request will be ignored until you type out that phrase. Violation of any of the rules above will result in a block and prohibition from asking for another commission.If you have any questions about the rules or have a request you are unsure about. Feel free to ask me!Here's a link to my normal commissions with more commission optionsPAYPAL/POINTS COMMISSIONS (OPEN)-Thank you for your interest-
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(ROAD TO MY BIRTHDAY) Yume no Katachi Contest!15 DAYS LEFT! COME JOIN THIS AMAZING CONTEST BY ME! ALSO YOU'LL GET A FREE ART IF YOU WIN THIS CONTEST BY ME FOR GIFT!!! HURRY UP!Update 1: FUEE!!! This contest is available on @Contest-Office! You guys come here to join and invite your friends too!UPDATE 2: Added cover image too! I just wanted to help me to celebrate my birthday on October! Come and help me together to celebrate my birthday! Don't miss it okay?,This is part of my project "Road to my Birthday" and this contest is for Vocaloid fans and celebrating my birthday too!What is "Road to my Birthday"?The "Road to my birthday" is the project that Glorysia created to celebrate for her upcoming birthday. However, her birthday is on October 30th, which means the next day will be celebrating Halloween on October 31st. This project has planned for her birthday with some of her friends and fans and she will turns 15 years old.However, this project is starting at September 30th, the last day of September, and ended on October 30th, one day before the Halloween. This is because of the one month to celebrate her birthday.What's the contest, Glorysia?I made this contest for my upcoming birthday is... (long space alert!)Yume no Katachi!,Wait a minute, Yume no Katachi?Yes that's right! Yume no Katachi is the song by Fuwari-P and it is sung by Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, KAITO, MEIKO, GUMI and Camui Gakupo! This song has the full of magical rainbow! YAY!However, by the way, why did you make a contest, Glorysia?It's because this contest for my upcoming birthday to celebrate it! However, You need to read the rules before join the contest!RULES-This contest is mainly used for Glorysia's upcoming birthday on October 30th. Her birthday will be celebrated on Last two days of October, and she will turns 15 years old.-You can choose any character if you want, such as, Miku, Luka, or Rin.-Some of eight characters are appears in this video. However, you can draw any background if you want.-Gore, NSFW, blood, etc. are forbidden or prohibited. Let's keep it friendly, okay? ;)-Speedpaint is allowed! Before you make a speedpaint, please remember to read the Speedpaint rules after the art rules.-You are now available to post your arts outside of DeviantArt if you can. (Such as Tumblr, Twitter, PiaPro, etc.)-Choose some of the scenes you want to draw what you like, I would look foward to it too!-Your art or submissions must be uploaded with the tag “#YumenoKatachi” and also "#HappyBirthdayGlorysia" at the "Add up to 30 tags", and please make sure you added the tag on the Add up to 30 tags.SPEEDPAINT RULES-If you recorded some of your videos via Bandicam, OBS, Camtasia, etc. while you draw, you can make it as a preview if you want.-Some funny videos, scenes, or the vines you like is allowed. You can choose at the beginning, at the end, or the both too, but not very funny.-You can choose some video length if you can, but too short are not allowed. If your speedpaint video was too short, I'll decline your entry.-Your video must be uploaded with the tag “# YumenoKatachi”, "# ゆめのかたち" and also "# HappyBirthdayGlorysia" (without space), and make sure you added the tag to the description about the video.UPADATE: I extended the date and time, so there's no time to draw one before my birthday starts!DEADLINE WILL BE ON OCTOBER 30th, 21:00 GMT (Malaysia Timeline)!___________________________________________________________________________________I've been choose four winners in the start!WINNERS:First Place: lined + colored + shading + background art (2 contestants)Second Place: lined + colored + shading art (3 contestants)Third Place: lined + colored art (4 contestants)Fourth Place: lined art (6 contestants)SPEEDPAINT WINNERS:First Place: Base with shaded and background with effects (1 contestant)Second Place: Base with shaded and background (2 contestants)Third Place: Base with shaded (3 contestants)Also, for the help of the @ultimimega and @sailorsprouts, those winners will be get into the comic Equestria Fantasy as the interactive role, background role or minor roles if you have MLP OCs on your page! I'm really appreciate your contribution, you two! ___________________________________________________________________________________~~~~~~~~BONUS~~~~~~~~I've been searched for the special art winners are first, second and third whose won the contest, I'll make a special collab with Princess Lily Love too!Here's the preview of the art: ,Please remember to see Princess Lily Love's information how did she become a princess.,If you have any questions regarding this contest, please don't hesitate to ask!Please to join if you want, be creative, and do an inspiration! I'll see the results if you want to!Have fun!NOTE: To join the contest, please say "KIRAMEITA!" If you fully read the rules.
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Marked for Death by forthcracy159

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