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What Time is it?

Adventure Time! Welcome to the AdventureTime-Lovers group! If you love Adventure Time and want to show your AT fanart to the world, than this is the place for you!
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where did you come from? by Natterbugg
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Finn The Human Portrait by MarcyEveret
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La Demonio de Rosa by Xtreme-jp
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Marceline the Vampire Queen
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Pasiones escritas by Xtreme-jp

Mature Content

Comic HDA Lazo Eterno Capitulo 15 by Xtreme-jp
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Other Princesses
Huntress Wizard HYPE! by ametotaiyou
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party pat by Himarii-tan
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Tree Trunks by angela7898
Cherry the fox by TheDesignerJE
Adventure Time with Fionna And Cake
Fionna by BuzzingGirls
Papi Bonus by Xtreme-jp
Fanfiction and Crossovers
Cartoon Network City Crossover Ch 5 Pt 1Disclaimer: I do not own Adventure time, Batman vs Dracula, and all the Cartoon Network shows including all the Toonami shows.Author's notes: This chapter that writer tells about her past is actually based on a true story.Warnings: This chapter may contains violence and dark imagesChapter Five pt 1: Jade's PastBoth Jade and Dracula headed to Jade's home where Dracula sees a two story house."So this is your house that you moved in?" Dracula asked."Yes. Actually and this is the neighborhood where I meet Double D and the KND of Sector V." Jade answered as they headed towards Jade's house and knocks on the door which her mom opens."You're back from school." Jade's mom replied as she sees Dracula."And who is that with you?" Jade's mom asked."That is Dracula. He wanted to meet you and he saved me from the bullies at school." Jade answered."Very nice to meet you." Dracula complaint"I'm her mother Cherry. Are your parents aware that you're visiting us?" Cherry asked."Yes. My cousin told my parents that I'm meeting you and you're daughter." Dracula answered."Okay I wanted to make sure of that. You can come in." Cherry replied as Jade and Dracula enters in Jade's home. They headed to the living room and sat on the couch."You guys sit here and I'll fix dinner." Cherry replied as she went to the kitchen to cook dinner. The two sat down on the couch suddenly a male black shorthair cat with green eyes and a female medium long haired tabby. Which they see both Jade and Dracula so they jumped into the couch. They began to purr louder and Jade began to pet the Tabby. Which Dracula was being rubbed by a black cat."Are these your cats?" Dracula asked."Yes this is Dusk the Black cat which is my brother's cat. Tsuki the medium long haired tabby my mom's cat." Jade answered as Dracula began to pet Dusk's head."You have any kittens?" Dracula asked."Yeah I have a bicolar of a black and white kitten named Panda and a boy version of Tsuki named Milo." Jade answered as Jade's brother sees the two."Umm. Jade who is that with you?" Jade's brother asked."Dracula this is my younger brother Michael." Jade replied."So you're Jade's brother I go to the same classes with you and your sister." Dracula replied."I heard you saved my sister from those girls." Michael replied."Oh you mean the Kankers. Yeah I just saw them in the gym picking on your sister so I stepped in to stop them." Dracula answered."Well very nice to see you and thank you for saving my sister." Michael replied as Dracula smiles at him."Jade Michael dinner's ready!" Cherry shouted as the three headed to the dinning room and sat on the table where the food is at."So what is for dinner?" Michael asked."Steak and baked potatoes." Cherry replied as Jade, Dracula and her family began to eat their dinner until Jade hurts herself when she accidentally cut herself with a knife."Ow." Jade replied."What happened. Sweetie?" Cherry asked as Jade shows her finger bleeding."I think I cut myself with a knife." Jade answered as Dracula sees blood dripping out of Jade's finger which he was tempted him."Jade you should run it the the kitchen faucet until it stops bleeding." Cherry replied as Jade went to the kitchen."Is she alright?" Dracula asked."Yes. She's fine. She just need to stop the blood from pouring." Cherry answered.After eating dinner Jade showed Dracula the entire house and the two headed into Jade's bedroom where the kittens named Milo and Panda. Dracula sat down on the bed and looks around her room. He sees a couple of Pokemon plushies on a shelve along with Stephen King books, a flat screen TV on a shelf, a PS3, plushie of King Sombra and posters of Inuyasha, Sailor Moon and Naruto."Very nice room that you had." Dracula replied."I know you're going to say that." Jade replied as Dracula began to pet Panda and Milo. She turns on her PS3.Jade shows some of the shows, movies and animes that she watched on her PS3 which Dracula began liking them."So I heard that my friends that are telling why did you turn your ex-girlfriend into a vampire, and how long you lived in Cartoon Network City." Jade replied."Well I was born as a daywalker vampire in Transylvania, at the age of four me and my parents moved to Cartoon Network City where my cousin Marceline lived at. My father works for a company and my mother being a novelist which I was transferred to school with my cousin. Yeah I get bullied due that I'm a vampire but I am not one of those stupid vampires that sparkle. Which everyone calls me that which pisses me off. Kars, Sombra, and Naraku who became my friends when I moved here. Around Thirteen in sixth grade everyone is still making fun until I snap on one bully named Kevin. I gave him a couple of bruises and a black eye. I began dating my ex-girlfriend named Heather until around eighth grade I find out that she was cheating on me with a another boy named Alejandro. I confronted Heather in person which we both argued until I got tired of her arguing which I turned her into vampire. After she was cured. Which I dumped her, Marceline, her friends Gwen and Leshana and others were shocked that I did that. In a couple of days I was actually turned into a emo vampire and hanging out with the goth kids which Kars found me. He told me that Gwen and Leshana told me that I'll find someone who's better than and my parents including Marceline was getting worried about me so I decided to be with my friends instead of the emo kids." Dracula explained as Jade began to know why Dracula is the way he is due to that he's a vampire."Now that I told you about my past. So Jade tell me why did you move here?" Dracula asked as Jade got nervous."Well it's kinda a long dark story to begin. Well I was born in a different world which is normal. I was born from my mom who is Filpino and my biological father who is Native American in Idaho. And then my brother came along. My father always drink every day while my mom is working.Around Four I had a lazy eye which I had eye surgery which it took three hours after that a me and my family had to move to Montana after my mom fight tooth and nail towards a doctor and having college students studying about me and my mental illness.In Montana I had with ADHD, and I wasn't able to speak so I had to take speech therapy. After that I started talking and began to go to elementary school.I remember that one night when I around ten when my dad was completely drunk and he always beats up my mom for no reason which me and brother went to hide somewhere.All these years of being with him is the hardest thing I had to live with until I couldn't take it anymore I made me, my brother, and mom agreeing to have my father not to be in our lives anymore which I agreed with me. So when my father was arrested due to DUI, Assault and child abuse.After the divorce and restraining order that she put on my biological father. Mom took custody of me and my brother. We lived with my grandma which my father's mother.Around fourteen I was diagnosed with austim and depression by psychologist. Which I ended getting bullied in middle school.At the age of sixteen my father's mother which is my grandmother almost tried to me and my brother away from my mom. Which the medicine drove her insane.Around 17 my mom wanted all of us to move here which I was glad. Which we moved out of Montana and moved here so I wouldn't have see her again." Jade replied as she began to remember the horrible past and began to cry. Dracula sees her crying which he approaches to Jade and hugs her."Now I wonder why you moved here." Dracula replied."Why is that?" Jade asked."Because both you and I are different." Dracula answered."Why did you save me from the Kankers?" Jade asked."Because I don't want you to get hurt by them especially others who want to hurt you." Dracula answered as Jade smiled at him."I'm glad that you are saved me and showing to me that you cared." Jade replied as Dracula smiles at her."I don't want you to be left out like what happened to me in the past." Dracula replied as the two lets go."Umm Drac." Jade replied."Yes Jade." Dracula replied."Are you going to turn me into a vampire like you did to Heather?" Jade asked."I'm not going to turn you into a vampire. Well....kinda depends on your decision if you want to or not. Since I meet you, I'll let you be human for now." Dracula replied as he gets off of the bed."Well I guess, I'll be leaving now that my cousin is waiting for me to come home." Dracula replied as he opens the window."Are you going to see me again in school?" Jade asked."Yes actually, I'll be hanging out with you even after school. So see you tomorrow at school." Dracula answered as he jumps out of the window. Jade ran towards the window looking outside that he left.She turns and sees a bat flying through the night which she knows that is Dracula.When Dracula got home in his bedroom Dracula was petting with pet Phoenix named Fennikusu and Marceline was playing her ax guitar."So how was your visit with Jade and her family go?" Marceline asked."Oh it was fine. She showed me her home when I told about my past and she told me about her past too as well." Dracula answered."Was it kinda dark like yours?" Marceline asked."Well yes sort of." Dracula answered as he explains to Marceline about Jade's past."Geez. I felt bad for Jade that she has horrible father like mine." Marceline replied."Yeah it is kinda sad why Jade is like that but it doesn't matter if she has mental illness or not. I still love her no matter what." Dracula replied."So going to see her tomorrow in school?" Marceline asked as she began playing the song which Dracula began to recognize."Yes. Marceline is that Aerosmith you're playing?" Dracula asked."Yes. Do you like the song Dream on?" Marceline replied."Yes. I actually love that song very much." Dracula answered as Marceline began playing her guitar while Dracula listens and smiles that Jade is starting to like him.
:AT: Child Marceline Pillow by PlushbaeCrafts


Marcy's Xmas Muckhole by curtsibling Marcy's Xmas Muckhole :iconcurtsibling:curtsibling 103 71 Marceline Navel Check (Preview) (GIF) by Nezzux Marceline Navel Check (Preview) (GIF) :iconnezzux:Nezzux 130 12 Princess Bubblegum by PieceofSoap Princess Bubblegum :iconpieceofsoap:PieceofSoap 653 28 WHAT TIME IS IT? by Ry-Spirit WHAT TIME IS IT? :iconry-spirit:Ry-Spirit 3,255 144 Happy St.Patrick by SwimTwinsxxx Happy St.Patrick :iconswimtwinsxxx:SwimTwinsxxx 7 4 Adventure Time Royalty by fishcapades Adventure Time Royalty :iconfishcapades:fishcapades 2,479 491 uh by Bandium uh :iconbandium:Bandium 89 9 Tell-me-that-u-want-it. by greendog345 Tell-me-that-u-want-it. :icongreendog345:greendog345 17 4 After Mushroom War by JeezersArt After Mushroom War :iconjeezersart:JeezersArt 8 0 Flame Princess by Fiuusha Flame Princess :iconfiuusha:Fiuusha 0 0 Finn and Jake by mery0 Finn and Jake :iconmery0:mery0 12 0 Marshall and Gumball in a new looking~ by htfaphkhrat Marshall and Gumball in a new looking~ :iconhtfaphkhrat:htfaphkhrat 25 14 Flame Princess by unearthlyshadow Flame Princess :iconunearthlyshadow:unearthlyshadow 75 31 Finn the Human by VanillaSnowflake Finn the Human :iconvanillasnowflake:VanillaSnowflake 109 22 Marceline by Paimon93 Marceline :iconpaimon93:Paimon93 14 0
Hey, Adventure Time fans! I noticed that some poeple have been puting art in the wrong folders. I've seen Fire Princess fanart in the "Other Princesses" Folder. That's tottaly acceptable, but it would be perfered if you would put it in her specific folder. I've also seen Princess Cadence, from the show My Little Pony drawn in Adventure Time style, in that folder, too. For fanart drawn in adventure time style, please put that in the "Fanart/Fanfiction" folder, please. Also, for the Featured folder, I would ask for you to put artwork you're most proud of and not art dumps, please. Thanks for your understanding!

Enough about Folders, are you all ready for the new episode tonight? I'd love to see some fanart for it!

"JJ Flip, what the zip?"
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