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InDEAL regular

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Thank you for sharing!
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yep.. its a pity theres no fonts with russian letters .. )
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all in time :) i was born in Russia and am not forgetting about this side of the bargain. There will be Cyrillic in advent.
hey looking for same font but for web.
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hello, really cant provide a version at the moment, we are really busy on a new font :)
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This IS something special =D
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This is a great font! What are the TOU though? Can we use this font for commercial projects?
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Hello, yes you can freely use the font!
Thanks i try in my web page design!
buena tipografía
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niceee.. hehe ;)
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looks fabulous, congrats!

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Nice fonts. thank you for saving my ass
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Nice work,

Thank you
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Great font, featured here: [link]
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thank you, its really nice of you! :)
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good job .. nice font :)
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This is great, thank you! :hug:
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