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Illustrator Techniques lb

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I'm sure this will come to good use!
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i like it!
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rsdgProfessional Interface Designer
this is great thank you :)
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Thank you so much for the knowledge! Its great seeing the way others work. This actually made some things click in my head! WOO HOO
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Even though this one is really old, i am glad you found it helpful :)
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enjoy while it lasts ...
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Very useful techniques :)
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You said:

"yep, i based the presentation on a book i got recently about grids, really enlightening :) "

Do you did a book? :confused:
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hehe, no i was just in a rush, as it seems, its an old comment, probably i ment that some reading about grids, helped me to make this page look better. :)
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Thanks for sharing :)
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thanks for the tutorial!
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I never knew about object > path> outline stroke
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;) im glad people learn something with it :)
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gr8 work buddy, i know making tutorial is not easy.
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yep, thanks :)
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SeBDeSiGNProfessional Interface Designer
...the most important part of Graphic Design?
Come on....
If Graphic Design was mostly about transferring sketches to vectors, everybody would be a graphic designer.
By the way, line weight differences are not something to avoid, but something every type designer should benefit, even on grotesque types.
So using a stroke to design type is a solution. There many tutorials around about correct vector type design.
Keep trying though! :)
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...the most important part of graphic design, as i believe! you cannot interfiere with someone beliefes. and if you have something better to state just do it! and dont go insulting people.
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SeBDeSiGNProfessional Interface Designer
I never insulted nobody. Perharps you want to check this blog.
It's about correct vector and type design. I'm sure it's helpful for everybody.
But it's not about the most important part of graphic design.
Graphic design is about effective choices, about communication, about balance and harmony, about color and typography.
Vectoring sketches, is a technique. Like pencil is a tool, and Illustrator is a tool.
If it's just your belief, there's nothing against.
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as i said you cannot changes ones beliefs. and thank you for the blog link it might be useful to some
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the line weight differences was purelly a technical issue, i ment that if you make one stroke path and have some strokes left an all this gets resized, you will have a problem, because the stroke stays at a certain pixel weight and the stroke that you made into a shape will be bigger. anyway, you obviously didnt get the point.
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SeBDeSiGNProfessional Interface Designer
You've got that point. But, desiging type with strokes, is far from beeing a good way...
I have also a good tutorial about this one. I'll mail it to you.
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thanks but i dont need it, designing type with strokes is just a good and clean beggining, i didnt say that i will make a professional out of this tutorial!
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BadHaxx Interface Designer
Thank you so much man for doing this! Exactly what I was searching for.

Are you gonna write more or this is the only? My advice to you is to keep them coming. Help us designers that have great ideas, but cant realize them. ;)

Once again, thank you so much.
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