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Mass Effect Movie Poster

--Fan-made movie poster--

Mass Effect is such an awesome game. I thought to myself, what if BioWare made a CGI movie of the Mass Effect games? I decided to create a movie poster for such an idea out of fun.
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AMAAAAAAZING! :) Is there (read: "will there be") a FemShep version?
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I never thought about doing one yet. If I do, maybe I'll switch the characters/background, too.
Rossem-Klyn's avatar
Oh god ! Oh god ! Amazing ! And more amazing in my faves.
Omega-Knight01's avatar
Really good poster. Mass Effect rocks
warmachinex's avatar
looks cool - great job
loganator01's avatar
I like it but Wrex should have been included since he is a VERY important piece to the story because of the genophage (sp?)
Intress's avatar
All Im saying is this: Awesome pic, love the way it meshes together. But the movie had better have Fem-Shepard in it or I refuse to watch it. ):
Alkonium's avatar
You realise how unlikely it is that they're going to use Femshep, right? And honestly, the important stuff's the same, regardless of Shepard's gender.
Intress's avatar
yeah, true. i guess i can see that. im just a FemShep/ Garrus fan. xD im sure you can understand lol. they could always make it with both male and female and have them be brother and sister. x3
Alkonium's avatar
Yeah, I personally prefer MShep (and Sheploo at that), but I love playing as both Male and Female Shepard, Garrus is my preferred romance as FemShep. Also that is an even worse idea than picking one.
Intress's avatar
heh. maybe. but thats just my twisted mind. xD i could easily see them being brother and sister though. it would be kinda cool, in a way.theres actually a fanfiction on that has a story about john shepard being the hero and his little sister has to take over when he gets killed on the collector base. shes a c-sec officer i think and also with the alliance. its hard to explain. you'll just have to read it for yourself. i think its called "the girl they call jane" or something along those lines.
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Rumor has it that the Mass Effect movie is on pre-production or something.
IzuHina-chan's avatar
Cool! :D
Actually, I heard there's a Mass Effect movie being worked on right now! Don't know many details though; I'm pretty sure it's still a work in progress.
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