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AdventageousLizard's 640 Color Palette Compilation


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Yo so I finally finished this shiz! 

Here are the rules/guidelines if you wish to use this: 
Golden Carrot For the sake of avoiding redundancy, don't re-upload this on Deviantart or Tumblr as an actual post. I don't mind if you upload it to your so you can keep it as a resource for yourself, just not as an actual post that everyone can see :3. If you are on another site however, and want to share it with your peeps there, feel free to! Just don't claim it as your own please~ 

Golden Carrot If you just want to use an individual palette, you don't need to link back to this if you don't want to; you don't have to comment with a link to you drawing if you don't want to; you don't even have to favorite this if you don't want to. Credits/comments/faves are much appreciated, but not necessary for your convenience~ 

That's it! I made this for anyone to use for whatever, so have fun, whether you want to try a 640 palette challenge or just want to make one drawing! I did not make any of these palettes except for J 58-64, which I made using a phone app~ 

If you want to know the hex codes for an individual palette, I do have an actual list containing all of them, so feel free to ask! Also, if you want to know which blog a palette came from, my list has that info too, so just ask! ^-^ 

If you want to help support me, here are my cafepress and redbubble accounts with some merch on them:……
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Would you be willing to share the entire list of hex codes for each palette??

Thank you!

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Using! Thank you sm!

Fantastic work. Thank you.

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aahh I love these, but even in the full image the individual palettes are really tiny, and the fact that it's a jpg file makes it even harder to colorpick from it due to all the jpg artifacts ;v;
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Wow, nice color palettes, I finding nice color schemes everyday here:

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Thank you for this lmao
AdventageousLizards's avatar
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*sees 640 palettes available for free usage*. Challenge Accepted.

Might take a year but I'ma use them all! XD
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Good luck! I hope you have fun ^^
AdventageousLizards's avatar
Lol yeah. Did it out of spite, but I did enjoy making this ^^
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I'm using this for 1 year color palette challenge!! That a lot, 365=1 year... I gonna keep more rest of later
AdventageousLizards's avatar
Good luck and have fun! ^-^
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Do you have a numbered version?
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hi im sorry this comment is kinda old but
this made me laugh really hard 
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Not one where each palette is individually numbered, but the letters on the side correspond to each row so you could pick out a palette like "C28"
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Can I use this for Tumblr?
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I guess that depends on what you mean? I already have it posted to tumblr so if you want to have it on tumblr I'd ask that you reblog it instead of reposting it (I can provide the link if this is the case). If you just want to use this for a challenge or to draw art and post on tumblr, use it all you want as long as you don't repost it ^-^ 
I appreciate you asking!
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