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Mac Icons Wallpaper in Color

Color version of this wallpaper. Res is 1920x1200. =)

Update Sept.02 2010: Just found out that someone is selling this design on a notebook case! Shame! If anyone knows who it is, please shoot me a link or website URI. Thanks;
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I'm using this as my wallpaper right now, and trying to find all of the applications that I have. Anyway, epic job and I luv the look of it!
A big compliment to the artist. I am sure that it cost the artist a lot of time to create this background. And the result is impressive in any case. After that, I've always wanted! Finally a background of a different kind
The icons that you can recognize in the background look even much better, as the originals.
Keep it up!
I'm looking forward to the works that follow this one.
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Amazing stuff,I can't imagine how much time you spent making this wallpaper!
iMAGICIALoTV's avatar
Amazing! Love your art!
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ahhhh wheres all my stuff on the desktop...LOL Love this wallpaper. Created an account just to post this.
oops! found the link. thanks for sharing. my kids love it.
wow! this is really nice. is it possible to get a copy of this?
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How many icons did you use there?
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wow! good wall°
i like the icon pencil
i could send it by e-mail please"
Or where I get it?
CommunicationPart3's avatar
CommunicationPart3's avatar
Emailed is the program¿
Advent-Media's avatar
No, I emailed it to you on November 11 2009. [link]
CommunicationPart3's avatar
oh! my god sorry sorry I'm so ashamed :ashamed:
never found in my mail:nirvana:

but thank you very much
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Someone uses it for it's own, i think you should see this: [link]
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I'll let you know how I like it once my seizures stop...

ok... it's awesome. >;)
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hahaha I know right.
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