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By Advent-Axl
I'm sketching to get some practice in. . . As obvious as I made that seem, sometimes it's okay to be redundant (Not really). I'm sketching ANIME human faces to get back into drawing my Human OCs again. Practicing shading, detail, lighting, strokes, the whole shebang!

Anyway One thing I wanted to try out is that I'm practicing on drawing on only ONE layer. There are about 3 sketches that are in 2+ layers; The wolf girl, the spa sketch and beach Celcia are the only ones. The 3 detailed ones were done in 1 layer.

Why 2 layers? Well for the wolf girl I layered her clothes to design what's under her hood instead of drawing another sketches. . . I know lazy, right?

The spa sketch was made in 2 layers because I wanted to preserve the rest of the image tha is under the steam in case I ever wanted to go back and make that into an actual scene (which it is in EK:TSTNE).

The beach Celcia sketch was made in 2 layers because. . . Well I REALLY don't think I want to shade that, it's really just a sketch to reflect the "current" season.

All characters and sketches are property of Advent-Axl :iconadvent-axl:
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Bravo! I can clearly see, that you improved yourself a lot.
Advent-Axl's avatar
I'm working on human faces (anime) again so expect more sketches :D
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Try to draw Ryouma Nagare from Getter Robo Armageddon.
Advent-Axl's avatar
With or without the helmet?
Thanatos-Zero's avatar
Without the helmet.^^
Advent-Axl's avatar
I'll see what I can do sir! :salute:
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