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NEW Paint Tool SAI 2 ( HOW TO BUY Official )


  UPDATE :  SAI 2 ,   2021-02-28 .
                                             SAI 2 Official version
                                                  Three Steps  .…

                                                        Enjoy !

 Buying Sai 2 ensures
future development .

.  You can Try Sai 2 Free with Image save locked.
Try it thoroughly before buying .

Video how to give SAI 2 exe a custom Ico image.

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Since this was posted, I've been unable to get to the original site multiple times while trying to download PTSAI.

SuperR-Illustrations's avatar

I don't suppose it would work on MacBook Pro, would it?

JustinRichardDX's avatar

OOOH! That's why the "Save" & "Save As" was disabled. (I didn't read or understand enough.)

JustinRichardDX's avatar

Thank youverymuuuch! I've never felt this happy since I noticed new things on The New - And Improved Paint Tool Sai2! :D

Applause! Applause! :D

xXFantasmiaXx's avatar

Is Paint Sai 2 not a subscription thing? I always figured it was a subscription for the legal ones like photoshop. (and tbh, i hate subscriptions. I just want the dang thing once and never pay for it again)

AdvanceRun's avatar

No subscription for Paint Tool Sai 2. Most art software does not have subscription.

Photo Shop CS versions i think are not subscription . its only their new CC last i checked. Adobe likes enslaving people on payment plans . only people making steady income can afford it. I cant.

all my suggestions are low price or one time price, or free.

xXFantasmiaXx's avatar

Oh, I didn't know that about Photo Shop! Do you know where to get it? :) I see links to it on certain websites but they uh look unofficial and sketchy. And all I see on Adobe's site is a free trial.

AdvanceRun's avatar

Affinity Photo or designer is a good alternative to PS . Although not as fully featured. also the old PS CS can be found on DA but unsure if safe or not . try Gimp 2 which is not as good but its free .

Lunaclaw999's avatar

I'm thinking of getting it, as the program I use (kleki, it's free) is decent but not great. For everyone who has it, is paint tool sai worth it? If so, does it work on a Microsoft Surface Pro 6?

AdvanceRun's avatar

besides Krita there is also Autodesk :Sketch Book Pro; which is free too.

AdvanceRun's avatar

there is also Krita which is free. On my blog there i link to above, where i have the how to buy Sai 2. Look for software i recommend . that page.

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hi. i think Sai 2 is good. But if you need a more capable drawing software, i recommend Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Lunaclaw999's avatar

Hi ! Thank you for the tutorial ! But I have a problem, i can't change the "simple circle", I don't know if you know what i mean but I can't create brush :(

AdvanceRun's avatar

hi . sorry late reply. unsure.

BluRedPaw's avatar

I bought SAI2 today thanks for the tutorial! Really love this painting app, its one of the best optimized draw and paint software you can get.

I’m still a little confused on how to download sai v2. I bought sai v1 a few days ago and would like to upgrade. I don’t fully understand what I’m supposed to do with the zip file.

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open the file, place the activation sai-00000000.slc into that folder .

should then save images. just press the exe to start. to upgrade , download the development version again. copy past files over old . make sense ? if not please give details .

I tried to open the sai2 exe though my computer wont allow me to. The application I’m supposed to open is ’sai2.exe’ right?

AdvanceRun's avatar

Yes, where did you download it from ? its supposed to run with or without a activation file.

I downloaded the 64bit 2020-08-28 zip file on the website.

AdvanceRun's avatar

did you unzip the folder ? i wonder if you need the right environment to run it. its a windows only application. it won't ; work on MAC.

Install Microsoft Visual C++ studio : 2008 , 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 . Redistributable . maybe it needs this to work. and .NET .

ive unzipped the folder and i am downloading this on windows. Every time i try to open it windows wont allow me to? i think I have Microsoft visual c++ installed unless you need to manually download it.

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