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Panthera by LCibos
Duality by LhuneArt
They Said Being Different Was Wrong. by That-Orka-Cat
A basket of Awesomeness by JessieDrawz
Digital Art - Complete Illustrations
Saber-toothed by gasuaska
Commision for Tronixx by Karibu99
Contemplate by TheLadyRaincloud
Hero and Idol by CosmicCervine
Traditional - Complete Illustrations
Leopard Warrior by 0laffson
Evening in the mountains by birddragon
I Want Candy by vladimirsangel
Hope for a better New Year... by StarlightsMarti
Fanto'me Redux by MonsterBrand
Jaguar by rainylake
I mean business by NB-Photo
Worries of a lioness by NB-Photo
WITSSF: PRELUDE - Page 7 by TheLadyRaincloud
Africa -Page 152 by ARVEN92
Africa -Page 151 by ARVEN92
Warriors: Blood and Water - Cover (2019) by KelpyART
Simplistic BG Art - Digital + Traditional
Lynx by MadCheshireFox
Crowfeather by alvringer
Bleeding Heart by dancinqskies
Kindred Souls [CM] by Wastelands-Knight
All Media Fanart
Rabid Bramblestar [THEORY] by MissyDakota
Hellfire Thumbnail by LttleGhost
Love through all the time by ShedragonArtist
Sora by Felinar
Crafts and Sculpture

Mature Content

Girl Power #1 by LaVolpeGuy
Hi, Spots #2 by LaVolpeGuy
Hi, Spots #1 by LaVolpeGuy
20in Floppy Tiger Handmade Plush by AnimalArtKingdom
Marie Valentine! by Oha
WIP quadruped walk by nekonotaishou
Bouncy Bounce by FahriiCat
Water by FahriiCat

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Rules 2.5:

UPDATED August, 15, 2015

Hey you there! These are the official RULES and CRITERIA for #AdvancedFelines. Please be sure to check back frequently for updates. New members should read them.


1. Joining is open to everyone. We want YOUR best intermediate-to-advanced artwork. This isn't an "accept all art" group.

2. Current submission limit is (2) deviations a week.

3. Not accepted: literature deviations, sketches, work-in-progresses, memes, colored bases, reference sheets, auctions, commission sheets, or pictures with messages on them! Comics should be in English and proofread.

4. Submit pictures to the correct folders. Organization can get away from us, but please don't help the inevitable. :nod:

5. Art should be age-acceptable for most of dA. Nothing too explicit, meaning no profanity or bondage, etc. Gore and "artistic nudity" are fine, but please use dA's filters.

6. Folders are periodically cleaned up for content. These generally include pictures that are in storage, were submitted by artists who have improved their art since their earlier submissions, and "borderline" pictures that we feel do not conform at least to the written criteria below for "intermediate art" upon later review.

7. Most importantly, art theft not only upsets people, but it's against dA's rules. Stolen artwork will be reported to the artist and dA staff.


Fully-completed artwork at the minimum should:

:thumbsup: Have a feline that's the main focus.
:thumbsup: Have a feline that doesn't look like a canine (and isn't submitted to canine clubs).
:thumbsup: Be colored nicely without errors.
:thumbsup: Have nicely illustrated lineart or fur.
:thumbsup: Have minimal use of smudge tools, grass, tree, and other brushes.
:thumbsup: Have anatomy that is not overly distracting.
:thumbsup: Be shaded nicely and coherently.
:thumbsup: Edited and cropped properly for color, lighting, and contrast (if traditional).
:thumbsup: Have a feline that isn't a person in a fursuit at a convention.
:thumbsup: Have correct English spelling/grammar (for comics).
:thumbsup: Isn't a "spur of the moment" photograph shot of your kitty.
:thumbsup: Be a properly represented (if a crafted or sculpted item.)


:bulletyellow: Backgrounds do not have to be perfectly detailed masterpieces, but we don't want you throwing on fuzzy patches or scribbles of color and calling it a forest either. :nod: Pieces should have the same amount of effort put into the background as the feline(s). We discourage lots of empty space. The Photography, Animations, and Crafts/Sculpture folders are excluded from this specific background rule.

:bulletblue: Advanced art passes all the minimum criteria.

:bulletred: Intermediate art can get away with one or maybe two of these mistakes, but the overall impact of the piece should be interesting and show off the skill of the blooming artist in some way-- aside from that, we look at: the artist's growing skill level used to create each piece they submit, the picture's composition/eye flow, the use of color and values, how well and believably the character meshes/fits with its environment, how it compares to their body of work, and generally how well the medium chosen for the picture was used to complete the work of art.

Please refer to the basic elements and principles of design that are taught in all art classes:…

:bulletgreen: Artwork neglecting most of the minimum standards will be declined. Many pieces we see are right on the line for one reason or another. Do not take a decline personally... Trust us, we don't take satisfaction in declining art pieces. At all. We try to maintain a balance of quality while also promoting our artists. When every picture is unique, it's hard to stay consistent.

:bulletpurple: If you wish to know why your art was declined, we strongly urge you to comment on the picture's submission message. That way, we can easily see your picture and the conversation that went into our decision. We have decent memories, but we don't automatically know what "my" picture was when we need to reply to you. At that stage, you may politely ask for a critique.

We encourage you to submit artwork that's to the best of your ability! Show your fellow members what you're truly capable of. Submissions are always welcome to the club's favorites, too. Chances are, we might just send a request for it. :nod:

Thank you for reading!
~ #AdvancedFelines admin team

It's kinda been a while coming, but right now I am the only one available to vote, at least semi-consistently.

I don't always have the time to vote on pieces before they expire. I would like to start looking for someone (or even multiple people) to help me run the group.

TO APPLY: Write me a little statement in the comments below about yourself. I will note you at a later date. I have some serious matters going on where I work right now, which is prompting me to possibly find different work. So it will be a bit.

These are the qualities that I'm looking for:

* A great eye for intermediate-to-advanced feline artwork when voting. Knowledge of the club guidelines when it comes to voting.

* The ability to give a proper, tactful, and helpful critique to those who ask.

* The drive to find art and send out requests to acquire new pieces that are on the higher end of the intermediate-to-advanced spectrum.

* Experience running at least 1 group for at least 6 months.

* Willingness to write a journal every so often a bonus.

I won't leave the group, but I do need help. I'm only one person. It's been amazing watching those of you who have stuck around and worked hard on your artwork to improve your skill level. I appreciate the heck out of that. If I was 10 years younger, I could run this group no problem... but I got's to "adult" right now, and I have to really concentrate on that. I feel like a parent that can't really do much right now other than throw a tablet and some snacks at their child. :B

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suited-wolf Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2019   Digital Artist
my picture was declined?…
it was submitted to the right folder and everything.
so I would like to know what I did wrong?
FrostComet9 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you for featuring my piece, “Purple Nebula” in your gallery! :)
raevei Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018
meant to submit to only one folder, im sorry! ;0;
PrinceCalil Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello! Is this group still active?
Mahogi Featured By Owner May 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
wildfur-warriorcat Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hi i am sorry But how do i join this group
Mahogi Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Look close to the top, there is a button that says "Join our group", right next to "send a note". Once you click it you will be automatically approved! (if I'm correct)
wildfur-warriorcat Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Mhmmmmm, I can’t see it maybe I need to check on a cumputer I use my phone mostly😬
Mahogi Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw, I never tried browsing on my phone, it's quite possible that the button doesn't exist there? That would be kinda weird tho xD Maybe it's just located in some weird position...
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Suomen-Ukonilma Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just wonder why this one was declined? I put it in to "Fan art" folder... 

Cloudstar's Journey. I will never forget you
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