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Larger Than Life by Advanced-Dorkness Larger Than Life by Advanced-Dorkness
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As promised, the small human proceeded to explain the situation to the confused captives.  She and the others who seized this freighter were hired to raid it for its supposed smuggled weapons and goods.  Nobody expected the cargo to include slaves.  Why the crew was smuggling slaves when trading them was legal in the Batarian Hegemony, whether it was for pricing, tax evasion or any other possible reason, they didn't know.  It was too late to ask anyway.

The mercenaries and their employer had no use for slaves, so the plan was that after the group emptied out what they could take, she would release them near a human colony where they could then catch another ride to their actual homes if needed.  Due to the risk of being pursued and caught by Alliance forces, she was to take them there by herself.  She scanned the room and stopped when her eyes landed on the two quarians.

"You're quarians, aren't you?  You must know how to work ships, right?"

Soh and Mana nodded hesitantly.

"Come with me to the cockpit and you can help me drive this thing."

Was it a good idea to cooperate with a pirate?  Even one who smiled and spoke as softly as she did?  They probably didn't have much of a choice anyway.  To be willing to escort all of these people with no backup from her side, she must be pretty confident that they couldn't overpower her should they try to rise up and fight.  Those did appear to be biotics she was using earlier, after all.  As strong as she was, she seemed friendly, even nice enough to give them back their confiscated omni-tools when a fellow merc found them in a locker.  And it was best they have her stay that way, considering the fate of their former captors.


I have a confession to make; making "Jamie" that short was unintentional!  I just realized how small she was next to the turian in the last entry and decided to roll with it.  Even with turians generally being over 6 feet tall, the overall body size difference is too wide in my eyes.  So now she's about 4'10", making her even shorter than this guy!…

And yeah, this page is black and white because I thought it would be faster.  But it turned out it wasn't that much faster than just making it in color.  Oh well.

Mass Effect © BioWare
STan94 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
She's like, the nicest killer ever...
Advanced-Dorkness Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist
That can be either really good or really bad.  In a galaxy like this, if someone is nice, it's because they can *afford* to be nice.
STan94 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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