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Quarian Face sketches
Like many other fans, I was disappointed in the canon "revelation" of Tali's face.  But then I remembered that Tali doesn't represent your average quarian.  She's considered a genius even among an already tech-savvy species, the daughter of an admiral who can become an admiral herself, and a regular squadmate for Commander F***ing Shepard!  In other words, she's special.  So maybe there was a way I could work with it to come up with how the more common quarians would look.  Here's my take on playing around with the quarians' features under those masks and suits:

- The Tali photo and some anonymous person's comment on the novels seem to imply that quarians have pointed ears like elves.

- They have glowing eyes that may be very sensitive to light, which could explain the opacity of their masks.  The Migrant fleet ships have to be kept brightly lit for the plants they grow for food and oxygen exchange, so the masks also double as shades.

- 3d models show females with humanoid nose shapes but males with flatter faces.  This could be a part of their sexual dimorphism, since the sexes also have a different number of toes.  Before first contact with humans and drell, this nose shape was mainly seen on quarian women and asari.  So maybe quarians see it as a feminine trait, and thus even male humans look somewhat womanly to them.  They would most likely think humans look like a hybrid of quarian and asari.

- Practically no one in-universe seems to know or remember what quarians look like despite pictures most likely being widely available on the extranet, even from 300 years ago.  I'm guessing that even before the quarians lost their homeworld and embassy, they already had to wear the enviro-suits whenever they were traveling off Rannoch and their colonies.

- Quarians have hair, but most probably shave it off for practicality, especially right before pilgrimage where they may not be able to safely trim or cut it for quite a while.  Tali may have grown hers out after hearing that long hair is attractive to humans.  After all, the picture is only seen if she's in a romance with Shepard.

- Quarians are stated in the novels to generally be shorter and of slighter build than humans, but also tougher and stronger.  So they must be denser and heavier than they look.  Tali's height in canon is 5'8", making her unusually tall (hence why her suit would look different from all the npcs'; it was custom made for her size).

- Their skin would be pale due to always being covered, but individuals can have freckles, birthmarks, etc.  Based on Tali's photo, the skin pigmentation appears to be a purple-bluish gray.

- Javik may not be the most reliable source since he's a troll, but he did say that the primitive quarians were considered attractive to protheans.  So they may have some prothean-like traits as well.  I integrated the basic head shape, and the men's flat faces.

.....I dunno.

But this was fun.

Mass Effect © BioWare
Slowly Slipping Away
For my birthday, I got an iPad and Apple Pencil! This has been made using ProCreate, which has a totally different feel from Photoshop with my computer and old Wacom tablet. I tried buying Duet, hoping I could use this pad as a second “monitor” with a touch screen to draw on while still using Photoshop. But apparently the computer/pad/pen doesn’t recognize things like pen sensitivity that way. I’ll continue experimenting and seeing what works.


Issuna was always eager to set out on her own, applying for jobs and looking up places where she would like to travel to as soon as she was legally old enough to.  Her mother would tell her to just enjoy being a kid for a bit longer since she would never get to go back to it once it's past, but her father was proud of her drive.

With Issuna spending less and less time at home, her parents now had much more free time as a couple.  They decided to have nights of spontaneous fun like they did when the both of them were young and wild.  On one of their dates, they met a charming asari who happily joined their fun and games and eventually invited them to a threesome.

This asari called herself "Morinth."

The father died instantly, but the mother ended up in a vegetable state, slowly deteriorating further and further over the next few years despite all attempts at therapy and treatment.  Eventually, Issuna had to say her goodbyes, right after admitting to herself that she was still a kid, and she wasn't ready to be without her mom and dad.

Mass Effect © BioWare
Mass Effect 2 - Bug Chews
Personally, I wouldn't take too kindly to being spied on, especially by someone in Cerberus.

Who remembers that old Disney TV show with a similar sounding title?

Mass Effect 2 © BioWare


At first this comic had a smooth start.  But then some things in my personal life happened, including moving out of my apartment.  So I had to just rush through the rest and post it even though it looks ugly and unfinished, or else it would never get done and I'd never move on to the next thing.  I'll try to at least make Shepard look better next time.
This morning, the citizens of Hawaii received a message that a missile was heading our way.  "A ballistic missile threat is inbound to Hawaii.  Seek immediate shelter.  This is not a drill," it said.  Yet why weren't we hearing any sirens going off?

I texted with my mom that we loved each other, and for some reason didn't cry.  I "knew" I was going to die, so my thoughts went sort of like, "Welp, this is it.  Oh well."  So for the next several minutes, I was petting the dogs (I work at a doggie daycare) and filling up buckets and bowls with water in case the blast somehow didn't instantly kill us all.

Thankfully it turned out to be a false alarm.  Apparently someone at Civil Defense pressed a wrong button during shift change.  It's being investigated and Senator Schatz has called out the incompetence of letting this state-wide panic go on for almost 40 minutes.

Oh, and I found out Jim Carrey was here in the state.  Poor guy woke up to the alarm.



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