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Same as before... but in beta state...

tell me if there are bugs...

and just edit the explorer file again to remove logoff text...
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jst wonderin cus im going to use it in a screenshot and the search box is glitching over than that though very awsome.
Rock on
could u make a copy with out the search box?
it is messing up the log of shutdown.
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will there BE an update?
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Will there be any 5308 updates ??
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Looks cool, i like it! :+fav:
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why its black when in your preview is white?
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very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111
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a vertical common tasks menu just like in XP is needed! That would make it cool.
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Bloody brilliant!!!! This is the first vista looking skin with everything that works in an understandable fasion. Work on the 'log off' and 'turn off' buttons, leave an option to display the menu with the common tasks vertically as well as horizontally because the horizontal one, as far as i know has some issues with people. The black frame when maximized in my opinion is pretty good, just work on the shading a little and make it perfect. Reference vista xp by Kol for some ideas on that. I Like the changes in the log off and turn off menus. Well done, really well done. Keep it up. Other skins like aero xp don't even compare to what ur trying to do. Expecting an icon package to go with this great theme. Happy debugging.

Tried that before I posted (searched and was only thing i found)...didnt work.
How do you edit explorer exactly to remove the "Log Off" text...

Sorry for such a newb question =\

Thanks in advance.
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easiest way, but remember to backup explorer in case of error!
fixing bugs really soon...
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while you fix them can you aslo make a styler toolbar like vista [link]

oh and hi :)
im fixing it including the highlight for the shutdown/logoff
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Still no word on the filmstrip view bug? Am I the only on that has the problem with viewing picture folders in filmstrip view?
Frankly, I don't like the windows to be transparent. Its quite confusing when several windows appear at the same time.. So i will suggest the windows colour to be change to black colour. For the buttons glowing effect, I still love the colour from 5simple theme.. Red, orange and green. Anyway, this is only my suggestion. Like your work very much.. thanz!
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ahoyz there, can some1 please help and explain how to install/load themes and skins???

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hello, i do believe you need to install WindowBlinds which you can download here: [link]
And to make the transparencies work. you must download the Wndowblinds 5 version. :)
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Nice work ,very lean on CPU ressources :thumbsup:
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must be black - is more real and stops confusion with more then 1 window maximised

i think i like kol's vistaxp3's theme best still because the blue tint on taskbar and startmenu looks freakin cool
but this is a very close second, tying with jemaho's v theme :D
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Where can i get that vistaxp3 theme? i've search everywhere i can. My dialup is very limiting Thanks so much if u can help me.
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i had it before it was removed but then i deleted it by accident :blush:
so then i got it from a torrent [link]

also i am very mean so i :evillaugh: at your dialup :P
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Srry dont use torrents. Could u find another way?
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