Through-a-Lens News #3

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Deviation Actions

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Hi there,

Every folder is open for submissions again!

After a two week holiday, the group is now back on track!


  • Misplaced deviations were moved to their appropriate Folders
  • Photogmanipulations and storaged deviations got removed from the Folders
  • The Commercial Photography Folder got deleted due to lack of submissions, from now on those shots go to the Other Folder!
  • Likewise, due to lack of submissions, the Humorous Folder was deleted. Deviations falling under that category will be posted into the Other Folder.

A few things

  • Please make sure to check the Submission Guidelines before posting, there is a link to it on the front page as well!
  • Check the category you uploaded your deviation into to deviantART. You will have to send a submission request to that Folder in our Group.

    Photojournalism > People will go to the Photojournalism Folder, not to People and Portraits
    Photojournalism > Performing Arts will go to the Photojournalism Folder, not to People and Portraits
    Macro > Human 
    (shot of the eye mainly) will go to the Macro Folder, not People and Portaits
    Animals, Plants and Nature > whatever
    subcategory will go to the APN Folder, even if it has people in the photo, the main subject is the Waterscape or Landscape and so on.

    :note: Why is that? Because we believe you know better which category you wanted your photo to be posted into, so it should go to their appropriate Gallery Folders in our Group!

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