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Commission: Alex and Gang's Sixth Member Pt 2,Alex, Hana, Natalie and Mina all looked on horrified as their dear friend and newest friend Penny and Alice were dragged out of the room by some daring robbers who was robbing Alice's entire mansion. Upon their leave, all five of them struggled for dear life, fearful of their two friend’s fates. Amidst their struggle came a very cursed angry grunt from Hana who had managed to work her phone into her fingers upon getting it to slip out of her left pocket. However, upon trying it she had zero service, even a backup connection that never failed her was also dead. "These guys weren't playing around; they must have some jammer setup on the mansion grounds," Hana thought with another grunt as she return her focus on freeing her friends. However, the rope bonds used on them were well tightly wrapped around their limbs, the knots several and all hidden within the rope weaving and would take them some hours to undo it and get free. "Hmpmphpmmm..." Alex looked sadly out the window, hearing as her two friends were driven away by the kidnappers who made a large haul of a lifetime. ---------"Mphpmm! Ngng! Mphpmmmm!" both Alice and Penny grunted out in unison, they had been tied back-to-back in the van, their other bonds tighten to ensure they stay tied up. The kidnappers also blindfolded them with a thick dark cloth, neither of them aware of what was going on or where they were being taken as all they saw was darkness. "So, what should we do about them?" one of the robbers asked glancing into the back before closing a hatch that would allow them to talk without being heard. "Uhhn, not sure, kind of took them on the spur of the moment," the leader said as they all talked about options for the two captives, some of the robbers suggesting in selling them off, others recommending to just let them go free on the side of the road. As they talked, Alice whimpered and moaned more alongside Penny, now regretting this action of talking them into tying up her along with her new friends. "Me and my big mouth, I should always be gagged..." Alice thought and her thinking was the same iconic line from the movie Damsel she starred in. “They will hate me after this for sure.” "Oh, what is going to happen to us?" Penny thought as she glanced around in her dark covered world, kind of wishing she could at least sketch something of interest as the kidnappers kept on talking about their fate. "What about that one guy? The one always looking for models for artwork or whatever it is?""Oh yeah, I bet he pay a lot for these two, I'll give him a call," the leader said as they began to deal with the two as if livestock as the dread for the two kidnapped women only grew as time marched on. ---later that day-----"Mrphpmfmfmm! Nrnrnr! Hghgngnnnnmprhpm!" Hana soon cried out, managing to get Alex's hands free who soon reached up and undid her gag. "Thanks Hana! Alice and Penny though..." she said freeing Hana's hands allowing them both to undo the rest of their bonds as Natalie and Mina looked on anxiously. "I know it has been hours already, but don't worry, I'll try and track them down!" Hana assured her friends. "I got them and the workers, just go!" Alex told her as Hana nodded, rushing out the room. "Okay, first thing to do is take out that damn jam-" she began to say, coming to a skidding halt on her heels as before her was the head maid and several other maids who had gotten free, which the head maid held a smoking drone that was formerly the jammer. "Huh, you got it already..." Hana said pulling out her phone to see service once more. "Yes, we apologize for this mishap, it has simply ruined lady Alice's day," the head maid said with a bow as Hana nodded her head. "Yeah, about that-" Hana began to say as the maid held up her hand. "No need, I'm aware of Alice's and your friend's kidnapping, please be assured, we are on our way to retrieve them," she said as Hana raised a curious eyebrow. "Really? You're no ordinary maid, are you?" she mused as the maid adjusted her glasses. "And you're no ordinary high schoolgirl either," she replied back making Hana smirk. "I like you," she said as the maids smirked before setting out to free Alice as Hana help get her friends and the other workers freed. ---------"MMPHPMM!" both Alice and Penny cried out, feeling uncertain as they felt rather hungry eyes on them as they were still in the back of the vehicle, tightly bound, gag and blindfolded. They squirmed and struggled softly as an energetic voice spoke about them. "Yes, yes, oh yes you were right to call me..." the person said while running his hands parallel to their bodies. "So good looking, so right in the curves, yes, yes, I will, no, I must have them!" he said soon handing the kidnappers money. "Pleasure doing business with you!" the head kidnapper said unloading the two into the man's car, both women stuffed tightly into the back of his trunk with the lid slam shut. "Call me if there is more!" he called out to them, soon speeding off with them as the kidnappers began to look over their inventory and recent money. As they enjoyed their spoils, they were soon spied upon by the angry maids that Alice employed. ---------"Mphpmmfmfm..." Penny and Alice both moaned as the excitement of the day and soothing car ride had knocked them both out. Upon waking up later, they were no longer in the car or blindfolded but tied to chairs in an art studio of sorts with them both tied and gagged the same, but Penny having a deep blue binding with Alice having deep green color to it. Their arms were bound behind the chair, rope wrapping around their wrists with more just above that wrapping around their belly to hold them to the chair. Rope wrapped above and below their breasts and around their arms in the same area, the rope wrapping under their chest and in between their breasts and around their necks. More wrapping above and below their white stocking clad knees and around their ankles and both of them had a cloth running across their lips keeping them gagged. "Mpmphpm mmmphm nngngmm..." they both moaned fearfully as to what was going to happen to them."Ahhh, awake at last, good, I can begin!" an energetic voice called out, drawing the women's attention to a thin male with bright colored hair wearing paint-stained clothing. "Mmphpmmm?" they both moaned as they both could feel his eyes scanning over their bodies. "Worry not you two, I will not be harming one hair on your pretty heads, in fact you will be let go once I am done with you!" “Rhgnmh?" they grunted again both relived and confused as the man merely chuckled. "Rest now, it will be clear soon," he said taking his leave of the room, as they both glanced around curiously, both wondering why he would want a captive audience. "Gmrphrpm, ngngmmm..." Alice grunted as she decided to make the most of it, no longer feeling in danger she began to enjoy her bindings once more, while Penny looked on at the room. A deep hidden interest of hers bubbling up, something that not even her close friends knew about it. Penny pulled and tugged at her bindings and soon looked on curiously at her upper bonds as they seem loose in places and began to tug and pull on them more. Before long they simply fell away, Alice looking on surprised. "Mphpmm?" Alice moaned, believing to be free with Penny no longer tied up but looked on with a bit of a blush as Penny slowly grabbed a nearby large drawing pad and pencil and began to sketch her. "Mmphpmmm..." she gasped softly, never been drawn before while tied up as she seems to freeze up at being sketched. "Ahhh, a fellow sketch lover!" their current kidnaper called out, both females drawn to the sounds of his paintbrush strokes as he had returned to the room without a sound and went to work on his canvas. "No please, continue!" he offered as Penny looked at him for a moment before returning her focus to Alice and resume her sketching. "Mphpmmmm?" Alice couldn't help but blush deeply, as to her right was Penny, sketching away, while their other captor was stroking his brush on a large canvas, capturing them both. "Mphpmmmm..." she moaned some more, finding the whole thing with her tight bindings and gag very soothing and found tranquility from it as she sat there, listening to them paint her image of bondage. ----------Alice still felt locked by both her rope bonds and the soothing scribbling and strokes of her friend and captor. At this point she was really curious how either rendition would turn out as their kidnapper seem to finish first. "Perfect, it is done!" he happily said, followed by a similar grunt from Penny. "Yhrmhph!" Penny cheered having her sketch finished as well. "May I see?" a new voice spoke, startling Alice but not their painter captor who smirked as the head maid walked up to them. "Ahhhh, no doubt here to save these two, I thank you for waiting so long," he said showing her the painting. "Oh my, so life like, truly wonderful!" the head maid said as Alice shifted a bit uncomfortably as Penny drew her attention, showing a dark grey sketch outline of her all tied up and gagged. "Mphpmmmmm..." Alice looked at it memorized, reminding herself when she first saw the playback of Damsel. Seeing herself on the big screen all tightly bound and gagged made it a very uncomfortable screening watch of the movie she was in. "What do you think miss?" the maid said showing her the painting closer as Alice blushed even more, seeing herself in color this time along with Penny who was sketching her. "Ahrmrnng whrhrnm!" she tried saying amazing work, as the paint was lifelike. "Ahhh, thank you, I always appreciate the comments, clear or not. Anyways, they are free now, sorry for the hassle," he said as the maid waved it off. "Oh my no, my mistress is into this you see..." she said making Alice blush. "But here is your money back, wouldn't be right to keep it," she said trying to hand it back. "I got plenty of that, keep it and let the other one use it to fund her skills," he said walking over and admiring Penny's sketch. "Thrhmn yhnrm..." Penny said as the maid nodded. "Thank you very much sir, now you two, time to go, not proper to keep your guests and friends waiting," she said untying the two. "Th-Thank you!" both Penny and Alice said more clearly without gags as the artist nodded his head amused. “Anytime anytime, feel free to return for more!” he assured them as both former captives were whisked home, learning that everything was recovered, and the robbers arrested. ---------"I'm so happy!" Alex and the others cheered as they welcome back Alice and Penny. "Thanks, sorry to worry you guys..." Penny said as Alice sighed. "My staff, always so amazing," Alice said as Hana looked on curiously. "Which they are?" she asked as Alice blushed and cleared her throat. "Well, everyone, let me introduce our savior first and head maid, Becca," she said as the head maid bowed. "Followed by the others, Carol, Daphne, Ember and Febe," she said as each maid bowed. "Then my house Chefs, Giana, Helen, Isabelle, Jade and Katherine," she said as the chefs all wearing white outfits bowed. "Of course, the grounds keepers and gardeners, Leila, Madison, Nazirah, Opal and Patricia!" she said as they all waved at them. "Followed by the Mini Resort cleaners-" Alice began to say to be stopped by Natalie. "I'm sorry, did you say Mini Resort?" "Yeah, it’s down at the other end of the land and is run by Quin, Regina, Sabrina, Talia and Uma!" she said as they bowed. "Then of course my drivers, Valarie, Wanda, Xaviera, Yasirah and Zada!" she said as they also bowed. "Though Zada, shouldn't you be getting mom and dad?" "Something came up at the cafe, so they will be running late tonight," Zada said with a bow. "Since we assured them, everything is fine, they will hurry home once they can." "I see, well, we missed lunch, so how about a big dinner? Chefs?" she called out to them as they all nodded. "We shall make the best food you ever eaten!" they assured her as Alice happily nodded, the group soon spending time eating and getting to know each other better. They kept it up until it grew very late as Alex and the others all went home, driven by one of Alice’s many drivers though Hana was the last to leave. "Oh Hana, a moment if you would?" Alice said having her come into a meeting room. "Yeah, sure, I wanted to speak to you as well," Hana said as Alice nodded. "My maids told me you were ready to come rushing after me, I'm very thrilled to hear it, might I be able to talk to you into becoming my bodyguard perhaps?" she requested as Hana smirked. "Well, keeping Alex safe is a full-time job, but I suppose I could squeeze you in," she said as Alice clapped her hands happily. "Oh awesome! I just know that we.... Hana?" she said as Hana suddenly got behind her, a chill overcoming her as Hana laid her hands on both of Alice’s shoulders. "As your bodyguard, let’s start talking about first how you got us tied up when we weren't supposed to..." Hana noted as Alice began to sweat madly. "Well, you see.... I... Hana? Hana no! Yamate Hana yamateeeeee!" she cried out panicked as she was dragged into a more private room for a very long discussion as the maids listened on from the nearby hallway. "Should we stop it?" Ember and Febe asked Becca who shook her head. "No, I trust Hana and I feel their conversation is a long time coming for our dear mistress," Becca assured them as Alice cried out helplessly into the night. --- Next day at school ----"I will be more mindful... I will be more mindful... I will be more mindful...." Alice said in a daze like state as Hana sat in comfort nearby as Alex and the others looked on confused and bewildered at Alice’s sight. "Wh-What happened to her?" they all thought fearfully as it would be awhile before Alice snapped out of it. Despite Hana’s harsh talk, Alice would still get Alex and company into similar binding future adventures. The end
Sahira's Basement - Carlotus by IncredibleIntruder
BDSM Literature

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Lotus and Cactus - Gameboyred by IncredibleIntruder

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Two demons and a senshi - PsychoWolFFy by IncredibleIntruder
Juicy and Van Helsing Part IVan Helsing looked grimly at yet another macabre sight. Tenth victim in just as many days and with only a handful of clues to point him in the right direction. Sure, he knew it was a succubus... but... this one covered its tracks diligently."What do you make of it doctor?" Detective Buckhanan asked. But Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, could only scratch his chin in confusion."The same thing I knew ten days ago... it is a succubus, a very powerful one. And very sadistic. All demons feast upon us, good detective, but most do it without thinking as we do when we eat chicken. Just another meal in a day. But this... all of the marks so far showed me that the victims had been bound, gagged and tortured for a long while before they were fully drained. This one is very different. Unlike anything I have seen before." He spoke darkly. The detective looked at him bleakly for a moment, before continuing to write notes."Maybe one of your sons would be able to help?" The detective asked, almost gingerly. All knew Van Helsing didn't get along with his sons but had trained them to be almost as good as he was."I doubt I will Buckhanan. Tonight I am catching the demoness." He said bluntly."Got a plan?" The grizzled detective asked."Foolishness most likely, but yes, you might call it a plan." Detective Buckhanan sighed heavily as he eyed the doctor."Don't do anything stupid." He said in a stern yet friendly tone. One shared between friends before one of them was about to do something extremely foolish. "We need you. I have learned enough from you, I know succubi move one after a while I would rather we lose several citizens then you. For every person we lost, you saved ten."Dr. Van Helsing nodded, even though he didn't agree with his statement. All lives were equal in his eyes. "Don't worry old friend, by this time tomorrow, you and I will be sipping tea and talking about our first case together.That night Dr Abraham Van Helsing stood alone in his hotel room with several pinkish flowers scattered around the room. They were ordinary flowers, one could find even in the grey streets of London, but tongiht, they were also a trap.Van Helsing had dipped them in succubus blood to lure the demoness to him, instead of another innocent victim. Even novice hunters knew that if any demon was to take revenge for his or her kin, it was a succubus.And Abraham had killed a dozen."I thought as much.♥"A voice unlike any Van Helsing had heard before echoed around the room as it came from the balcony. Even compared to other demons and vampires... this one sounded different, crooked even. It was so purely sadistic, raw with yearning for pain, that he felt shivers run down his spine for the first time since... well since his first kill.He turned to see a tall, woman standing arrogantly before him, her hands on her hips. Her skin was pink of the candy like variety and her outfit consisted of shiny, white latex and bright pantyhose. A bodice that clung to her chest as tightly as Abraham had ever seen, long, fingerless gloves that matched her nails, and skin tight boots completed the look of a devilishly hot demon. Even he had to admit that she was the most beautiful woman, or demon, he had ever seen."Right into my trap, demoness." He barked as he pointed his palm at her and started an incantation.The demoness only rolled her eyes in amusement and moved her silky palm in a slapping motion. In a flash, all lights were snuffed out of the room. Dr Van Helsing felt his legs begin to buckle as her mere presence fuzzied his thoughts and weakened his muscles."Who..who are you?" he asked his head beginning to spin."You called me demoness when I entered. Rather rude, but no matter. Soon, you will call me mistress. Mistress Juicy." She said, her voice that of a spoiled, bratty child... but covered in the most delicious sugars. As she finished jeering, the demoness made several devilish steps towards him and stopped right in front of his face that was now in line with her chest. Just as he thought the finishing blow was about to land, Juicy started circling him contemptuously as he begangasping for breath. She was dominant in ways he had never felt before. He knew that the more powerful the demon the more oppressive the atmosphere but... this was utterly impossible."You're weak hunter, and you stopped the feeding of my sisters" she mocked but then her face turned pure evil. "Not to mention you have more blood of my sisters upon your walls then most hunters see in their lifetime. I will make you bow to me before I feast upon you♥."He tried to throw a punch but it was weak and ineffectual and the demoness easily dodged it, then with futility in his movement, he tried to ram a silver knife he had with him into her heart but she dodged it just as easily. All the while she grinned at him, enjoying his fruitless attempts at stopping her."Pathetic," she giggled as she placed a simple kiss upon his forehead. Dr Van Helsing howled in both agony and strange pleasure as he sank to his knees. Juicy smirked delightedly."That is a position you will get used to," she said triumphantly. "Grovelling at my feet."The latex clad demon lifted his chin with her index finger and sneered at him. "By the time you wake up, it will be too late for you, my new pet."Then she watched with satisfaction as the infamous doctor slowly slid into unconsciousness from her kiss - his head slumping forward to rest against her booted, nylon clad thigh and then sliding down her leg to the floor. Juicy looked down upon her newest victim and grinned to herself."All according to plan. Soon, your sons will follow.♥"

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Female X Female Literature
A Second Life (Part 2) by Axel-Doi

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Mature Content

A Second Life (Part 1) by Axel-Doi
Male X Male Literature
House Boys - Chapter 2This story was first published on : Jan 15, 2012. It's now April 24, 2021 and this is it's first official update. This chapter achieved 10 faves, 34 comments and 820 views in that time. ==================================Moving DayI jogged back to the car and took it around the building until I came to the entrance for the underground garage. I pulled up to the gate, and there was a keypad waiting for me to punch in something. I took out the card he gave me yesterday and typed in the same code that I used four minutes before to get into the building. Something clicked, and the metal doors started to roll up. I drove in and saw an elevator right in front of me, but it was labeled '1'. The guard at the desk told me to look for the one that said '2'. So I drove around and there it was at the other end of the building. I parked as close to it as I could. I pulled out the three bags that held all my clothes and anything very personal to me before walking over to the elevator and another keypad. I put down one of the bags and pulled the card from my pocket again. The guard said that the code for the rooms operated the elevators down in the garage, so I quickly memorized that one since it had far fewer numbers than the other one. I then placed it back in my pocket and tapped it out. The doors opened right away, and I stepped in. The air was cooler in here than it was outside. I pushed the button for the thirty-sixth floor and waited for the elevator to take me there. The elevator came to a stop, and I watched the doors open up into a wood covered hallway. It was dark and rich-looking. I stepped out into the hall and felt something very soft. I looked down and saw a dark grey carpet. Right in front of me, I saw two signs. Both of them were pointing in different directions, explaining where the apartments were located. I turned right and found his number at the very end. I punched out the same number and was pleased with myself when I heard the door unlock. I hadn't forgotten any of the numbers. I pushed the door open and stepped inside. I closed the door then slowly walked around the apartment as I looked for the second bedroom to put my stuff in until I could unpack them. The kitchen was right next to the door. There was a long counter between it and the living/dining room area. To my right and my left, there were two short hallways. I picked the one on my left. There were three doors down that way, and they were all closed, so I turned around and went the other way. I was hoping that the door to the second bedroom was left open since my hands were full. I walked down the other hallway, and they were all closed too. Great. I will have to open doors. I just hope I don't wake Mr. Stroker. I told myself as I now walked back into the dining room area to pull a chair out with my foot and placed two of my smaller bags in it while I rested the third one on the floor. I went back down the first hallway I had tried. I decided to start at the very end and work my way up. The first door opened up to a study. It was like his office. Everything was all very modern but still sturdy looking. As I looked around the room, I had a feeling that he didn't really use the room even though it looked very tidy. Two-thirds of his walls were nothing but glass, and I could see the park down below that was at the back of the building. I closed the door and walked down to the next door. It was a bathroom. It wasn't very big, but bigger than the one I was moving from. It had both a shower and a tub and a door leading to the next room. I closed the door and moved to the last one. I opened it slowly, knowing that it would either be my empty bedroom or Mr. Stroker's, and he would most likely still be sleeping. I slowly pushed it open, and I saw a white and blue patterned carpet leading up to a big king-sized bed with someone laying under brown and white sheets. I opened it a little wider and looked at him as well as I could from the doorway. Mr. Stroker had two pillows under his head, and his chest was bare. He wasn't very hairy. In fact, it was just a few strands of hair that kept him from being smooth chested. I slowly closed the door to make sure that I didn't wake him. So my room had to be down the other hallway. I opened the first door instead of going down the hall, and it was the bedroom with a door on the side that I'm sure led to my own bathroom. I swung the door open and went back to get my bags. I put them all next to the bed before turning around to leave the apartment for the rest of my things. I made four more trips before I had everything inside. I checked my watch. It was now 6:30 am. I had a class at 9 am, but I needed to finish cleaning out my part of the dorm room before then. I also felt like I should leave something for Mr. Stroker. I looked in the fridge and saw some butter, some eggs, one onion, some hot sauce packets, some leftover food he had as take out, and three beers. Ok, I said to myself as I looked for anything else. In one cupboard, I found bread and something I think use to be bread. After I took care of it, I set about making two onion omelets. I placed Mr. Stroker's on the table with toast on the side. I left the beer in the fridge since no one likes a warm beer. I stood in the kitchen and ate my portion of breakfast. I looked up and saw a clock on the wall as it said 6:55. I ate the last bits as quickly as I could and drained my can as I turned and laid the plate into the sink. I place the can on the countertop, next to the dead bread, wet onion skins, and eggshells, and quickly washed everything that I had used. I wiped down the counter and picked up the can to drop it in the recycle bin, but I didn't see one. I looked around again as I wondered how I was able to miss it. I started to look in the lower cupboards, and there was something that wasn't a trash can marked CANS/ALUMINUM next to others that were labeled GLASS, PLASTIC, and PAPER right under the sink. I lifted the lid under the sign to see a tube. There was one last one that I almost didn't did see. There was some distance between it and others. So much so that I had to open another door to make sure what it was. It was labeled COMPOST. I guess all the food bits went in there. That saved me the trip of taking the plastic bag down the elevator carrying onion peels, bread, and eggshells. I reached for the bag containing all three items and dumped the contents down the tube before moving back over and chucking the bag down the one marked plastics. "Cool," I said out loud before I remembered the can that started the hunt for the trash can in the first place. I threw the can in the right one and heard as it slid its way down to wherever it was going. I lowered the lid and closed the doors. I stood and looked at Mr. Stroker's plate and remembered what he said about having at least one meal with him each day. I hurried to my bedroom and found a pen and some paper. I used the stack of books on my bed as a hard surface as I wrote out a short note for my new boss and roommate. I told him that I had moved in that morning and placed my stuff in the other bedroom and that I had made him eggs with onions for breakfast. I also wrote down my cell phone number and said that he could call to let me know if he wanted to have lunch with me. If not, I would see him when he got home later. I then remembered that he had lunch at 11:15 am yesterday and that I was going to be in class, so I added that I would be free for lunch after 12:30 pm. I grabbed my schoolbag that I had packed since yesterday for today's classes before leaving my room and placing the note next to his plate. I left the apartment and rushed back to the car. I had to return the car to Maggi, clean up my dorm room, and then head off to a 3-hour class, and hope that I won't fall asleep during said class. On the way out of the building's garage, it asked me again for the code to the building. That could get annoying really fast, or I would just get used to it over time. Right now it was annoying. ------- ------- He didn't call me. I felt kinda disappointed. Yesterday, even though I was nervous, he was good company. Today I used some of his moving money to get something healthier than a big mac and fries for lunch. Normally, I would have eaten on campus, but I hadn't realized how dirty the walls were until I finished cleaning up this morning. I had to go back there after my class to get the walls as clean as possible before the inspection. The dorms weren't on campus so it was on my walk there I got something good for lunch and paid my cell phone bill. After my meal, the cellphone bill, and paying Maggie back for the gas, I still had over a hundred and thirty dollars left from what he gave me. I would be set in bus money for over a month. I entered my old dorm building and jogged up to the third floor. I turned down the hall and said hi to a few friends and confirmed that I was moving out to a few others that asked. I got to my door, and it was open. As I stepped inside I smelt that they were painting before I saw them. They were almost done by the look of it. I was about to ask what was going on when Arthur tapped me on the back. "Hey, David," he said as I swung around. "Hey Arthur," I mimicked back. "What's with the paint job? I came back to clean the walls," I said in my defense. "Oh, that is what you were going to do. You don't clean the walls, we paint them," Arthur told me. I looked puzzled. That's a waste of money, I thought. "It's a written procedure for when a dorm room is vacated. If more than a number of marks or defects are found on the walls due to dirt or constant use, the room gets a new paint job. If it doesn't meet that number, then the walls are cleaned," he explained. "Were the walls that bad?" I asked feeling bad for making him bring in painters. "Not really, you only went over by one, and it's a low threshold anyway. They came up with this stuff years ago," he told me. I wasn't sure if he was trying to make me better about it or that he was against the old rules. I turned to look back into the room. "I guess that's it then," I said. "Yeah, that's it. You just have to give me back the keys now," Arthur added. "Sure," I said as I dug my hands into my jean pockets and pulled out the three sets of keys. "Don't forget to stop off at the CPO to redirect your mail," Arthur said. "Well, take care David, and see ya around campus," he added as he turned away and walked down the hall. I looked back into the room and saw the painters as they started to walk out. I then turned around and went back the way I came. The CPO was also not on campus, in fact, some students don't even think the school has a campus. Buildings belonging to the school were blocks apart with normal businesses and apartments or homes in between. At least the CPO was closer than the main lecture buildings were to my dorm. Well, former dorm now. I stood in line once I found the window for change of addresses, and it moved along rather quickly. The blonde girl I met at the window was too happy to have been there all day. I gave her my information, and she filled out the card with my new address, my old dorm room address, and the fact that I did pay the five dollars fee. I walked out of the building into the warm sunshine and thought of what I had to do now. I go home. I told myself. Home. I said again. Ok. I looked up and down the street as I tried to remember where the bus was that took me there. ------- ------- The fridge was now stocked far better than how I found it this morning. There was some food in the cupboards, his dishes from this morning had been cleaned and I was halfway done with putting away my things. There were several shelves in my room, and I had used about half of them. My closet was a walk-in as far as I was concerned, but I didn't need all that space. I now started to set up my computer on the desk that was in the corner of my room. I was happy to find that there was a cable modem already in the room and attached to a line. I wrote down the password from the back of the unit before I started to untangle the cords and plug everything in. I placed my monitor right in the middle of the desk and a bit near the back so I would have space to write stuff down or to copy information from, for when I was typing. When the mouse and keyboard were plugged in and where I wanted them to be, I turned it on. It booted just fined, and soon I was looking at my latest wallpaper and familiar icons. After a few moments, I heard the lady's voice. "Your virus database has not been updated." It couldn't get online, but I had to wait until it was fully booted before I could open the setting the gave it the password. Once a connection was made, I told the program to check again. Now I heard what I wanted. "Your virus database has been updated." I moved the mouse and went right for the internet to see if I had gotten any mail. There was nothing but spam in two of them. The last e-mail account was where I kept my important contacts, like school and family. There I had three e-mails from actual humans. One was from my mom. I could read that one later. The others were from my classmates. The first one was from Kay. She was asking when we were having our study group next week. The last one belonged to Tate. He was complaining about getting grief from his job over taking any more days off, so most likely, he would not be able to make it for whenever we choose to meet up for group study. Now I was starting to feel tired, but before I crashed I had to take a bath, I reeked. I pushed myself up after shutting down the computer. I picked up my towel, that I had already slung over the foot of my bed, and walked through the door into the adjoining bathroom. The shower felt great. The heat almost put me to sleep as I stood there, allowing the water to fall onto me. I reached for the soap absently and realized when I kept hitting the tiles that I wasn't in the shared showers in my old dorm. I opened my eyes and located the purple bar on my other side. I lathered up and rinsed off quickly so I could get to bed faster. As I opened the shower door, I saw the steam make its way out ahead of me. I grabbed the towel from where it hung and dried my hair as I walked back into my bedroom. I worked my way down my body as I now stood next to the bed. I tossed the towel over the metal railing and happily crawled onto the bed. I was out before I knew more than how soft the bed sheets felt.
House Boys - Chapter 1This story was first published on : Jan 15, 2012. It's now April 24, 2021 and this is it's first official update. This chapter achieved 19 faves, 41 comments and 1K views in that time. ==================================Warnings.This is a gay story. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Don't like, don't read.I can talk about the age thing, but I'm just going to put warnings on the heavy chapters so if you aren't old enough you won't see those chapters once you didn't lie about your age that is.For those of you who got caught very off guard with "Daddy's Acceptance", you are safe here. There is no family in this story and everyone is an adult.I think that's it for warnings.Enjoy. =================================The InterviewWhy was I here? Did I need money this badly? I asked myself as I sat there tapping my foot on the floor in my newly cleaned black sneakers. I can still leave after he tells me what is expected. That should scare me enough to get me out of here. I told myself for the third time. I gripped my bag that was on my lap that held the papers that he told me to bring as I looked up at his secretary. She looked over at me and made it plain that she was also looking at my moving leg. I smiled brightly and stopped it. When she turned away, I checked my watch. I had gotten there early, not expecting his office to be so upscale, to get in and out, but he had appointments to keep, and I wasn't going to be seen until it was my turn at 10:50 am. It was now 10:46 am. Just four more minutes. I told myself as I pulled the sleeve of my jacket back down.I started to go over what I should have, in my head, one last time. I didn't really know why I was bothering unless I wanted the blame for this thing going south to be completely on him. I had my birth certificate, I had my driver's license, the results of my last STD test that I took two weeks ago for another job that was completely unrelated to this one. My resume and some references that weren't as many as I would have liked. It was kinda hard to get just these since I hadn't been in the city long. One is from the job I got when I first moved here. It went belly up so everyone had to find a new job, and the other was from one of my professors. I had asked three professors really, and of them, I picked the best one."Mr. Harris?" the secretary said to get my attention."Yes?" I answered as I looked up and in her direction."Mr. Stroker will see you now," she told me."Thank you," I answered as I stood up with more butterflies in my stomach than I would have thought would fit in there.Before I made it to the door, another man opened it and walked out of the office without even looking at me. I wondered for a moment if he was there for the same thing I was, but I killed that idea when I saw the expensive suit he was wearing.I now pushed the door wider as I entered his office. I turned around to close it once I was inside before going any further. When I turned back towards the room, I saw a man of about forty-something sitting behind a big wooden desk. The old kind that made you think it was inherited, considering the other newer pieces around the room.As I walked closer, I wanted to change his age, but I still ended up at forty-something. A young-looking forty-something. I extending my hand when I had to stop because of the desk that was now between us."Mr. Stroker," I greeted him. He stood and smiled as he shook my hand."Mr. Harris," he said before sitting back down. There was a ping from his computer before either of us could say anything. He gave the screen a quick look. "One moment please," he said before he turned towards it and pulled out the keyboard tray to send a reply. I'm sure it was an e-mail and not some IM.I looked down at my hands, which led me to looking at the desk in more detail, then at the pieces around it, then to the walls. Soon I found myself looking over what I could see of Mr. Stroker, who wore a face of concentration as he continued to type his reply. I was slightly impressed that he knew how to touch type, but then it must have been a skill he needed in this kind of business."Ok," Mr. Stroker said as he hit the enter key. "Sorry about that," he told me with a truly apologetic looking smile on his face. "But this, along with other reasons, is why I'm looking for a person to fill such a position," Mr. Stroker explained. Now I felt sorry for him. Darn. Did he have to be likable?"It's ok," I told him as I waited for him to start asking me questions."Did you bring the information?" he asked me."Yes," I replied before I started to open my bag. I pulled out a dark brown folder and handed it to him across the expanse of the desk. He just continued to smile as he took it from me and opened the packet. I went back to looking at his face as he looked over what I gave him. He mostly had a head of black hair that was sprinkled with a few grays. It was cut the way you would expect a businessman to have his hair cut, and it seemed to fit his face. His build was average for any male, not just one of his age. I would have given him the age of thirty-two based on his body alone, but his face showed the signs of having to worry over a lot of details for a long time."You are twenty-two?" he asked as he looked up from my file. He must have just read my birth certificate."Yes Sir," I told him. He looked me over before looking at the paper again. He flipped the page over and put it back in place before he looked at me again."May I see your Driver's License?" he asked as he closed the file and placed it on the desk in front of him. I had expected it, so it wasn't a problem."Sure," I told him as I stood and pulled my wallet out of my front pocket on reflex. I unfolded it and pulled my ID out of its pocket with the seethrough window. I handed it to Mr. Stroker, and our fingers touched as he took it from me. Warm fingers was a thought that went through my mind as I closed my wallet and sat back down. The butterflies that had gone to sleep were now flapping their wings again."You really are twenty-two," he said more to himself than to me."Yes Sir," I told him again. I kinda wanted to say that everyone thought I was younger when they first meet me, but I stayed quiet. He placed it on the desk before he picked up my binder again. Mr. Stroker then searched for where he left off, then turned two more pages to continue reading, placing the room back into silence. He's taking this seriously, isn't he? Maybe it won't be as bad as I thought. I told myself as the idea of waiting for this man to come home and smile at me became rather inviting."Why did you move here for college?" I watched his lips as he asked those words until he lifted his eyes from the papers to look at me. My eyes shifted to his as I gave him my answer."Well, I thought that if I moved to a smaller town, I would be able to concentrate on my school work more, and maybe I would have less competition for a decent job too." I smiled at the last part. Honestly, I hadn't thought about that when I moved here, but it made some sense.He nodded his head and went back to reading."Have you always wanted to be an Architect?" Mr. Stroker then asked."When I was younger, I thought it would be a good job even though I didn't know that much about it other than I drew what I wanted the house to look like. But then things got in the way, and I had to put it off for a while. When I got the chance to start college, I thought that it was worth trying. If I failed at it, then at least no one could say that I just gave up on being one," I explained."What would you choose if this didn't work out?" he asked. I looked at Mr. Stroker, not sure what he was asking. "Architecture school, I mean," he clarified with a smile. "What other subject would you choose to study?""Oh," I said a little too loudly as I finally got it. "Something to do with computers, I think. Computer tech help, if I had to nail down a field.""Is that because of the years you worked in the IT department?" he asked."Yes Sir," I said again."Are you normally this quiet?" Mr. Stroker asked me with a smile as he closed my file and leaned back in his chair."Not all the time, but most of the time," I told him. He nodded his head as his eyes moved over me again."Are there any questions that you want to ask me?" Mr. Stroker asked as he sat up more upright. "This is suppose to be something that we both want," he added on.Did I have any questions for him? I lowered my head a little. Think! I had something. I looked up at him, and I chucked it out the window. "How old are you?"His smile grew wider. "I'm forty-six," he said. "Is that ok?" he asked. I nodded my head. Mr. Stroker was silent again. It then occurred to me that he was waiting for me to ask him another question."Do you live close to the bus lines?" I asked, thinking of how I would get to school. I may have a driver's license, but I didn't have a car to go with it yet."You don't have a car?" Mr. Stroker asked instead of answering my question."No Sir," I answered him."I think there is a bus route about three blocks from my apartment, but you can use one of my other cars to get to school if you like," he offered."Ok," I answered at learning of this unexpected perk."Since we have gotten onto the subject, I might as well list what would be expected of you and what you would get in return," Mr. Stroker said. I just nodded and waited for him to continue. "This would be a live-in position," he started. "I said that you were to be naked around the house in the post, but that can be delayed until you feel more comfortable. Also, you are to have at least one meal with me each day. You aren't required to cook, but if you can, I would like to stay home to eat dinner once in a while," he said with a wasteful smile that made me think of dusting off some old skills that kept me just about chained to the kitchen back home. "Do a bit of cleaning around the apartment to keep it clean and maybe a more thorough cleaning once a week along with the wash and picking up my suits from the dry cleaners that's a block away. Pick a day that is convent for you.""There is a second bedroom in the apartment that you can use if you feel the need to, and I honestly expect you to use it for the first week or so, but we'll see how it turns out. You will have free reign of the apartment when I'm not there. You can even have your college friends over when I'm at work or out of town on business trips. You will have an allowance along with gas money for the car if you choose one of them. I will also give you some money to buy food for the apartment. I'm not there to eat lunch during the week, so I don't have much, but I need to have more in my fridge, and I'm sure you would like to get a few things for the kitchen too. Like milk and cereal," he said with an odd grin before he stopped. His face turned grave for a moment before he spoke again."There are a few things that I will not accept," Mr. Stroker stated. "You will not lie to me. You will not steal from me, and you will not have a boyfriend or girlfriend while you are in my employment," he listed. I blinked a bit at the last part. It never occurred to me to do any of those things, but the last one I thought was a given."Yes Sir," I confirmed as I also nodded."Are these terms and duties acceptable to you?" he now asked me. Mr. Stroker had bowed his head when he started to speak, but now he was looking into my eyes. This is it. Tell him that you already have a boyfriend, tell him that..."Yes, they are perfectly acceptable," I informed him. Now my brain split in two, and I heard a moan of dismay and a cry of joy at the same time. Mr. Stroker was now smiling again. The same warm smile that I saw him wearing when I first walked into his office, but now it seemed to come from somewhere deeper inside him. He then picked up what looked like a business card and started to write on the back of it."Here is the address, the code to enter the building, and the apartment and," he reached into his pocket, "Some money for bus fare and any moving costs," Mr. Stroker finished as he held out both the card and at least one, one hundred dollar bill to me. I looked at it. I knew there was more than just one bill there, but I didn't want to hope that he gave me more than two hundred dollars. "David," he said again as he slightly bobbed his hand in front of me again for me to take what he was offering."Oh," I exclaimed as I came back into the moment. "Thank you," I said as I took the money and card from him. Again our fingers touched, and the oddest feeling went through me. "Ahm," I started to ask, "Would you like me to move in this afternoon. I don't have any classes. Or do you want me there sometime tomorrow morning?" I finished asking him.Mr. Stroker raised an eyebrow and looked at me with sharper eyes for a moment before he stood. With a new smile on his face, he walked out from behind his desk. I stood too as I felt uneasy about him standing over me. I watched him as he started to walk towards the door before following him. Mr. Stroker stopped and turned around to face me before he got to the door."Surprise me," he said as he placed both his hands in his pockets. I smiled back at him as I started to think of getting everything packed today and moving in tomorrow. It wouldn't take that long since I didn't have that much stuff. I could ask one of my friends for their car to move my books and desktop over. Mr. Stroker moved towards a coat rack that was next to the door as I stood there looking at him. He picked up the jacket for his suit and shrugged it on before buttoning it up."Are you going to a meeting?" I asked him now that I felt calmer for some reason."Actually, I'm going out for lunch, David," Mr. Stroker told me as he reached his hand out for the doorknob. His fingers wrapped around it, but he didn't pull. "You wouldn't mind having lunch with me on such short notice, would you?" he asked, looking back at me."No," I said as I shook my head."Great," Mr. Stroker said before opening the door. He held the door open and held his other hand up like he was going to wrap it around my shoulders, but he let me pass through the door untouched."Silvia, I'll be back from lunch in an hour. If anyone besides Bingum says that he needs to speak to me, tell them that I will be back in an hour. As for Bingum, call me on my cell and give him the phone," he told his secretary."Yes Mr. Stroker," she replied before going back to what she was doing before we came out of his office.We walked down the deep red-carpeted corridor towards the elevators. I got there first, so I pushed the down button. We waited in silence until one came. We stepped aside to let two people get off, leaving it empty for us. As the doors closed, Mr. Stroker pushed the button for the first floor."Is there anything you care to have for lunch, David?" Mr. Stroker asked me."No, nothing in particular. Where were you going to eat?" I asked him as the title of 'House Boy' now felt heavy in my pocket next to the money and his business card.

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Summer Seas by jemgirl

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Tharja's Special Hex - Porniky by IncredibleIntruder

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Meeting the Hisstocrats - Gameboyred by IncredibleIntruder
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Monica's Mega MealWARNING: This story contains vore, which some people may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.It was an uneventful day for Monica as she was at her job waiting for someone in need of her services. “It’s been two hours since I opened up, and I haven’t been hired yet,” she said. “Maybe I can pass the time by looking at the spell book to learn a spell I could probably use.”Monica went to the back room of her business and pulled out her spell book from her handbag. “Now what spell should I learn to pass the time?” she said as she looked through the pages.Monica came to a page with a growth spell on it and started to become fascinated with it. “A growth spell?” she said. “I mean, I have been shrinking people for one reason or another during work. But maybe I could use this spell for those that order the special service for bigger things, so to speak.”With anticipation in her eyes, Monica closed her business early and went into her car. As she drove home, she thought, “It’s a slow business day anyway. I hope no one minds that I’m going to be off to try something out. Though if it works out, I’ll be pretty hard to miss.”At her home, Monica stood in the middle of her backyard holding the spell book. She read the magic words in the page of the growth spell and was surrounded in a bright light. As she closed her eyes, Monica started to grow. “I can feel it working!” she thought.After the light subsided, Monica looked down at her house, standing over it at 25 feet. “It actually worked!” she exclaimed. “I’m not just Magic Maid Monica! I’m Mega Maid Monica now!” She put the spell book in her left shoe and headed off for Downtown Chicago.On her way to the city, Monica’s stomach let out a loud grumble. “I knew I should’ve eaten something before starting the day,” she thought. After letting out a sigh, she then thought, “That’s what I get for forgetting breakfast today. I need to eat something and fast.”Later that day in Downtown Chicago, a businessman was at a hot dog vendor about to enjoy his meal. But he was soon interrupted by a loud rumbling that he and the vendor thought was an earthquake at first until they were covered by a large shadow.The shadow came from Monica who looked down at the businessman holding the hot dog. “Can I help you?” said the businessman in a shaky voice. Monica said, “Sorry to have to do this, but I need to eat!” She crouched down and picked the businessman up in her hunger-filled state.As Monica was bringing the businessman into her open mouth, the man said, “If you’re that hungry, here! Have my hot dog!” He threw the food into Monica’s mouth and then said, “I was planning to go on a diet anyway.”However, that one measly hot dog wasn’t enough to curb the giant maid’s hunger. And just like the food he planned to eat, the businessman was brought into Monica’s maw and disappeared down her throat. “I must have more!” exclaimed Monica.The hot dog vendor said as he was making his getaway, “You can have all the hot dogs you want. They’re all on me. I can always get-” But before he could get very far Monica grabbed the vendor and tossed him in her mouth and swallowed him.“They’re not enough to fill me up!” thought Monica. “I need someplace where there are a lot of people in an open place!” And so she went to one such spot that she described that was perfect for her: Millennium Park.At MillenniumPark, a large gathering of people were at Wrigley Square relaxing, playing, and just having fun without a care in the world. But the peace and relaxation was broken when Monica came around, causing the ground to shake with every step she took.Monica stopped in front of a sunbather, blocking out his sun. Annoyed that he wasn’t getting his rays, the man took off his sunglasses and said, “Do you mind? I’m about to-” His annoyance turned to shock as he and the other park goers stared at the giant maid.“Um, I can always move to another spot. It’s no big deal,” said the sunbather. Monica grabbed the man before he could do such a thing. She dropped the sunbather on her tongue, brought him into her mouth and gulped him down.The other park goers ran away from Monica as quickly as they could, but the giant maid collected handfuls of them and shoved them in her mouth. In no time at all, Wrigley Square had become Monica’s feeding ground.One hour later, Monica was lying on the grass patting her full belly. “I guess I overdid it,” she said. “So much so that no one’s going to hire a maid that eats people left and right… unless those that hire me really get on my nerves, that is.” Monica pulled out the spell book from out of her shoe and said, “I’ve got to fix this! But first…” She quietly said a few magic words to bring herself down to her normal height.Monica skimmed through the pages in the book and said, “I’m sure there must be something in there that can reverse what I’ve done. I mean, how would one who gets too careless with their spells be able to fix all that has happened?”After flipping through more pages, Monica came to the last page that had a spell called the Redo spell. On the page it said, “Use this spell if any of the other spells caused too much damage. Must only be done on the day the other spell was used or it won’t work.”“This is just what I need!” said Monica. “Okay, it’s time for me to start this day over, only this time I’ll remember to have breakfast beforehand.” She recited the magic words of the spell and was enveloped in a blinding white light.The day started off normal for Monica as she had her breakfast and went to work, past the point to where she learned the growth spell. “Lesson learned,” she said. “Never use that spell on an empty stomach. But it was kind of fun being bigger than people without shrinking them down. I don’t know when I’m ever going to use it again.”Suddenly, the ground shook beneath Monica and two giant feet walked past her place of business. “Did someone else learn the growth spell or what?” she said. Monica ran out of Magic Maid Monica Services and was stunned by a sight that even she couldn’t comprehend.
Rika's Growing HungerWARNING: This story contains vore, which some people may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.Once there was a city just like any other where people ate good food without a care in the world. But the carefree life was interrupted when the ground started to shake. The people panicked as what seemed to be an earthquake was occurring in the city. But what had come into the city was as equally fearful.A shadow had cast over the people, and they looked up to find something they couldn’t comprehend. Some of them were looking up the skirt of a 60-foot woman with red hair that looked down at them with an intimidating glare. Her name? Rika Helleaven.As the day started for Rika, she became very hungry as one would be after waking up. So she had a big breakfast to quell it, but that wasn’t enough to fill her up.Rika went around her home to find every bit of food to fill herself up. But despite emptying her entire house of food, she still wasn’t full. Rika wondered as to why she was so hungry, but she was willing to do whatever it took to fill herself up.As soon as she left her home, Rika grew to a height of 40 feet. She thought about using her height to get to other places for more food, but then thought, “At this height, anything could become food for me! Even…”Rika picked up the first man that passed by her and popped him in her mouth. After one quick swallow, she thought, “While one person alone might not be enough to fill me, maybe several more will be enough to do so.”Rika went around and consumed every person that she could find. And with her stomach full, she then thought, “All of that and I still feel like I haven’t had enough. Whatever’s happening to me must know that I enjoy doing something like this, so I’ll keep at it!”Back in the city she had ventured in, Rika continued to look down at the people with a fearful glare. “Alright, bugs!” she said. “Each and every one of you is now food for me! Some of you should feel lucky that this is how it will end for you.”The city had become her feeding ground as Rika collected every person she found and devoured them. No matter if they were safely hiding in a building, in a car, or even in an alleyway, every person was eaten by the hungry redhead.One and a half hours later, the city was completely quiet with only the sounds of Rika’s stomach echoing through the streets. “After all of that, I still don’t feel that I’m full,” she said. “But then again, I shouldn’t let a city like this go to waste. So I think I should…”Rika grew once again until she was 50,000 feet tall. She looked down at the empty city and picked it up, looking like a cookie picked fresh from the jar. “Now I wonder what it’s going to taste like,” said Rika.She popped the city in her mouth and swallowed it whole. “Not that bad,” said Rika. “While they may not be able to fill me up, I’m sure going to have fun eating them.”As soon as Rika came upon another city, the people there could look up under her skirt. While it was a sight to behold for some of them, what the giantess did next would be the last thing that anyone would ever see.Rika sat on her knees and started licking up the city. Just like the last city, no one was safe as every last person, vehicle, and building was caught on Rika’s tongue and everything went down her throat.Just about every city that Rika went to ended up the same way, either eaten as a cookie or licked up completely by her. It continued until there was nothing but empty land everywhere she looked.“After all of that, I still don’t feel full!” said Rika. “In that case, it’s time to get bigger again.” She grew once again until the very planet she was on was nothing more a marble in her eyes.Rika plucked the planet with her fingers and slowly brought it to her mouth. The very few people that somehow avoided being eaten before watched in horror as the entire world they lived on was nothing but a piece of candy to the giantess.With another quick swallow, the Earth went down Rika’s throat. She let out a sigh of satisfaction and said, “I think I’m finally full now. While I did enjoy that little endeavor, I wonder what it was that had me so hungry in the first place.”But if Rika’s hunger were to return, will everything in the universe be enough to fill her up, or will she keep eating until nothing is left? The universe will rest easy knowing that Rika is full at last… for now.

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[CLOSED] Adoptable Auction 01 - The River Spirit by iHYDEN
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I'm trying to promote my stories
as many writers I'm using wattpad
so I'd really appreciate it if you could take some time and give them a try

comments n critics are always accepted
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Thanks for the prize!
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Thanks for the acceptance, looking forward to connecting with other authors!
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