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Jackson Super Storm

the idea just came out last night and i immediately render it
here's Jackson Storm on Steroids who had a chili supper for last night
this hybrid monster tear up the street and leave mcqueen on the graveyard shift

really can't wait for Cars 3 :D i want to watch it really really bad
the design of Jackson storm is very awesome, pixar really nailed it..  but im not a big fan of rear bumper near the ground..  
so here is it, jackson storm on steroids, wider, badder, hotter, and i dunno..   Cars 3 cmon guys..  who's with me on jackson storm? >:D
Ciao mcqueen..  you're yesterdays news..  hahaha EVIL Laughter! 

if you guys looking the Video of me making this, check out my youtube channel :…
i'll upload it there so stay tune boys and girls, it will be a timelapse video

Who's ready for Cars 3???!! La la la la La la la la La la la la 

(c) Adry53 2017 - Disney Pixar Cars 3
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At first I thought this was real. Amazing job on fooling my mind 😂. You are an excellent artist. Keep it up
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You... you actually drew this? I am completely speechless with how beautiful this is. This is the greatest art to mankind
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Ooh snap!!! Make a gallery of this!!!
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Thanks dude!!
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Make This For GTA 5 As A Mod
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Oooooh o3o -purr-
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Ready for Cars 3 
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Thanks a lot man! :headbang: 
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Jackson in Real Life?! 0.0
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haha yeah, but talking about real…
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I Saw That in The News of Goole Search
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I just have a Cargasm
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xD haha not just me here then 
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