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Timothy Adry Emmanuel
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Hello Everyone, it's Adry53 here, im a Car Enthusiast from far far away..

Everything Cars Related and Cute Monster Girl.. plz Contact me by note and have a chat

I don't like reading.. unless it's video game.. or about Cars

More of my Artworks in:


Personal Quote: "Make Sure the Younger you amazed of you Today"
so before i started off, i want to give you little background Teaser of the Bikey's Universe story i had.
Bikey's universe in general is the universe where vehicles have life like us, they have two form unlike us humans who only have one, they have vehicles mode i would say, and anthromorph mode. Human didn't exist in their world.. but they do feel the presence of the "Humanity" as the "man upstairs".
Bikey's Universe Taking action in a place called Header Valley a hometown as big as New Jersey.. a Big Valley Rift with a hill shaped like Headers from the side..  that's why the Willys and Apaches call em Header Valley back in 1910 back where they found it..  

so i will start of with some of the important role characters

Starting with:
1 by Adry53

Panthera Rosa is a Mexican Wrestler who happens to wander off to Header valley in 2008, she abandoned her career in wrestling to pursue education on her college after she have enough money from wrestling.. she always be an underdog in any competition but she is a strong fighter who didn't give up easily.. as a motorcycle she is quite powerful to be able to perform an F5 to a Semi Truck once on the ring..  that moment gives her a shot to be the rising star, but she decided to quit.. and follow the path to college instead..  no one knows what's her deepest desire is.. is it because of the Ladas that sold her life back when she was a brand new? or it is in search of the brave new adventure?

4 by Adry53

Pacivica Honda is the latest generation of the Civic line up family..  because of her ingenuity she followed some acceleration classes, Pacivica proves that she is a children who excel in their class and moving on to the College prematurely, but... Smart isn't enough..  she must to adapt like none before..  Eventho she passes the Classes more than anyone, her emotional characters still uncontrollable for the most part, her childish behavior and lack of self control leads her to be bullied by others..  She needs a lot to learn and mostly learn to let it go..

2 by Adry53

IDAS or called the Future Girl, is an Electric eccentric.. she's not breathing.. everytime she talk there's no breath..  only blue lights shine through her mouth.. however, IDAS came from Japan.. imported to Header Valley to find out if she is suitable in a place like that.. She is a very organized anthro.. almost perfectionist..  her Caregiver is Ms. Fairlady who teaches math in the university tucked IDAS in the class like a normal student.. she is always considered strange by students because of her weird behavior and how structural she think of things.

3 by Adry53

Gustav Olvo The Pirate, he is not actually a pirate.. he is a well trained secret agent incorporated with the M16 the DB Bond back in the 1960s and do espionage missions on Russians.. unfortunately for Gustav.. he is retired.. and his position has been taken over by much more newer cars that have much more abilities.. He decided to sail himself to the farthest land possibly imagine where there's no crime or villainy to be found..  the Header Valley.. He live in peace..  and enjoying his life with no remorse..  but is it really the end of his journey?

5 by Adry53

Skye Lin is the sacred breeds of the GTR legend, she is the icon of japanese sports cars ever.. and her popularity is beyond everything.. Her Line Up Family banned her to go to the western hemisphere.. and keep her to stay forever and keep the gtr empire alive.. the emperor appointed her as a police officer, but Skye feels not enough, she wants to explore much much more than the Japan..  she wanted to go across the world.. and prove to her family that the GTR Empire will continue to lives on even if they have to go outside their county..  after 5 years Skye leaves her wealthy kingdom to the outside world in intention to go "undercover"..  into The Header Valley.. and she become a big hit..  enjoying her new life beating all rivals in the race, winning and winning and winning forgetting her true identity as part of the gtr empire and more focused on herself..  her family didn't approve her existence on the western hemisphere, and she is considered illegal to the states.. off she go to the Impound lot and there where she meets Hurstley..

6 by Adry53

Hurstley Moore is an Outlaw, her real name was Daisy back in the 70s.. and she is a close friend of General Lee, doing crazy stuff together..  delivering moonshine.. and always messing with the cops..  little justice here and there, little naughty here and there..  and there goes the romance between Hurstley and General.. but unfortunately the 1974 came in hard..  oil gas crisis, the muscle gas guzzler cars are no more wanted and they were all being rejected in the industry..  so they were all retired and detuned.. General lee managed to escape this things by getting selected as an actor for big movies..  while daisy..  she is not so pretty and have to be detuned.. the manufacturer got her and force her to detune her engine.. she refuses to detune herself and that's where she ends up in the junk yard..  just like every other old classic cars.. and rotten there for nearly 30 years..  until she meet skye and arrange their escape plan..

8 by Adry53

Bikey O' Bastile is the Main character..  there's nothing special about her..  she came to Header Valley for her fate and success..  She is from Indonesia land and trying her success by visiting the states..  she came there with her sister Barche who's slightly younger than her for a year. she goes to the University,trying to be much more better and tried to change her life forever.. and everything went according to her plan, Until..  her sister met Dello who misteriously loves to visit Barche at the yard after class and never comeback till 3am. this strange behavior continues until finally bikey find out that her sister has become an experiment for Time Machine.. accident happens..  Barche didn't comeback from the Time Machine..  and Bikey has lost her sister and there's nothing she can do to find her back..  or are there?

7 by Adry53

Dello Rean is The Key to everything.. she finds out that Time Machine infact not changing time, but changing the Infinite Cues of Multiverse..  opeing the gateway to infinite possibilities randomly, she can't turn back time..  but she can travel through space and time to reach the alternate universes..  Dello hold the key to the Infinite Adventures to find the lost Barche.. somewhere in the Countless Random Universes you can possibly imagine..

Well That's it all everyone for the start up, i hope you guys get the point on how this thing will go, i hope you enjoy
i will post the stories when im able to do it pretty soon i hope, and Thanks for Tuning in :D
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