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**Re-uploaded because it was no longer able to be viewed on DA. (for reasons unknown)**

This was a project for TAFE, we had to make a metaphor for a switch, and I wanted to start something that I could actually use as a folio piece so I made it into the start of an interactive folio.
The switch metaphor I used is the pencils and the post-it notes.
I am fairly happy with this, very very messy scripting and layout but hey efficiency comes with practise.
I know it has a few bugs, try and find them. Let me know which ones you find, that would be very helpful as I still havenít submitted it.

EDIT: Changed help text animation so it only plays once.
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Bonn-Fox Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2008
Wow! I was so impressed when I saw this! This is such a clever way to present your folio, I love how you can see the progress shots of your pieces too. Well done!!
helmutlord Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005  Student Digital Artist
Very clever! I had an overwhelming desire to hire you straight away, even though I don't have a company. Very strange :D

Three things to comment on: (I can't read the previous comments, so I don't know if they've been said before)

First a typo. Go to the car screen, click on the pen. I believe it says on the notepad 'I traced the vector to manke it into a clean vector', I assume you meant 'make.'

I was really impressed that by clicking on the pencils, pens and paintbrush in rapid succession, it didn't have some ridiculous error that looked strange and possibly physically impossible like I expected. Kudos

On the girl screen (to my knowledge, the last one), It would be better if there was no NEXT button, unless there are more, in which case it doesn't work. I don't know if it's hard to fix, it's just a little unprofessional, that's all. Maybe if it were grayed out, or something to show it wasn't going to do anything.

A great idea, it shows your inguenity (or however you spell it). It would have taken a while.
AdRoiT-Designs Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
BOOYAH another great critique! Yeah I am very lazy with spell checking, will change that now! As for the next button, I have left this project open-ended so that I can actually put more stuff in it as I do more work, but you are absolutely right, it does need to have some sort of indication that it is inactive.

Thanks again for the comment and very helpful critique!
helmutlord Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005  Student Digital Artist
How could I not, when I gets so many compliments for doing so
tin-can-man Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005  Hobbyist Photographer
very cool man.
AdRoiT-Designs Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
wooohooo cheers!
kuroisorade Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
omg...umm....u're kidna freaky...hehe.
ur skill is actually very scary (in a good way).
i dont know waht to say just :eyepopping:
AdRoiT-Designs Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2005
thanks for the comment it makes the hours spent nutting this out all worth while! :hug:
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October 5, 2005
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