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Thats me in a nutshell xD (idk i was bored) : 
xD by AdriMMD <------ click on this 
I really like watching other MMD'ers videos but the fact that some of them put "+Motion DL" in the title when the motion actually doesnt even belong to them annoys me so much.They literally clickbait people to get views and subscribers -_-
Im thinking about making casual vocaloid edits of Miku,Luka,Teto etc but they probably wont be for dl
since im not really a fan of making downloads ;v;
I added new folders to my gallery  :
- "Persona and OC's - Main designs"
- "Persona and OC's - Alternate outfits"
- "
Fandom models"
I have 135 watchers but i feel like i have way less
The majority of faves that i get o my content are from
groups that im in and from non watchers.When i dont submit things to groups they get like 5-10 or less faves and almost nobody comments 
I saw this in my notifs and decided to do it to xD

[x] Loaded a Model in MMD?
[x] Loaded a Motion in MMD?
[x] Made your own Motion data? 
[x] Used effects (MME) in MMD?
[x] Loaded a Pose in MMD? 
[x] Made your own Pose data in MMD? 
[x] Made your own Camera data?
[x] Uploaded a MMD picture online?
[x] Uploaded a MMD video online?
[x] Loaded a Stage in MMD?

Total: 10

[x] Made your own MMD model edit? 
[ ] Distributed an edited model online?
[ ] Made an edit out of TDA Append Miku?
[ ] Made an edit out of Lat Miku?
[ ] Made an "Illegal" edit?
[ ] Traded a model?
[ ] Used a Windows 100%/MelonBooks model?
[x] Edited a MMD picture in a graphic editing program?
[  ] Made a FAKE ISAO Miku?
[ ] Distributed an Illegal edit? 

Total: 2

[x] Used the "Interpolation Curve"? 
[x] Know what the "Interpolation Curve" does?
[  ] Merged 2 faces into one? 
[ ] Used MMM (MikuMikuMoving)? 
[x] Rather use MMD than MMM ?
[x] Made an MMD wallpaper?
[ ] Use a MMD wallpaper on your desktop? 
[x] Use a MMD icon/avatar?
[ ]  Own a MMD site/blog
[ ] Is a member of a MMD Facebook group

Total: 5

[x] Is a member of a MMD group on DA?
[ ] Made a Cyber Model?
[x] Made a recolor?
[  ] Rigged a Game-Ripped Model? 
[x] Collect a certain kind of model?
[x] Spend at least 30 min with MMD/MMM/PMD editor every day?
[ ] Most of your pictures in your DA inbox are MMD related
[  ] Made a MOTME entry?
[  ] Won a MOTME competition?
[  ] Competed in the MOMI cup? 

Total: 4

[x] Know who Yu Higuchi is?
[ ] Have used Animasa Miku?
[ ] Have edited Animasa Miku?
[x] Made your own MMD meme?
[ ] Filled out someone elses MMD meme?
[ ] Made a MMD Eye/Hair texture?
[ ] Distributed a MMD Eye/Hair texture online?
[ ] Made a .spa/.sph file? 
[x] Made a MMD model from scratch in a 3D editing program?
[  ] Made a stage from scratch in a 3D editing program?

Total: 3

[ ] Converted a model/stage from a game (3DCG/Project Diva etc) to MMD ?
[x] Used parts ripped from 3DCG on an edit? 
[x] Know the effects "diffusion" and "AdultShader"?
[x] Post at least a one MMD picture online every week?
[x] Have made your own MMD persona/self-model?
[x] Have made at least one of your OC's into a MMD model? 
[ ] Made an MMD picture with inspiration from a song or poem?
[x] Own more then 5 GB of MMD related material?
[  ] Have changed your computer to Japanese locale or use apploc?

Total: 6

[x] Mostly use your DA account for MMD related art?
[x] Have been doing MMD for at least a year?
[  ] Know the story about Nanami and the western MMD community?
[x] Rather work with pmx editor then pmd editor?
[ ] Have merged several different body parts to make your own base?
[x] Know how toons work?
[  ] You own every Windows 100% model that has been released? 
[x ] You love TDA Miku append?
[x] You know how to add facials/expressions to a model? 
[ ] You know how to add bones/physics and joints to a model?

Total: 6

[  ] Know who the EITC are?
[ ] Follow some MMD tumblrs?
[  ] Have written to a Japanese MMD model maker?
[  ] Have gotten a reply from a Japanese MMD model maker?
[  ] Regularly visit Kio, Saboten, Kakomiki and Mamamas blogs?


Take your total and divide it by 75... and then take that number and multiply it with 100

Make the title of this journal "I'm _____% MMDer"


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