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That is, 3 years of journaling absence from here.

And there have been a lot of changes too. I've gotten a lot more involved in building sites and trying to make my way to have web dev as my career. It's been way too long of a wait already.

My latest project that I opened is a "creatives" blog called The NINPOJineous. It is a journal of my creative journey, and I'm not just talking about art and graphics. I'm also talking about web design and development too, because in a way, they're pieces of art too.

That'd be it for now. Maybe I'll write again here sometime in the future. Nod 
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I've been focusing all my daily blurbs on my blog - - which is why I've neglected the journaling here. As a matter of fact these past few months I have been more focused towards my writing, rather than the art stuff (except when I'm designing website layouts).

Another Happy New Year, by the way!

The second half of last year, I was able to finish one book of the "Stardust House" series and just recently started on the second one. Of course, I still have yet to heavily edit the entire first book because they have so much back story and that you know, the chapters are too long. And then when new interests immediately come to me (ie. MMORPGs, back to watching anime/reading manga again, etc.), the tastes change again and the series would be coming to a halt to start a new one.

So, as of the last day of the year, I started writing a new one called "The Phantom Hawkeye." It's a manga-esque fantasy-sci-fi romance comedy genre about an eighteen-year-old timid teenage schoolteacher who was chosen by default by the gods through a magical, powerful rifle known as the "Starblazer," as the new Phantom Hawkeye: a heroic marksman destined to kill the rising evil sorcerer who plans to give destroy the world and recreating it with the sorcerer being the world ruler. Because of this huge responsibility and high expectations, the gods also have chosen the worthy guardians to protect the Phantom Hawkeye, not just from any potential harm, but also his being, such as his true identity and all of that. In short, no matter what, they must keep the Phantom Hawkeye alive until he finishes his destined mission. Sounds like a basic action-adventure plot, but since I'm a sucker for romance and humor, those two elements are added in there too. Of course, there's also some fantasy elements from gallant swordsmen to beautiful princesses to pixies and familiars, monsters, and you know, all that. It takes place in an alternate universe in a planet that we simply know (in general) as Gaia. Go figure. LOL.

Maybe this can be my first attempt in writing a "light novel" style of series and would love to have some illustrations of certain scenes here and there as accompaniment with the writing.

And that's about it for now. I still have yet to eat lunch, so hopefully I'll write more here. :)
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I'm no longer going to renew my domain ( due to budget issues.

So I moved my blog as a subdomain of my portfolio site (

URL is here -

Lame update. LOL XD
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It's been awhile since I've visited here. Yes, I admit that I was pretty much close to abandoning my devART account.

But I must move on and utilize this account, somehow.

So, the latest web theme that I've finally come up without using any pre-created themes. My first "graduation" from Wordpress-powered pre-created themes. Somehow, it feels wonderful as a designer to finally--- after what, 2 years now? LOL--- that I've finally figured out how to display my work that also presents something personal about me at the same time.

Gone are the days of childish, immature-ish BLUEDETTE. Hello!
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... or at least, I've been trying to unleash it. In fact, my parents were even "forcing" to unleash it out of me. They've tried it with my siblings before and they're just way too "American" for them to even utter a single word of "oo" or "hindi." Just to be fair, the only Tagalog words they ever murmur on a daily basis at home are "po," "ate" and "kuya." They only call the older cousins "Manong" and "Manang."

So, another last-minute New Year's Resolution that just added recently was to learn Ilocano, at least the basic gists of it. Growing up, the only Ilocano words/phrases I learned from the parents and the family were counting from 1-10 (and probably ahead of that), "wen" (yes), "ha'an" (no), "naimbag nga aldaw" (good day), "kabla'aw" (hello) and "Ayayatengka" (I love you). I think it's about time after all. When I was a kid I was a straight-out QC-born Tagalog kid who didn't care about anything else but Tagalog (and later on English when we moved here n the States) that I even avoided everything and anything Ilocano even when my (late) grandparents offered to teach me the dialect alongside English (yes folks, I learned English from the late grandparents, who apparently spoke English better than Tagalog). I was overwhelmed with all these languages I was surrounded that I decided to just stick to the "mainstream" then.

Though some people say that things are too late when you finally realize what you've missing later on. That isn't the case with me today, after all I'm still alive and kickin'. I've learned Spanish (the basics of it even if I studied it in high school for 3 years--- not even Honors Spanish helped me become fluent) and Japanese (again, the basics, even if I studied it longer than Spanish). I thought of it (plus the influence of the current fandom I'm in to now) in a long while and I think now is the right time to go back to my original roots (while my brain is still young, that is).

In the BRETZIE fandom, a lot have been claiming their original "ethnic group" roots, especially for BRETZIE representing the proud Bisdaks (Visayans) all around the world. And then I met fellow fans who are Bicolano and of course, the hardcore Tagalogs. I'm considered as someone who "stands out" because my mindset isn't exactly 100% Pinoy (and those who know me well know that for the fact). In addition for me being the "lone" all-out Filipino-American, I haven't met a single fan who is a Samtoy (if the Visayans are called Bisdaks, the Ilocanos are called Samtoys) like me (though I shouldn't have the right to call that since I can't speak the dialect itself, but I'm still considered as one since both parents and their own families are all-out hardcore Samtoys anyway), which makes me "stand out" again from the rest of the active Bunnies. Maybe I should go around and shout it out with "SIAK TI SAMTOY!"

In the end... epic fail. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
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.... I'm still unemployed. It's become very difficult now. Not even temp agencies are helping. Nevertheless, I'm still looking for a job, searching and applying, everything. Why do I feel like giving up and look for those "work at home" jobs instead?

Other than that, there have been a lot of changes in terms of... oh I don't know, fandom. I ended up getting hooked back to my old country's pop culture & entertainment. In fact, I've realized how different Philippine pop entertainment (including OPM/P-POP and TV/movies/etc.) fandom from J-Pop/Ent and K-Pop/Ent fandoms. Unlike J-Pop/Ent and K-Pop/Ent fandoms, you actually get to have a chance to meet the idols you actually fangirl/fanboy in real life and even online. How do I know that? Because I'm one of those (lucky?) fans who did get to meet my idols online (via Facebook, Twitter, even fan-based forums too). Actually, I'm not just considered a fan anymore... more like (online) friends now LOL.

I've got some stuff to upload here, but it'll have to wait till probably tomorrow. I'm going to bed soon. :)
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Okay, so I have a bit of a problem. I'm actually on a run for a permanent position here at Levi's, but right now, still waiting for the recruiter to give me an IM message (yeah, they have their own IM message system internally here) for any updates regarding my standing in that particular position. For some reason I feel confident that I may even get that job and become a permanent employee here, but I'm not gonna jump in to conclusions yet.

Meanwhile, I just got a job offer... sadly it's another 1-year contract position. It seems to pay good for a contractor admin assistant position (around $20-$25/hr), but there is one thing. The company offering this position is none other than Genentech. If you've been keeping up with those "top-ranking best companies to work for", Genentech have been ranking #1 for some years now (not sure about this year). if it's a temp-to-hire position (which isn't guaranteed according to this recruiter), I wouldn't mind. Unfortunately the company wants this person to start in 2 weeks (3/29), which is kind of too soon for me.

As a permanent employee, I get the perks of benefits from medical & dental ins. coverage, paid holidays, employee discounts on stuff such as Levi's and Dockers clothes to PCs and Macs and other cool stuff. As a contractor, well... you don't get any benefits and perks, generally.

And then these are the two companies that are quite well-known around the world. A permament position at Levi's or a contract (possibly temp-to-hire) position at Genentech? Something to think about now...

What do you all think? o.o;
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2009 is, personally, the worst year I've ever had. If you been keeping in touch, it was mainly because of my unemployment woes. Even until now I only got a part-time job and I'm seriously dying for a full-time job. Financial problems are still there and if I were living all by myself I would be barely surviving (more like I'd be homeless by now). Luckily I'm still living in the same house as my parents and my siblings.

I find it moronic when people poke fun of single adults still living w/ their parents and their siblings. In this particular type of time there's just no way in hell that you can survive on your own without a decent paying job (or rather, without a job at all). Bad economy and unemployment pwns your pride, so drop it already. Best save yourself by living with your family. After all, unless if you came from a thoroughly dysfunctional family, they're there to support you and get your life back in order again. Don't be there just for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year. Be there for your families everyday (as they will also be there for you).

In other news, I've been currently working on the Samurai High School fanlisting and mini-info site. It's just a simple layout (since it is a fanlisting after all) but it has chock full of info in there, somewhat. I'm not expecting it to win any best drama awards for this one in Japan but it's a must-see if you want something that'd make you laugh (and cry at the same time if applicable). Once I put up some "edited clips" you'll see what I mean.

First project for the new year is to redo Bluedette. I seriously need a better-looking portfolio to present myself for future jobs. Seriously. And I need to study the new and upcoming web standards markups: HTML 5 and CSS3. Is there any recommended tutorial sites or even textbooks that would teach me both?
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Samurai High School (the REAL entry this time!)

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2009, 6:24 PM
Note me

Final count for my NaNoWriMo novel for 2009 is 71,096!!

So, I will set aside this novel for future editing one day, that is, when I do get the time and also the motivation to actually edit the novel. Other than that, it'll be in my first-draft novel vaults until I come up with yet another idea for 2010 NaNoWriMo.

I got another mini-site project that I decided to pick up. This time, it's another fanlisting for the currently aired Japanese TV comedy series, Samurai High School. The storyline is somewhat a reminiscent of what a typical Disney TV (or DVD-only) movie may be like (think Wendy Wu, Homecoming Queen or even the Princess Protection Program), only this (to me that is) is tons cooler.

17-year-old high school senior Kotaro Mochizuki is just your typical, average teenage boy. He digs his music from his mp3 player, reads his manga magazines and at times the "swimsuit editions" of sports magazines, digs his videogames, addicted to the internet, all of that while suffering poor grades and his family having little to no confidence on him, and isn't exactly the most popular boy in school. Regardless, he tends to focus more on the present and his own definition of his reality. Alongside having poor grades and a somewhat blunt and non-supportive family, he is also somewhat of a pacificst, believing in solving things through civil manners rather than using violence, which in a way, makes him (from his classmates' eyes) a complete wimp and a total lame-o.

After his homeroom teacher, Sayaka Miki, gave him a punishment for sleeping (and dreaming!) in the middle of math class, which was to write a 30-page historical essay about an aspect of the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka battle (1500s-1600s?), Kotaro stumbles upon a mysterious building known as the Shinonome Library of History, where he hoped he may find some good material for his 30-page essay. When the mysterious librarian, Himiko, read Kotaro's name, she immediately had a good recommendation and provided him a centuries-old journal with the account of the battle front lines during the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka (technically, 400-years-old).

When Kotaro began to read a section of the journal to take notes, he discovers that one of the powerful samurai officers involved in that battle bore the same exact name as him as well as the age. In the journal, it said that Kotaro Mochizuki (samurai mentioned in the journal) was a 17-year-old high-ranking officer who volunteered to take an aim at their enemy, Tokugawa Ieyasu (who would be known as the most powerful man in samurai era Japan), and died heroically in that battle. At that moment, something amazing happened, where a light flashed in front of Kotaro and felt his heart beating--- as if another person lives within him.

That night came and Kotaro explained to his family about his discovery, about a powerful samurai who bore the same name and age as him, and later his father revealed that their family line once served the Sanada Family Clan back in the Warring States period and that he was told by his late father that they were direct descendants of a 17-yr-old samurai, also named Kotaro Mochizuki. This fact intrigued Kotaro even more and began to imagine himself being that fallen warrior as his way of "connecting" his blood lines with him.

At that point, he received a phone call from his childhood best friend, Ai Nagasawa, who said that their fellow homeroom classmate, shy and silent Tsuyoshi Nakamura, was being coaxed by a group of bullying fan girl students to shoplift at a jewelry store as his "donation" to their (illegal?) school golf team's club. Kotaro and Ai eventually arrived on the scene with Ai coaxing Kotaro to face the girls and rescue Nakamura. Due to his "pacifist" (aka wimp) nature he stepped back from them, but when he accidentally slips down the stairs and hit his head on the ground, Kotaro suddenly got in to a trance. Next thing he knew, Kotaro was no longer in control of himself, but instead another soul inside him emerged, speaking ancients-old Japanese language and treating this entire situation as some kind of a battle duel between warriors (eh? LOL). After fending off the delinquent girls and saved Nakamura from getting himself in trouble with the law, Kotaro learned (in spirit) that his body had been possessed by none other by his fallen ancestor.

So, the deal with the story was that whenever Kotaro is being provoked in to signs of violence (ie. when he gets threatened or get ganged up by thugs, etc.), he loses consciousness and his samurai ancestor immediately possesses his body. The only time that his samurai ancestor would leave his body is when he gets too close to his best friend Ai (whether if it was in accident, by mistake, or on purpose). With this mysterious "split personality" problem, Kotaro's rather dull and boring life had gone from "already bad enough" to possibly "a lot worse", knowing that either Kotaro (himself or the samurai) can cause heroic deeds or heaps more trouble no matter which "personality" they may be at that point. As a result, tons of comedic and hilarious moments would occur from Nakamura's "volunteering" to be Kotaro's (samurai) servant and Kotaro's "unintentional" seduction on Ai to his family's major belief that their son is completely, totally "losing it."

Only 7 episodes (the 7th episode just aired in Japan yesterday (PST time)) have been released so far but I just find myself cracking up in almost every situation. I wouldn't say this would win any major awards, but if you want to laugh yourself silly during this Fall & Winter season, this series is well worth watching.

And for all you J-drama/idol fan girls out there, we've got an awesome cast. Rising hot young star Haruma Miura really impressed me portraying two "different" characters (the present wimpy Kotaro Mochizuki and 400-year-old murder-filled eyes warrior Kotaro Mochizuki), which I think is a difficult task to do for an actor to do in one series. And then there's Yu Shirota, in a role we've never seen him done before as the timid and softspoken Tsuyoshi Nakamura. Finally, we've got two particular teen actresses with a connection to the movie Memoirs of a Geisha: Suzuka Ohgo as Kotaro's snooty younger sister Yuna (she portrayed young Sayuri in "Memoirs...") and Anne (yup, just Anne) as Kotaro's level-headed childhood best friend, Ai Nagasawa (she is the daughter of Ken Watanabe, who portrayed the chairman in "Memoirs...").

Okay, enough review. Plenty of reason why I'm opening a fanlisting for this show. Not only that I love the show, but I also gotta give love and support for my friend's cousin, who is involved in the show (for the sake of privacy I'm not gonna say who or what this cousin's role is in the show, but if you know me quite well, I'm sure you got the idea, but don't mention it openly here, please x_x). Fansubs for the series are already available, so look it up! ^_^

OK, dinnertime. Signing off! :D

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End of Week 3 NaNoWriMo

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 12:14 AM
Expiration Date:

Friday last night, I finally finished the goal of 50,000. In fact, I went over 50,000. Though I feel like I can celebrate my victory early, it's not as fun if you are not even finished with your novel yet.

A pretty short entry, once again, however there's nothing much to celebrate. Novel-wise, I haven't even reached the climatic part of the story. Luckily this was just first draft.

And that's all I have to report. Back to writing again.

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Samurai High School

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:15 PM
Expiration Date:

... will tell you more about this fall J-drama series some other time. I just wanna make a post so I can install a limited time journal skin. :P

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Last year, I was already on 30,000 word count in the middle of Week 2. This year, I'm barely on 25,000. On the other hand, I'm still steady with my writing.

And somehow I think this novel is turning out the way I was expecting to. Would love to have some beta readers for future editing once this is finished. Of course, you'd also have to understand Japanese customs and gestures to fully understand the novel.

And that's about it. I really don't have much updates to be honest. Bah.
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Who's writing? Only 30 mins left for me to start writing! Yay!

I apologize for not updating my devART journal. I've been mainly writing in my main blog now. Come check it out for more reads if you're interested!

That's all. I'm out to write. PEACE~! :D
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After many months of unemployment suffering, I finally got a job.

Sure, it's a part-time temporary job, but it can be possible for full-time one day, but heck, it's something. I need something to survive while I still continue to hunt down for a permanent position (hopefully within the company). On the other hand, this is absolutely necessary.

Now I can dance for joy.... T_____T
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Just added a screencap of my new layout for my main blog/personal site, ADRIATASTIC!

I'm doing major revamps on this site, with loads of writing from general articles to reviews of whatever I feel like reviewing. So far I'm only focusing on J-drama reviews since that's what I'm currently in to right now. I've got a few drabbles in there where I can probably post it up here as part of my works.

Other than that, I'm sorta slowly converting back to my old J-Pop/drama fan days, which I left 3 years ago. I guess you can say I've kept in touch w/ my old friends and... some other things happened. :P (for those who are very close friends, you know what I mean LOL :P)

Well, the only update that I got for you all. Sorry for the lack of updates. ^^
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Okay. I know I tend to make so many changes on existing projects, but hopefully this should be the official title.

As of today, the new title for the tentative Crux Odyssey Society is now changed to Freedom Sky Mysteries. The reason being is because I decided to focus more on the characters rather than the "secret society" that I made up in this story. After all, it's a humorous teenage mystery series project, right? Also, the name Jiyuzora (well, actual reading is Jiyuuzora--- I just thought removing the extra "u" would be a bit nicer-looking XD) literally translates as "freedom sky." I guess it's a bit catchier than the complicated one.

Everything else is the same, so there's not much change except for the title.

Freedom Sky Mysteries (Story 01)
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In terms of original fanfiction I've been looking in to light novels, which are "quick-read" novels aimed at the younger audience (kids and teenagers?). I thought I'd turn my original teen mystery series in to a light novel series but it turns out that light novels are "downgraded" from standard/classic novel structure, which means you gotta eliminate too much detail and focus more on being dialogue-heavy.

I like description. I like to create my scenery as much as I can, and of course, the dialogue is important, but I don't want to emphasize too much on dialogue without even giving descriptions on the characters' emotions and leaving out the setting where the scene is taking place. I know people can use their imagination to picture the actual scene, but not all readers are able to do that, so adding some description and details would definitely help.

Now that I'm at this point, I began rewriting out my old Fort Kearny Mystery Stories series to a brand-new title with a lot of changes. The title is now Crux Odyssey Society, and chapter 1 is already uploaded in Fictionpress. The link is below:

Crux Odyssey Society FILE 01 (Chapter 1)

Please do read and review. I'll attempt to upload this in devART and... break it apart in to small chapters thanks to devART's character limit on text. I really appreciate it!
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Currently I'm at work right now on a 1 week (yes, just 1 week) temporary position @ Levi Strauss & Co. corporate headquarteres (yup... you know... Levi's Jeans, Dockers Jeans, and the likes). Apparently the entire group was completed with all the database files that we're still waiting for the next few batches to come up. That would only mean that there's nothing much to do here but to wait. So that's why I'm here.

In terms of "updates," I took a break from writing "Ride the Wild Surf" (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) fanfic. I'm actually close to ending it but I need to refresh my mind a bit because I was very close to getting a writer's block. In turn, I've been diverting back to watching various Japanese live-action dramas and made me reminisce some of my favorite J-pop artists (in all aspects). Somehow they reminded me of my halted original fiction project and because of them, I decided to completely redo the entire concept. It's still a high-school/teen comedy/mystery/detective story, but with major (and some minor changes). I already started with the first case (first chapter?) and so far it's getting good.

I've also thought about what my next NaNoWriMo story is about. I was thinking of basing it off of my current revisions of the original project except it'd be a brand-new story (after all, it's cheating/against the rules to start the November with a story that begun before November). I still got yet to plan though.
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Just because I have another board now, doesn't mean I'm going to quit on 5S. I'm currently in the MMPPP (Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch) mode right now and there's barely any other fan forums out there dedicated to this series. There are several informational fansites (that all have the same content), but not much on the forums, so I opened one.

The URL of Pearl Waters forum is here. If you're an MMPPP fan, new, current, or old, or if you're just looking for a new place to hang out for the time being, here's a good place to join in. There's not very much activity in there since I just opened this late of last week, but it would help if you do join and start posting. :)

I'm using the myBB system on this one instead of the SMF. I want to try something new and something I can actually learn to configure on my own one day.

So please, join! ^^;
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... I resigned from the closet company as of yesterday.

Simple reasons why:

#1 - I have not made a single sale after having seven assigned clients. My first five clients had really bad attitudes and so much impatience that I had to set up 2nd appointments with them and a few of them don't even show up or aren't present at home. What's up with that? (the last two clients were a lot nicer and more patient and gave me a bit of some pep talk that made me decide to resign)

#2 - The pay is just horrible. I know it's commission-based but even the commission (according to those who were able to make sales) was horrible. I've got bills and loans to pay and $40-ish every two weeks isn't going to cut it. (and what's worse, after your first 8 weeks, you seriously have to push yourself to make a sale or you don't get paid AT ALL.)

#3 - The closet designing was not much of a problem, although the training period only lasted for a week and I think the company could've done better with the training and actually have the newbie designers "shadow" experienced designers during their first trip. It's one of the best ways new designers can learn the business. One week of training given to us and we're already out on our own.

#4 - The in-house system of the company. Some of the call center people (the ones who set up appointments for us designers) were rude to us like they think they control us. WTF? The managers are very difficult to reach whenever we need an ASAP/urgent help on location. I hate being put on hold for 10-20 minutes until an available manager answers the phone.

The entire system seriously gave me so much stress and I pretty much wasted my time, working my best in doing the designs, spending time at the clients' houses for consulting, not to mention wasting so much gas in my car because the stupid call center people would just assign us to places that are far beyond our 35-mile radius and it's just plain annoying! And all of this, we only get $40 for every two weeks? Peanuts! Absolute PEANUTS!

With the rate I was going I knew I wasn't going to make it in this business. I seriously hated this job. I literally broke in to tears at the houses of my last two clients and it was so embarrassing from my part. It was then that the last two clients began to talk to me about dealing with issues such as this and I'm glad that they were understanding with what I've gone through.

So, thanks to their advice, as well as the advice of my fellow co-worker and friend (who also resigned at the same time as I did), I resigned.

Back to unemployment again...

But on the other hand, I have no regrets quitting that job. I feel a lot more free and relieved and completely stress-free and I'm happy once again. I finally have my time to do the things I wanted to do--- like doing some web design, reading my favorite books, studying more things on my own, spend more time with my family and friends.

And yes. I'm happy.
  • Listening to: The Gasser by The Hondells
  • Reading: Major Tales and Poems by Edgar Allan Poe
  • Watching: NCIS
  • Playing: n/a
  • Eating: Pancit Mami (Fil-style noodle soup BABY!!)
  • Drinking: Chocolate Rooibos Hot Tea (yum!)