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Once Upon A Time In Hobbiton


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Once Upon A Time In Hobbiton


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Kiriban for sutamot - Elenia

Pretty Girls

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Starlit Sky Part 3


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JapanExpo 2011 goodies


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Guesthouse site


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SA Dressed in red

Gifts for me

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Selling Prints: Observations and Advice

Art in the Professions Week Introduction A lot of people think this is how print sales happen: 1. Join DeviantArt 2. Upload your first piece to DA with prints enabled 3. Log out 4. Come back an hour later 5. ???? 6. PROFIT But, sadly, it's not that easy - like most social media platforms, DA is a site where you tend to get back a return (in this case, CASH MONEY!) proportionate to effort you put into getting your content seen. In this article I'll be focusing on marketing your prints, which is easier than you'd expect but requires you to think about four major questions: What are you going to sell? Who are you selling it to? Where will you


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Attack on Titan meme! (blank)

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Conversion Rates and your DA account

[For those who want their DA accounts to grow a lot :3] In business there´s a method of measure called conversion rates. Those essentially mean "how many customers that look at your article/service decide to buy/use it". For example: 100 visitors and 3 people buy your wares = 3% conversion rate (3% were converted to the dark side ^^) Depending on what that rate is you can see if your business is doing well or not :3 Why should you care about all that? Now on Deviantart this method can be applied as well. With pageviews (PV) and watchers (W). (Buying/Liking the product = Watching you) For example: If you got 1000 PV last month


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Anatomy - pose reference 25


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