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Published: June 17, 2014
Object  Gekko Suit
Lire la version française : Picdev - Gekko Suit

Pic Dev is a research team in military clothing : They design clothes using revolutionary technologies for the commandos of the Base (in many domains). The only problem of this team is its inability to produce quickly... It is often said that Pic Dev only produces prototypes, which is a joke of course, because the reliability of these "prototypes" is amazing at all levels.

Their most recognized creation is by far the GEKKO SUIT Gekko Concept by game-master-dit-gm : Its ultra-resistant fiber is the main cause of its ultra slow manufacturing but it definitively worth it. The reliability of the armor can only be guaranteed after checking every fiber, but resist to bullets and run at a speed of 10m/s (36Km/h) while enduring extreme temperatures is invaluable.

The Gekko Suite has a very efficient cryptic coloration camouflage, thanks to the software that will guide the user to where he will be the least visible. The designers are still working on a counter-illumination camouflage that would really allow to become invisible, but currently without effective results.

:omg: :omg:

The thermal shield of the armor also helps camouflage the user in places where security is essentially based on infrared cameras.


The GEKKO SUI analyzes the emotions and sensations of its user to improve the smoothness of movement, without sacrificing safety. The calibration of the armor is done depending on the strength of these sensations : The brain can unconsciously sense an imminent impact in a split second, and automatically trigger protections. All information gathered during training are proceeded by an external compiler that will expand the "memory" of the Gekko (As long as the user isn't fully satisfied).
The only downside : Although it can perform ultra-precise diagnosis, the Gekko is for the moment unable to "cure" its user.
Elona by Adrien-Fish in realistic colors : Nightwing Stance by VampBeauty Christian Bale's Batman by TovMauzer


The helmet is of course a central element of the Gekko : With its three cameras, its important computational capacity and hundreds of Giga memory, the agent who has all the tactical schemes and good team of engineers behind him is able to cope with almost any situation.
Its interface functionalities are similar to Second Surface : When some environments are too complex to put an augmented reality overlay on top of them, agents can make corrections to some tactical plans of the Base (and share them with the rest of the team).

Some soldiers are trained enough to permanently use "extended vision" : To see what's going on behind them, whether in infrared or with echolocation or to create a 3D model of what's behind a door (or wall). In Game Master dit GM, that "extended vision" occurs when the characters must analyze a complex environment in just a few seconds, the angle of view expands (like a fisheye) to have a better spatial perception of the scene.


The helmet can make the decision to show a friendly face to the opponent during a second (to destabilize him). Since this technique requires a perfect timing, the helmet warns its user just before, based on how he fights (some people like Élona are faster).
To protect from a "Ghost Face" you just have to hide it before the brain becomes aware of the image : A helmet that can detect and remove this type of anomalies can be a huge help.

The "Jika-Tabi" boots of the GEKKO SUIT make it possible to climb more naturally (therefore more easily) to a rope. That design is also very useful when crossing some steep zone is the only way to reach a target.
Barefoot Trainer Aqua by Adrien-Fish Barefoot Trainer Black by Adrien-Fish

Art by : (Concept Art) and :iconkennoarkkan: (Élona)
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