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Outside Base
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Published: December 13, 2012
Location  The Base
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At the beginning of the new millennium, the idea that the American empire was in decline started to spread among some of the elite. That diffuse feeling was confirmed during the wars in the Middle East and the Middle East : Something had changed, the minorities were no longer afraid to rise up, and above all these revolts appear impossible crush. In the end nobody had enough influence to bring back some stability in this world, even temporarily... The world would sink increasingly into chaos of the "Post-Imperial" era.
Facing this evidence, some decided to add even more madness to such an explosive situation : They decided to create the BASE.

The role of the base is to protect what the insiders call the "Expanded Territory", or the "Expanded Empire".

The "Expanded Territory" includes all parts of the world where individuals or companies enforce their own laws, with or without the agreement of governments. Its borders are virtual and can change at any time : If some region becomes unstable or an important company loses its leadership, the "Expanded Territory" is reduced in the same way (or rather it reorganizes). In some cases, the "Expanded Territory" may also involve people who work for one of its organization : Whether they submit voluntarily or be slaves, their lives belong to the masters of "Expanded Territory".

According to its creators, the Base will remain a defensive tool for some time... because given the instability of the world, it would be totally stupid to use it as an offensive tool. But things might change in a few decades.


The Base is located in a mountainous area about 42Km from the small town of "Novadesty". This place is just where the road crosses a 48 hectares photovoltaic plant (800x600m).
The photovoltaic plant that produces up to 20MW (a moderate production for today) is actually used to mask the interface between the Base and the "outside world". Thanks to an ingenious scheme involving companies controlled by the Base, that plant can make it seem that its customers consume much of the energy produced : But in reality complicit companies consume less than 50% of that energy. By distributing electricity via a private network, it is almost impossible to know how many megawatts actually pass through.


The Base is located under the Seven Snake's Mountains. A beautiful place nearly unknown because located in a private protected area : Thousands of Km² of arid hills around eight impressive orange monolith similar to those of Monument Valley >>>… <<<. But with one important difference : The place is never completely flat and it's difficult to appreciate panorama. It would probably have become a perfect place for excursionists, if it did not count an impressive number of old mines.

Canyon 1 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish Canyon 2 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish Canyon 3 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish Canyon 4 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish Canyon 5 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish Canyon 6 by Maury Aho by Adrien-Fish

The privatization of the area can limit the number of unwanted visitors : A private protected area isn't totally closed, and therefore attracts less attention that an area surrounded by barbed wire. Even the visible security system (autonomous drones that monitor the park boundaries) only serve to distract nosy people : The true drones of the Base fly higher than 7 Km altitude, and have cameras with Gigapixels resolutions. So far, that facade of private protected area didn't bring much suspicion... The secret seems so well guarded.

The tracks leading to the Base remain very discreet because many people stay inside for weeks. The agent often travel by buggy or all-terrain vehicle, to reduce the risk of being seen by visitors or aircraft.
The area at 10Km of the Base isn't monitored by guard posts or fixed cameras, but as soon as something enters the perimeter, a drone is automatically launched after it. These drones allow to look at large areas without having to zoom in on intruders, because their cameras actually capture some kind of very large panoramic images. Any attempt to attract the attention of an operator to allow other groups to infiltrate discreetly will fail.


The Base quickly tried to diversify its sources of energy supply, as photovoltaic power plants remain highly vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses. Over time, several biogas production units were built under the hills located at 3km from Base, mostly to better conceal its agents travels : With Fuel/Gas vehicles that can refuel in a secret place, it becomes very difficult to guess where the Base is located.

The increase of biogas production can power an increasing number of fuel cells, chemical energy is therefore the first energy of the Base. So it isn't surprising that the engineers design more and more vehicles using this technology.
Fuel cells :

Such biogas units allow to imagine the sophistication of the basement of the Base. It is composed of warehouses, water cistern and tanks filled with countless dangerous products. But that sophistication remains surprisingly simple to maintain, as if the designers had done their best to facilitate the task of their successors.

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