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Inside Base C9-969
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Published: December 13, 2012
Location  The Base
Lire la version française >>> Inside Base

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When one say that the Base is an utopia, it means that its design is unrealistic (almost impossible)...
But such an unrealistic project is also a remarkable engine, because everyday that God make, its inhabitants know they don't have the right to fail. That "SKY" is an unmatchable subliminal message : Billion dollars of costs (excluding maintenance and operating costs) could only be reserved to an elite... The best of the best !!! La crème de la crème !!!

(Note : This image shall be updated)
The idea of the Base emerged since the first version of "Game Master dit GM", but it only became a central element of the story afterward. For a French author, it is easy to imagine a place whose purpose is also to fascinate, or even to intimidate the population (as it was the case with Versailles). Now the challenge is to find a relevant (and convincing) purpose for such a megalomaniac project. Your turn to judge.

The Base is hidden in the middle of a giant underground cave shaped like a biconvex lens. That biconvex lens measuring 1km in diameter and 100 meters high at the center.
Its construction seems to have started before 2000 and continued for several decades, under the code name "Project W128205". The name "W128205" being a reference from engineers and mathematicians who imagined the shape of the Base.
Even in the case where the Base could be built from a very old mine, it's hard to imagine the work accomplished during decades... Apart from the dozens of kilometers of tunnels connecting hundreds of warehouses, cisterns and secret labs. The Pyramid of Giza was built in 20 years, but its construction was at the surface and was known by everybody. The exploitation of the Wieliczka salt mine lasted much longer, but gives us an opportunity to imagine what may represent the extraction of 8 million m³ of rock.
The only relief of the sponsors of the Base : The project is constantly evolving and the billions spent each year aren't only used to maintain it.


Since the ceiling is only a few dozen of meters below the surface, it has from the beginning been reinforced with a steel structure where natural and artificial lighting devices are also mounted. The sun's rays pass through the parts made of concrete encrusted with optical fiber, but that slight brightness isn't compensated by artificial light (for efficiency reasons), the sun often rises with a 30 minutes delay. In the early evening, artificial light is used sparingly.

The shape of the ceiling :
South Sioux City Schools-Nebraska by Adrien-Fish ABC Domes-Lakeland-Florida by Adrien-Fish  LA Coliseum .party 2015-Creative Technology by Adrien-Fish

Texture of the sky :
Inside-sky by Adrien-Fish Sky Surfer by Draken413o and My Valentine Sunset

The lighting of the Base presents some problems in terms of energy but also in terms of security, that's why many houses are opaque : If they emitted more light, some part of that light could escape into space (and be detected by satellites).
Sadly, Sean Riley of "World's Toughest Fixes" will never visit this place, unless it become a civilian research center in a few decades.


The ground forms a vast basin where one could easily put more than a hundred football fields (about 150 hectares), but it's far from gigantism since its perimeter is about 3km.
We go down by an average of 50m every 500m, even if the inclination of the slope is not regular. With a terrain that is far for perfect, some sectors are almost completely flat while others are steeper (these places have more collective housing).

There are approximately 3,000 residents in the Base : Most of them live in dome shaped houses or collective housing of the basin, but some live permanently "secluded" in the towers because of the potential danger they might represent (an organization like the Base will never completely trust its hackers).
Base map
Base houses


The "soft studio" style houses have long been a symbol of the Base. During its construction, the individual house were highly functional but totally impersonal mobile home. Until a group of scientists of the "Fullerene Squad"… popularizes the idea of houses with a geodesic dome shape.
These domes easily dismantlable and rebuildable : They are accessible to all kind of residents (including non-permanent) and their owners can customize them as they wish.
Raya Home by Adrien-Fish
At first individual houses of 12m or 15m in diameter were reserved to families, so that residents wouldn't be each other. But over time this rule has been lightened, and now everyone can have a 10m diameter house (the main characters enjoy this for a long time).
The people of the Base have always been permitted to have (or adopt) children, because financing such an organization already require to create millions "fictitious citizens" : After all, the true agents represent less than 1% of that population. A project called "Not Playable Character" manages the lives of millions of fictitious individuals, until they are embodied by retired agents...
Note : That identity will continue to "work" for the Base until the death of the agent. But despite some limitations of their freedom, most people of the Base are proud to belong to this community.


Base has approximately 100 sectors spread across 8 rings of 50 meters wide. Each ring has 12 sectors, the largest of which (on the H ring) have an area of approximately 10000m² and can be used for sport or experiments. The area beyond the H ring is still not used, but it will receive the I and J rings sooner or later.
However, that organization still poses some problems in term of addresses management, because for security reasons there are no streets or neighborhoods. In fact, one have to imagine a single street spirally wound along 10Km, divided into 2520 sectors (7 times 360°).

Given that each ring has 12 sectors of 360° sectors we can get the following address format :
James Nauman
E7 - 1632
>>> Nauman lives at the number 1632 of the E ring (the zone between 200m and 250m from the center). 1632° corresponds to 192° (near the south) if you don't count the other rings.

Gami Audiza
E9 - 1706
>>> Gami's house is in the west of the same E ring. But she prefers to say 5:45 (Five Forty Five).
>>> Some groups use some even more original code : Someone could say "E9 - YX2".

>>> Glatz's address "D7 - 1282" is 100m away from the bar / restaurant "Aviator" (D6 - 1250) and 250m away from Anissa (C10 - 1001). And for comparison purpose, this image shows what we can see near "C9 - 969" (at nearly 150m of the center).

Population density decreases quite rapidly when moving away from the center. The sound environment of the Base is very quiet 70% of the time. Ambient noise are absorbed by a ground covered with a variety of grass that requires little light and low maintenance (so there's no need for lawnmowers).


If the buildings don't exceed two stories, most often include basements that can connect several buildings together (and even a jail) : So there's an underground city under the underground city.
The Base and its extensions can be considered as an extremely dense little city, with its scientists, physicians and 700 units under the command of forty general (most living outside). With the continuous support of an ultra-powered mainframe, it's a miracle that the bureaucracy isn't paralyzing all initiative...

The "Base Grid" system is an interface that allows the members of the Base to connect to its datacenter as a whole. It makes it possible to benefit from the computing resources that are not used by high priority requests : The goal is clearly to reach utilization levels of 99.999% (that's why all applications must be optimized before they can run).
Nowadays users can access resources created by the previous work from other, "Base Grid" pushes that logic even further by allowing the user to share everything and any reuse everything (almost everything :D).
"Reuse everything" clearly means that the Base steals technology in all possible territories for decades. And so far, that logic has been successful.

The Base encourages its agents to learn how to use "Base Grid", even though most of them won't become experts : Specialists keep a considerable influence in the administration of the system, because "Base Grid" is primarily a tool for professionals. But nothing prevents enthusiasts to also become specialists, and add new features. Despite its complexity, learning "Base Grid" can be very playful, which indirectly favors the development of a new generation of coders (sometimes very talented).

1) The user writes its function in a "Base Grid" specific language.
2) In some cases the code assistant ask the user to specify what he/she wants : The modules will often provide many options, because the logic of some user is sometimes difficult to translate.
3) The language will create an application with modules that will be able to process the requests from the user.
4) Once everything has been validated (authorization to access the specified databases or reuse some specific modules), the user can really start working.
5) If the requests are very complex, the user will have to wait before receiving results.

Ordinary users are allowed to combine and process one billion items per second : Some simple queries can obtain faster results, but most of the more complex queries will be in any case slower, because they don't have priority over "urgent" queries.
The extended version of "Base Grid" provides access to additional resources to approach certain topics more comprehensively : The system can then SEARCH AND FIND an unparalleled number of models from a maximum matches (suspicious or not), even in the least expected places.
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F11 - 2112 >>> Jail of the Base
The entrance of that underground jail is at "F11 - 2112", but the penitentiary complex extends beyond the H area.
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gmgmdesignProfessional Featured
E11 - 1760 >>> エステ・カラオケ居酒屋
At the opposite of "Lovelyss"/"ifi bar" (E2-1492)... Officially, this place isn't open yet.
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E1 - 1440 >>> Grocery store of the Base
The establishment of a 24/7 supermarket in the northern part of the Base (and not in the middle) has resulted in strong criticism... Another example of the "Northern gentrification", compared to the south (even if there are many services in the south, one can say that there are two times more in the north).
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D10 - 1374 >>> Shokobo Veterinary Clinic
This service exists since permanent residents are allowed to have pets.
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gmgmdesignProfessional Featured
D6 - 1250 >>> The bar/restaurant "Aviator", the team's favorite meeting place
Coincidence or not, its address corresponds perfectly to its opening hours (05:00 - 21:00).
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C10 - 1010 >>> Hacker Space / Fab Lab Of The Base
The place where many agents and techies meet each other : Those who go on the battlefield and those who deal with computers (and lives in the "towers").
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C10 - 1001 >>> Anissa @ Home
Her house is very well positioned (since the EAST part of the Base is one of the coolest). The other members of the team live a bit further away from the center.
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C4 - 818 >>> Armory
It is still possible to buy weapons elsewhere, but that gun shop provides good advice. The close proximity between the armory and the school isn't a problem, since access to these places are extremely regulated.
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B5 - 505 >>> School of the Base
Thanks to an efficient educational system, 99% of the children of the Base become good little soldiers :D
Note : Some chaplains are assigned to the Base, and their office is near school.
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A8 - 227 >>> Grand Hôtel of the Base
It provides many dwellings at the surface and underground... But has only one entrance, and therefore a single exit. It can accommodate new residents during the construction of their studio.
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A01 >>> Data Center Of The Base...
In the list of famous addresses, this one is a bit special : Not many agents know it, and even less have the right to go there.
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