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Gami Audiza by game-master-dit-gm
(Concept Art by

Lire la version française >>> Gami Audiza (Concept Art by
Les magiciens vivent dans un monde dont il est difficile de distinguer les contours. Un monde intérieur que la plupart des gens n'essayent même pas de comprendre, alors que c'est la seule façon d'y accéder. Et une fois coupés de cette partie de nous même, notre ignorance devient leur force.
Le monde de la magie a rencontré le monde de la science vers la fin du 20eme siècle, car certaines personnes ont eu le courage de traverser l'océan d'incompréhension qui sépare les deux disciplines. Comme ce fût le cas de certaines sociétés secrètes pour qui il était impératif de continuer avancer (en avant, toujours en avant). Après tout, si les magiciens disposaient d'autant de ressources que les grandes firmes pharmaceutiques, ils seraient certainement à la pointe de l'innovation.

Magicians live in a world which is difficult to distinguish the outlines. A world that most people don't even bother understand, while it's the only way to access it. And once cut from that part of ourselves, our ignorance becomes their strength.
Magic met science by the end of the 20th century, because some people were brave enough to cross the ocean of incomprehension that separates the two disciplines. As it was the case of some secret societies for whom it was always important to move forward. After all, if magicians had as much resources as major pharmaceutical companies, they would certainly be at the cutting edge of innovation.

Bullet; Yellow Skin color : That tone is really hard to describe, but a more realistic version would look like… or…
Bullet; Yellow Hair : Blond
Bullet; Yellow Eyes : Amber (somewhat green)
Bullet; Blue Make-up : Very natural style : Orange for the skin, light pink for the lips
Bullet; Yellow Age (approx) : 25 / 28
Bullet; Yellow Height (approx) : Nearly 180cm

She use a proper language most of the time.
If we could describe the sound of her voice, we could say it's very similar to the voice of Ariana Miyamoto . It's a very nice voice to listen that inspires seriousness.

 Pre-gami by Adrien-Fish
(Concept Art by

Background :

We can assume that Gami was recruited by one of those secret organization about 5 years ago, since she mysteriously abandoned her biotechnology studies at Osaka University at the same time. It's only after this training that she was offered to take part in a cooperation program at the Base. But being already a lifetime member of her secret organization, she may just become an associate member of the Base : She must accept the constraints, but she'll never enjoy all it's benefits.
At that point, the real name of that very influential secret organization remains unknown. However, We do know its members often use the motto "progress and wisdom" and the acronym "ISM" : Two concepts ideally suited for those who want to have a global vision. The magicians must always remember that their quest for the absolute is always a delicate balance between the abundance of caution and the excessive arrogance.

Work :

Like all people recruited in partnership with other organizations, there's only a few details about her personal trajectory : Or rather, most agents don't have access to them. However, since its members have the rule to surpass their masters after a few decades, we can assume she has a strong creativity, but above all a capacity for hard work (creativity and discipline). And that's what witnessed those who work with her at the "CK8" laboratories (Chemical Kinetics 8), and "Materia Biomedical".

Gami is currently a nano-medic with "undetermined" status for the CK8, as in addition to her research she sometimes deals with patients requiring "unusual but effective" treatment. When it's impossible to use nanomachines that are both fast and precise, she may resort to secret technique that allows her to control some nanomachines by thought, and steer them towards very specific objectives.
The "Materia Biomedical"  laboratory plays an important role in the study of hyperaccumulating plants and bacteria that can synthesize new molecules are via phytoextraction (these molecules can then be used for various  research projects). Gami's scientific knowledge has led her to create a "new kind of magic" that mixes technology and occult knowledge.

Note : The knowledge that allows her control nanomachines by thought will only be shared with the Base, if it can creates technologies (or nanotechnologies) that magicians are unable to create by themselves : Nanomachines with extraordinary capabilities.
For magicians, any misappropriation of these technologies would be a big issue, because they could be associated with other than the Base already master : Associated with drugs that favor mental manipulation, it would be possible remove any free will and therefore permanently cancel anyone freedom.

Gami and Glatz by Adrien-Fish


One may think that her real name also contains "Gami" because initially it had chosen 矢上 and 八神 (Yagami) as alias. But since it's impossible to have the same alias as another agent Base, Gami invented her first name : 「がみ」 instead of or .
She had no luck either for her first choice of last name "LukyNova" (that seemed to be a very strange reference to the famous Valeria Lukyanova of Odessa). In the end, the name AUDIZA, which may not have any relation to her real name, could be a reference to Odessa.

Personality :

Gami tries to have the most balanced life possible, because she had known for a long time that it's important to always show restraint... Excessiveness harms everything :) (Smile)
Her philosophy is very close to that of Elona : The main difference being that Gami will share her experience more easily, while Elona will only do that with people she feels close.

Her behavior often contrast with the other members of the team, or other Base agents. Most characters often have neutral expressions (almost detached), while Gami doesn't necessarily want to hide her emotions, all the time to everyone.

☆ Trivia :

When she joined the base, she had the opportunity to open the "first esoteric bookshop of the Base" : 「一期一会」 (besides there aren't many conventional bookshops). Currently, most of its books are selected to make people think, even the youngest readers. Books dedicated to "experts" represent less than 5% of the selection. She recently started making interactive Do It Yourself videos, requested by some readers to help them understand some very theoretical works.

On the other hand, this bookshos keep her focused on her real goal without getting noticed : In her realm, she doesn't need to meet other agents Base, who mostly don't trust her or definitively don't believe in magic. But for some paranoid, that desire to isolate from the community is definitely suspect.
What most of these people ignore is that magicians often have serious responsibilities : Because they have to take the right decisions for today but also for tomorrow. They must have a global vision of what's happening at the Base, while getting results in their research. This require time but above all a peaceful environment.

The 「一期一会」 "Ichi-go Ichi-e" (One chance in a lifetime) bookshop helps her hold on to her goal and avoid being distracted. Because it's easy to forget its responsibilities and values, once lost in the maze of the Base.

Art by :iconkennoarkkan:
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