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Waiting Room

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Entertainment Weekly announced a few days ago (at the time of upload) that Season 4 of MLP:FiM is going to premiere during the winter months this year and into 2014. What a long wait. Ask Daisy. She has that same feeling about this. At least we're excited on the inside, making predictions on what will happen during next season and wondering about what Twilight [Sparkle] will do next, now that she's a princess and all...

Only time will tell.

If we both want the love and I wait long enough,
then the ground that we're on might be common...

All I can do is wait for you,
all I can do is wait for you...

I'm all alone in the waiting room...
I'm all alone in the waiting room...

No Doubt, Waiting Room

Songs listened to during the making of this wallpaper
:bulletgreen: Pon de Replay, Love the Way You Lie (Pt II) (featuring Eminem) and Disturbia by Rihanna
:bulletpink: Whodunit by Coco Jones and Adam Hicks
:bulletwhite: Naturally by Selena Gomez & the Scene
:bulletgreen: Hung Up by Madonna

Created in Photoshop.
Daisy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, Inc. / The Hub / Discovery Communications.

Daisy Is Not Amused by *Ambassad0r.
Interior Paint by ~pyek-stock.
Victorian Damask pattern: [link]
Wood flooring: [link]
Baseboard: [link]
Time: 2 hours.
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© 2013 - 2021 AdrianMata26
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Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
The waiting room while Kenny G is playing smooth jazz!
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
she's waiting in the boring room IMO
AgentLaffey119's avatar
Actually I gotta admit this but it looks like she's in time-out. lol!
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"Different interpretations"

People perceive things differently. ;)

I guess your interpretation kinda makes sense, considering the stool can act as a time-out chair :)
AgentLaffey119's avatar
It just felt like it to me. It looks like she done something bad and is now sitting in time-out. :)
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