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Outta Time

:bulletblack: Twitter: @ImpalaXTwiSpark
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:bulletwhite: #TwilightSparkle #OuttaTime
:bulletblue: #Impala2013

Cover art for my brand new track, Outta Time - now on SoundCloud,, Equestria Beats, and Bandcamp! Stay tuned to my journal for a special announcement ;)
(The YouTube video for the audio is coming soon, btw)

Textless: [link]

Created in Photoshop.
Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Hasbro, Inc. / DHX Media / The Hub / Discovery Communications.

Twilight Sparkle vector by *ZuTheSkunk.
Brushes by ~dadio46 and ~Dark-Zeblock.
Fonts/typefaces used: Yukarimobile, Avant Garde Gothic Extra Light.
Time: ~2 hours.
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1920x1080px 7.11 MB
© 2013 - 2021 AdrianMata26
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Love her attitude and the title. ^.^
XAgentHunter's avatar
for a second there I though you were putting in a Back To The Future Reference
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This look is awesome! :clap:
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Present twilight will be best pony.
See what i did there?
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Damn, how do you get all the shards to work that way? shit
dadio46's avatar
I'm guessing you like the brushes?
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This is outstanding, I love the shattering effect and the bar in front of Twilight.
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Your out of touch im outta time and im outa my head when youre not around
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